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Artwork of Sleep Kirby from the Kirby Portal.
First game Kirby's Adventure (1993)
Latest game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Other game(s) Kirby Super Star
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby Air Ride
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Kirby: Squeak Squad
Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Kirby: Planet Robobot
Kirby Battle Royale
Type(s) Temporary effect
Obtained from Noddy, red Dygclops
Power(s) Kirby falls asleep.
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Sleep is a Copy Ability that first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. It is usually acquired from Noddy. When Kirby receives this ability, he dons a night-cap, blinks his eyes and falls asleep in the very spot he stands, then wakes up in a few seconds. In most Kirby series games, Sleep Kirby appears in the Game Over screen, either waking up, or continuing to sleep depending on whether the player chooses to continue, or quit.


In the debut game, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby did not change appearance when obtaining this ability. He merely fell asleep. Starting with Kirby Super Star, Kirby would obtain a spotted green cap, which he would take off once he woke up again.

In Kirby Air Ride and consistently from Kirby's Return to Dream Land onward, the color of the hat was changed to purple with yellow spots, presumably to help distinguish it from the Sword hat.

Regardless, the green sleeping cap reappears in some later games after the switch to purple was made. In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the green sleeping cap makes a reappearance in the intro cutscene, when Kirby is sleeping in his house; the model was reused from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Green caps also appear in Kirby Battle Royale as a weapon for putting other fighters to sleep.

Sleep Skills[edit]

Kirby sleeping in Kirby Star Allies, with a distended nose bubble.

As Kirby is immobile during the sleep ability, there are no skills obtained when receiving it in most games[1]. In Squeak Squad however, if Kirby gets the Ability Scroll for it, it will heal his damage a little bit during his slumber. In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby may prematurely wake up from sleep if the player shakes the Wii Remote or rapidly pushes the +Control Pad in different directions. This also works in Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot, though only by mashing the Circle Pad or +Control Pad. Doing so causes a bubble to grow on his face, which will wake him up when popped. In Kirby Star Allies, shaking the controller or waggling the control stick will wake Kirby up like in past entries, but a Friend can also wake Kirby up by popping the bubble on his face.

There are also Sleep Copy Essences that exist in Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Some of these appear as a joke ability to restrict the typical choice of two copy abilities before a boss battle (such as in The True Arena). In other cases, they appear as an obstacle in areas with strong winds or currents, forcing Kirby to make difficult maneuvers to try to prevent touching the Copy Pedestals, as touching one will cause Kirby to fall asleep and return to the beginning of the area.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Adventure / Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

Sleep made its first appearance in Kirby's Adventure, and is obtained by inhaling Noddy or a red missile when fighting Heavy Mole. When gaining this ability, Kirby falls asleep for a few seconds and cannot be moved by the player until he wakes up. This ability is largely a novelty and does not aid Kirby in any meaningful way, and may hinder him if it happens during the Heavy Mole fight.

Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Sleep returns as an ability in Kirby Super Star, here granting Kirby his spotted green cap for the first time. In addition to being obtainable from Noddy, Kirby can also get this ability by touching certain Copy Essences. Some stages turn this into an obstacle by creating challenges where Kirby has to avoid touching the Sleep Copy Essences or be forced to take a nap as he is pushed back to the start by gentle wind.

Kirby Air Ride[edit]

Sleep appears in Kirby Air Ride and can be obtained from Noddy, from a Copy Panel, or by using a Copy Chance Wheel or Mix. This appearance marks the first time the modern purple sleeping cap was seen. While sleeping, Kirby's Air Ride Machine will continue moving forward, but the player will be unable to input any directions, and any other racer that Kirby bumps into while snoozing will also be put to sleep. Mashing the Control Stick will cause Kirby to wake up faster.

There is a Checklist objective that requires the player to finish a race in first place in Air Ride while using the Sleep ability. This is most easily accomplished on Fantasy Meadows by using a Mix.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror & Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

Sleep appears as an ability in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad, functioning identically to the way it does in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

In Kirby: Squeak Squad, an Ability Scroll can be acquired for Sleep which allows Kirby to recover a little health while snoozing, giving Sleep a beneficial attribute for the first time in the series.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land and subsequent main-series games[edit]

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land and subsequent main-series titles up to Kirby Star Allies, Sleep appears as a regular ability provided by Noddy. In all of these games, while Kirby is snoozing, the player can mash directions (or shake the controller where applicable) to cause a nose bubble to grow in size on Kirby's face. If that bubble pops, Kirby will wake up earlier than he otherwise would have.

In Kirby Star Allies, there is a special action referred to as "Friend Wake-Up Call", which involves a Friend hitting Kirby while he is sleeping to wake him up early.

