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Who? Paint

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Who? Paint
Who Paint.png
Artwork of Who? Paint from Kirby Air Ride
Use Make racers indistinguishable
Obtained Random drop in Top Ride courses
Game(s) Kirby Air Ride
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Who? Paint is an unlockable item which appears in the Top Ride mode of Kirby Air Ride. It appears randomly during standard races, dropping onto the course. When touched by a racer, the item activates, causing all racers to become invisible and have their name markers removed for a brief moment. This is intended to confuse the players, who may become unable to determine where their racer is. However, even though the racer is turned invisible, their ride isn't and as such if different racers had different rides then they would be able to keep track of themselves better. Given that this also affects the racer who touched it, a certain amount of forward planning is needed to make effective use of this item.

To unlock Who? Paint, players must collect a total of 500 items while playing Top Ride.


  • Who? Paint is activated as soon as the racer touches it, allowing that racer to immediately pick up another item afterwards.