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Waddle Dee Town

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Waddle Dee Town
KatFL Waddle Dee Town wide view.jpg
A wide view of Waddle Dee Town in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
Game(s) Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Inhabitant(s) Waddle Dees, other characters as mentioned below
Similar places Merry Magoland
Theme Music

The main hub world theme in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Waddle Dee Town is a small settlement in the world of Kirby and the Forgotten Land which - as its name suggests - is home to many Waddle Dees. These Waddle Dees populate the town as Kirby rescues them from the Beast Pack, and the town grows in size and complexity as more are saved. The town itself serves as a hub area and rest stop for Kirby to visit in-between playing through regular stages, and Kirby has access to a number of Sub-Games and other side activities while he is here. The town also serves as the equivalent to main menus in older Kirby games, since the equivalent of the Theater, Jukebox, and boss endurance modes are found here, and the Extra Mode - Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams - is also accessible from here after clearing Lab Discovera.

Waddle Dee Town is initially found in a ruined state when Kirby reaches it at the end of Point of Arrival. After rescuing Elfilin from a cage, he explains that he fought hard with the Waddle Dees against the Beast Pack but that eventually all of the Waddle Dees were captured. As Kirby rescues more Waddle Dees, the town gradually becomes livelier as they rebuild everything, and then add more things on top of it. At its maximum size, it is home to 300 Waddle Dees, and other characters, namely King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Clawroline, can be found there as well by the end of the game.


The following distinct building and other locations are present in Waddle Dee Town:

Location Unlock criteria Description Notes
Colosseum 6Complete the level Wondaria Remains. A large brick colosseum which acts as the Kirby and the Forgotten Land equivalent to The Arena. There are up to three different "cups" to choose from. The Colosseum goes through a couple visual upgrades as each new cup is unlocked.
Fishing Pond
KatFL Fishing Pond screenshot.png
Fishing Pond
7Save 155 Waddle Dees. A small fishing hole where Kirby can play the Sub-Game Flash Fishing.
Game Parlor
KatFL Game Parlor screenshot.png
Game Parlor
8Save 180 Waddle Dees. A tarp-top game stand where Kirby can play Tilt-and-Roll Kirby.
Gotcha Machine Alley 5Complete the level Natural Plains. A small corner between houses where Kirby can purchase figures from up to four machines, each representing a different volume.
Kirby's House 3Save 50 Waddle Dees. A replica of Kirby's house from Dream Land in which Kirby can rest to recover health, read a book containing info about past Kirby games, or view photos of his in-game achievements. He can also place up to three figures on the fireplace. Before Kirby's House is unlocked, a Maxim Tomato will appear in town instead. Kirby's House can also be entered through the chimney.
Main plaza
KatFL Main Plaza screenshot.png
Main plaza
1Available at start. The central area of town, where Kirby can access the World Map via Warp Star. Later on, Wise Waddle Dee shows up to give Kirby information and advice on how to find blueprints. The plaza goes through a couple visual upgrades as the town increases in population.
Observation Tower
KatFL Observation Tower screenshot.png
Observation Tower
6Complete the level Wondaria Remains. A large brick tower with a good view of town up top and a ladder to get up there. After completing Lab Discovera, this tower serves as the access point for Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams.
Waddle Dee Café 4Save 60 Waddle Dees. A restaurant where Kirby can order four different food items that he can eat there or carry with him to use later. He can also work as staff in the Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted! sub-game.
Waddle Dee Cinema 2Complete the stage Downtown Grassland. A small movie theater where Kirby can watch cutscenes the player has seen or view the credits. Acts as the equivalent of the Theater from other Kirby games.
Waddle Dee-liveries 3Save 50 Waddle Dees. A small post office where Kirby can enter Present Codes to get rewards.
Waddle Dee's Item Shop 6Save 145 Waddle Dees. A small shop where Kirby can buy three different power-up items.
Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop 5Complete the level Natural Plains. A large building where Kirby can go to purchase Evolved Copy Abilities and test his abilities out on Mr. Sandbag.
Waddle Live! Corner Stage 9Complete Lab Discovera. A stage where a band of four Waddle Dees play music on request. Kirby can tip them Star Coins to upgrade their stage twice, allowing them to play more music each time. Acts as the equivalent of the Jukebox from other Kirby games.


In addition to the regular Waddle Dees, Waddle Dee Town is home to the following distinct characters:

  • Bandana Waddle Dee - When not adventuring with Kirby, Bandana Waddle Dee can be found in a reclining chair atop one of the houses, and gives small talk when interacted with.
  • Café-Manager Waddle Dee - Stands to the side of the Waddle Dee Café and offers Kirby a job as a part-time server.
  • Café-Staff Waddle Dee - Mans the Waddle Dee Café and serves food to Kirby and his team on request.
  • Clawroline - Appears after clearing Lab Discovera. Speaking to her initiates the extra game.
  • Commentator Waddle Dee - Acts as check-in for the Colosseum and commentates on the matches as they progress.
  • Delivery Waddle Dee - Mans Waddle Dee-liveries, taking Present Codes from Kirby.
  • Game-Shop Waddle Dee - Mans the Game Parlor and sets up the boards for Tilt-and-Roll Kirby.
  • Item-Shop Waddle Dee - Mans Waddle Dee's Item Shop.
  • King Dedede - Appears in town after clearing Lab Discovera. Cannot be directly spoken to.
  • Meta Knight - Jumps into the Colosseum once it has been built. Once The Ultimate Cup is unlocked, he perches on top of the Colosseum. When perched, he cannot be directly interacted with, but Elfilin will comment on his role in protecting the town.
  • Minion Waddle Dee - One of King Dedede's servants, who speaks on behalf of the King.
  • The Deedly Dees - The four-person band of Waddle Dees who play at the Waddle Live! Corner Stage.
  • Trader Waddle Dee - Appears in Gotcha Machine Alley late in the game and offers to trade a figure that Kirby doesn't have yet for a Rare Stone.
  • Usher Waddle Dee - Mans the Waddle Dee Cinema and checks Kirby in.
  • Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee - Mans Waddle Dee's Weapons Shop, and evolves Kirby's Copy Abilities when he has the appropriate blueprint and payment.
  • Wise Waddle Dee - Appears in the main plaza sitting on a bench, and gives Kirby information about game statistics or hints to obtaining blueprints if needed.


  • Occasionally, the loading screen for Waddle Dee Town will feature a Waddle Dee peeking out of a house.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワドルディのまち
Wadorudi no machi
Waddle Dee Town
Traditional Chinese 瓦豆魯迪小鎮
Wǎdòulǔdí Xiǎozhèn
Waddle Dee Town
Simplified Chinese 瓦豆鲁迪小镇
Wǎdòulǔdí Xiǎozhèn
Dutch Waddle Dee-dorp Waddle Dee village
French Village Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Town
German Waddle-Dee-Stadt Waddle-Dee-City
Italian Città di Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Town
Korean 웨이들 디 마을
Weideul Di Maeul
Waddle Dee Town
Spanish Ciudad de los Waddle Dees Town of the Waddle Dees
Thai Waddle Dee Town[1]