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A portion of the Garden in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main game The Great Cave Offensive
Mid-boss(es) Bugzzy
Boss Wham Bam Rock
Treasures 15
Theme music

no music given

Level order
Old Tower Last level
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This article is about the stage in The Great Cave Offensive. For other levels and stages with the word 'Garden' in the name, see this disambiguation page.

Garden is the fourth and last of the areas in The Great Cave Offensive, which Kirby visits in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). It is very non-cave like in nature, being a verdant land with brightly colored structures and open skies. There are a total of 15 Treasures to collect in this region. The Boss of this area is Wham Bam Rock.


The first area is an open walkway that leads to the left. There is one treasure here.

The second area is a descent past wind-swept openings. Three Copy Pedestals are available here - Jet, Wing and Ninja. There is one treasure here.

The third room is a hub of sorts, with four doorways. The uppermost leads to a save room.

The leftmost door leads to an open space patrolled by Capsule J (or Capsule J2). There are two treasures here.

Using the leftmost Fuse Cannon in the previous room leads to another area, made up largely of clouds. There are several side-chambers that can be accessed here At the end of the path, a Warp Star can be used to return to the hub room. There are five treasures here.

From the hub, the rightmost door leads to a convoluted chamber filled with breakable blocks and cannons. There is one treasure here.

From the previous chamber, Kirby can access the next one using a series of cannons. In this room, Kirby will have to contend with the Mid-Boss Bugzzy. There is one treasure here.

The next room can be reached from the bottom-left area of the previous one. It is an open space with lots of deep pools To the left is a Warp Star which will take Kirby back to the hub room. There are two treasures here.

From the hub, the bottom-most door leads to a new area, which is a segmented hallway containing String Platforms. There is one treasure here.

The next room is a vertical descent past many platform shelves with Springs on them. There is one treasure here. The door from here leads to the Boss encounter (detailed in the section below).


Garden Area Treasures  
Treasure Image Value How to reach
Wintertime (Kirby Super Star) Wintertime.png Goldwateringcan.png 250,000 G This treasure can be found inside a side-chamber in the first room which is opened by pressing a Switch on the floor in the main path. When the door is opened, a large number of enemies pour out of it, so Kirby should be prepared to deal with a lot of birds.
Gold Watering Can (Kirby Super Star Ultra) 200,000 G
Katana KatanaKSS.png Katana.png 990,000 G This treasure can be found outside the hole in the second room where the wind is coming in. Kirby will need to battle the gale with one of the abilities provided to get in there.
Charm CharmSS.png Charm.png 8,000 G This treasure can be found inside a pool in the left room from the hub. To get in, Kirby has to drop down where the waterfall is.
Xmas Tree XmastreeSS.png Xmastree.png 40,000 G This treasure can be found in a side chamber accessible from the middlemost Fuse Cannon in the left room. To light it, Kirby can use the Jet exhaust. The chest itself is placed above four Bomb Block barriers, and Kirby should be careful not to drop it into the Void.
Kong's Barrel KongbarrelSS.png Kong'sbarrel.png 1,500 G This treasure can be found through a doorway on the left side of the cloud passage. Two switches can be found in the room where the chest is. One of them drops the chest, and the other drops some Gordos.
Ramia's Scale RamiascaleSS.png Ramia'sscale.png 12,800 G This treasure can be found in a grotto to the right of the main cloud path. In the side-chamber, Kirby will have to navigate past Spikes and electric mines to reach the chest.
Shiny Bamboo ShinybambooSS.png Treasure Shiny Bamboo.png 600,000 G This treasure can be found in a side chamber along the bottom of the cloud path, toward the left. It can be found in a small alcove blocked off by a Star Block.
Tire TireSS.png Tire.png 1,100 G This treasure can be found in a side-chamber accessible from the top-middle of the cloud path, reachable from a hole in the left end of the path. Inside is a long path with a Gate at the end. The intended way to reach it fast enough is to use the Wheelie Rider ability.
Spirit Charm SpiritcharmSS.png Spiritcharm.png 78,500 G This treasure can be reached by accessing a side chamber from the lower left of the cloud path. The chest will be buried under an endless stacking of Star Blocks unless Kirby does something to clear the way.
Pegasus Wing PegasuswingSS.png Pegasuswing.png 42,800 G This treasure can be obtained in the room to the right of the hub by using a series of Rotating Cannons to bust into a small chamber to the right.
Raccoon Doll RaccoondollSS.png Raccoondoll.png 8,150 G This treasure is obtainable after defeating Bugzzy in the second room to the right of the hub.
Shell Whistle ShellwhistleSS.png Shellwhistle.png 82,000 G This treasure can be found in a shallow pool in the third room to the right of the hub overlooked by a Bomb Block barrier filled with enemies. Kirby will have to destroy the barrier and dump the enemies to get the chest.
Orihalcon (Kirby Super Star) Orihalcon.png Orichalcum.png 512,000 G This treasure can be found further left from the Shell Whistle, behind a gate with the switch tucked inside. Kirby will have to use an ability that can hit it to get inside.
Orichalcum (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Platinum Ring PlatinumringSS.png Platinumring.png 40,000 G This treasure is located at the very bottom of the bottom room from the hub, under a floor panel which cannot be accessed if a String Platform lands on it.
Triforce TriforceSS.png Triforce.png 800,000 G This treasure can be found in the second room below the hub, beneath the door to the boss.

Enemies, mid-boss, and boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBiospark.png BiosparkSSU.png Bio Spark Ninja KSSGator.png GatorSSU.png Gator None KSSSirKibble.png SirkibbleSSU.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSSBirdon.png BirdonSSU.png Birdon Wing KSSGim.png GimSSU.png Gim Yo-Yo KSSSquishy.png SquishySSU.png Squishy None
KSSBomber.png BomberSSU.png Bomber Crash KSSGordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A KSSTookey.png TookySSU.png Tookey None
KSSBroomHatter.png BroomhatterSSU.png Broom Hatter None KSSGrizzo.png GrizzoSSU.png Grizzo None KSSTwizzy.png TwizzySSU.png Twizzy None
KSSCapsuleJ.png Capsulej2SSU.png Capsule J/Capsule J2 Jet KSSNoddy.png NoddySSU.png Noddy Sleep KSSWheelie.png WheelieSSU.png Wheelie Wheel
KSSChilly.png ChillySSU.png Chilly Ice Scarfy KSS sprite.png ScarfySSU.png Scarfy Crash (if scanned by Copy)
Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability
KSSBugzzy.png BugzzySSU.png Bugzzy Suplex
Image (KSS) Name Copy Ability
Super Star Wham Bam Rock Sprite.png Wham Bam Rock Stone (from projectiles)

Boss: Wham Bam Rock[edit]

Wham Bam Rock attempts to pound Kirby, who is just a bit too far to the left.

Before the fight, Kirby has the option of the Ice, Parasol and Bomb abilities from Copy Essences. From there, the main room where the boss is fought is an open area with a flat floor and black background. Wham Bam Rock appears, its face in the background, and its stone hands appearing to clobber that Kirby. Kirby has to hit the hands when they appear to do damage. If he is not using a Copy Ability, however, the only real option is to wait for pieces of stone to fall from the sky to inhale.

Once defeated, Kirby can move on to the last Mine Cart ride, then an Elevator ride upward, which leads back to the start of Sub-Tree. From there, Kirby can exit the cave if he wishes.