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Revenge of Meta Knight - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
KSSU RoMK Chapter 3.png
Kirby climbs the mountain, Sword in hand, to stop the flying battleship in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game Revenge of Meta Knight
Mid-boss(es) Twin Bonkers
Time Limit 6500
Theme music

Clip of the music used in Chapter 3

Stage order
Chapter 2 Chapter 4
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Chapter 3 of Revenge of Meta Knight is the third of seven chapters in this game-mode from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. In this chapter, Kirby makes his way back up Candy Mountain in order to recruit the help of Dyna Blade, and attempt a third boarding of the Halberd.

Intro cutscene[edit]

In the intro scene, Kirby uses the Warp Star he obtained from the previous chapter to attempt a landing on the Halberd, but is blasted out of the sky by the ship's primary gun and crashes into the woods.


The timer resets to 6500 after Kirby lands in the woods. As it happens, the woods in question are near Candy Mountain, so Kirby heads in that direction.

The door leads into a hollow tree log leading upward. There are a number of side chambers that can be accessed here for additional goodies, including an optional doorway which yields a 1-Up and the Copy Essences for Cutter, Sword, and Fighter.

The door leads to a dirt tunnel where Kirby gets ambushed by two Bonkers. Using the Hammer ability from these foes, Kirby can bust his way further in. Another secret chamber can be found which contains essences for Mirror, Parasol, and Ninja. A Wheel essence can be found elsewhere in the area.

In the next area, Kirby will have to ascend the slope of the mountain, and deal with some swordsmen along the way.

Near the summit, Kirby will need to use the Fuse Cannon on the right to keep moving. However, the cannon's way of transportation is a bit... unconventional.

The cannon leads Kirby to the nest of Dyna Blade. The giant bird agrees to take Kirby to the Halberd.


Intermittently, the Halberd crew can be heard by the player through dialogue boxes which pop up as Kirby makes his way through the stage. The following table lists off their dialogue in chronological order:

Chapter 3 Dialogue in Revenge of Meta Knight  
Character Portraits Dialogue (KSS) Dialogue (KSSU) Dialogue (Japanese) Notes
Axe Knight KSS Axe Knight Portrait 2.png KSSU Axe Knight Portrait 1.png "We got him!
He fell into the forest."
Kirby is hit! He's fallen
in the woods.
Captain Vul KSS Vul Portrait 3.png KSSU Captain Vul Portrait 6.png "Good.
He will never catch up."
All right. That should
take care of him now.
Sailor Waddle Dee KSS Sailor Dee Portrait 2.png KSSU Sailor Waddle Dee Portrait 1.png "Are you sure?" I wonder... 「そーかなー?」

Enemies and mid-bosses[edit]

Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability
KSS Blade Knight.png KSSU Blade Knight Sprite.png Blade Knight Sword KSS Scarfy sprite.png KSSU Scarfy Sprite.png Scarfy Crash (if scanned with Copy)
KSS Burnin Leo.png KSSU Burning Leo Sprite.png Burnin' Leo Fire KSS Shotzo.png KSSU Shotzo Sprite.png Shotzo N/A
KSS Cappy Cover.png KSSU Cappy Sprite.png Cappy None KSS TAC.png KSSU Tac Sprite.png T.A.C. Copy
KSS Kabu.png KSSU Kabu Sprite.png Kabu None KSS Tookey.png KSSU Tookey Sprite.png Tookey None
KSS Knuckle Joe.png KSSU Knuckle Joe Sprite.png Knuckle Joe Fighter KSS Twizzy.png KSSU Twizzy Sprite.png Twizzy None
KSS Lovely.png KSSU Lovely Sprite.png Lovely N/A KSS Walky.png KSSU Walky Sprite.png Walky Mike
KSS Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png KSSU Poppy Bros Jr Sprite.png Poppy Bros. Jr. None
Image (KSS/KSSU) Name Copy Ability
KSS Bonkers.png KSSU Bonkers Sprite.png Twin Bonkers Hammer