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

Sleep Kirby in Battle Royale.

Having won the second Copy Ability poll, Sleep was added to the roster of battle abilities, despite many thinking it was a joke inclusion in the poll. As such, this appearance is the first to give Sleep Kirby a proper fighting move-set.

Attacks include hitting opponents with a pillow, blowing huge bubbles, and putting opponents to sleep by placing a cap on their heads. Sleep Kirby wobbles when he moves like he's sleepwalking, and when holding still, will dream of cake, slowly recovering HP in the process.

Being a downloadable ability, Sleep does not have any alternate Headgear, nor can it be used in Dedede's Cake Royale.

Sleep Moveset in Kirby Battle Royale
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Pillow Attack
Burst Bubble
Hold/release B
Pillow Uppercut
Nighty Nightcap
Pillow Takedown
Sweet Dreams
Don't move for a while
Spinning Pillow Dive
B during jump

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Main article: Flower Power

While the Sleep Copy Ability does not appear in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, something comparable does happen when Kirby inhales a Noddy in the episode Flower Power. He is put into a coma, and cannot be roused until he smells the pollen of the Pukey Flower. Despite being similar in most aspects to the Sleep Copy Ability, this instance should not be confused as such, since there is no transformation sequence, Kirby does not gain a hat, and none of the characters refer to it as an ability.


Flavor text[edit]

Image Game Flavor text
KA Box.jpg Kirby's Adventure ...Please... ...Let me sleep... ...A little more... ...Please...
KSS Box NA.jpg Kirby Super Star Just take a little break and let Kirby sleep!
KNiDL box artwork.jpg
KatAM cover art.jpg
USCover KSS.jpg
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror & Kirby: Squeak Squad -DO NOT DISTURB-

I need my beauty rest.

KSS Ultra box art.png Kirby Super Star Ultra Just a li'l while longer... ...Please. Let me sleep...
KRtDL Boxart L.jpg Kirby's Return to Dream Land Just...five more...minutes. Please...just let me sleep. If you must...wake me... Just...shake me... Zzz...zzz...zzz...
TD Boxart NA.jpg Kirby: Triple Deluxe Just...three more minutes, Mom. I'm just so...yawwwwn...sleepy. If you gotta...wake me up... Just...mash the...+Control Pad. Zzzzzz... Zzzzzzz...
KPR Box.png Kirby: Planet Robobot Sleep is definitely important, but it can be dangerous if you doze off in the wrong place! Luckily, you can wake up quickly by button mashing.
KBR box art.jpg Kirby Battle Royale Doze off to fight back! This sleepy-time ability will surprise your rivals!
Star Allies Cover.jpg Kirby Star Allies Zzz... Just a...few more...minutes... ...Please...I mean...just lemme sleep... Zzz...If you wake me up... ...just ask...a

Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy[edit]

Image Description Appears In
SSBB Sleep Kirby Trophy.png "Kirby after he copies the ability to sleep peacefully. Kirby takes on this form when he inhales Noddy or other such enemies. Kirby cannot move at all while sleeping, so extra care should be taken not to use this ability when enemies are near. Kirby, in his slumber, tends to drool, and in his panicked awakening, isn't it cute how he forgets to wipe off the drool?" Kirby's Adventure
Kirby: Squeak Squad

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U trophy[edit]

Image Description Appears In
Sleep Kirby Trophy Smash 4.png "You don't get to see sleeping heroes very often. They're so busy rescuing princesses or saving the world, they just don't have time for a little nap. Not so with Kirby! The moment he inhales the snooze-prone enemy Noddy, he pops on his sleeping cap and dozes right off. Ah, Kirby, what dreams might you be having today?" Kirby's Adventure
Kirby Super Star


  • The fact that Kirby blows nose bubbles in his sleep seems to prove that he actually does have a nose (even if it cannot be seen).
  • Sleep is (and still remains) the only ability that is objectively a hindrance rather than a help (excepting its appearances in Kirby: Squeak Squad and Kirby Battle Royale).
  • Interestingly enough, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of Jigglypuff's alternate colors has it wearing Kirby's original green Sleep cap. This is likely a reference to its Sing and Rest moves, which both involve sleeping.








Official Kirby Portal video showcasing Sleep

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スリープ
Traditional Chinese 睡覺
shuì jiào
Simplified Chinese 睡觉
shuì jiào
Dutch Slaap Sleep
French Sommeil Sleep
German Schlaf Sleep
Italian Sonno Sleep
Korean 슬립
European Portuguese Sono[2] Sleep
Russian Сон
Spanish Sueño Sleep


  1. "You can't do anything until Kirby wakes up. Good night..." —Sleep Power summary (Super Star Ultra)
  2. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U