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Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze

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Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze
KatFL Shine and Seek select screenshot.png
Stage select screen for Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze.
Level Winter Horns
Difficulty ★★
Ability/Mode used Light-Bulb Mouth
Unlock criteria Find it in the World Map
Stage time 2:30 (2:00 in Wild Mode)
Target time 1:10
Theme music

Main theme for the stage.

Stage order
Slash Wisely! Rope-Cutting Quiz Slash! Meta Knight Sword Trial
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Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze (Light-Bulb Mouth Treasure for short) is a stage in Treasure Road, found in Winter Horns. This stage tasks Kirby with completing a challenge revolving around the use of Light-Bulb Mouth, searching through a dark area for the correct path forward. The stage is initially hidden, and can be found by "searching" the World Map, located above a frozen tree to the left of the select area for Metro on Ice. It is marked by two stars of difficulty and has a stage time of two and a half minutes (two minutes in Wild Mode), with a target time of one minute and 10 seconds.

Stage details[edit]

This stage consists of several isolated platforms separated by elevators powered by Solar Panel Switches. Using Light-Bulb Mouth, Kirby can power these switches to move upward. He will need to be wary, however, as there are several forks in the path, and taking the wrong one will waste a lot of time. Kirby can find out which path is correct by finding and illuminating the signpost at each juncture. Along the way, he will need to deal with Ghost Gordos and shots from Gigatzos, as well as spike pits on the floor. After taking all of the correct paths, Kirby will need to ride one more set of elevators to get to the Rare Stone at the top.


The following are tips on how to attain the target time for this stage:

  • The target time for this stage is fairly generous, so all Kirby needs to do is remember which way to go, or check each of the signs. The correct sequence of choices at each juncture is, in order: right, left, left, then center.
  • Kirby can also afford to spend time lighting himself up in order to avoid hazards.


Regular Enemies Mid-Bosses

  • None


Video walkthrough[edit]

100% walkthrough of Shine and Seek! Into the Ghost Maze.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Schijnen en zoeken! In het spokenlabyrint Shine and seek! In the ghost labyrinth
French Repérage éclairé dans le labyrinthe hanté ! Illuminated searching in the haunted labyrinth!
German Leuchten und suchen! Im Geisterlabyrinth Shine and seek! In the Ghost maze
Korean 비춰라! 갈팡질팡 고스트 메이즈
Bichwora! Galpang-jilpang Goseuteu Meijeu
Light Up! Confusing Ghost Maze
Spanish ¡Ilumina y busca! Laberinto de fantasmas Shine and search! Ghost maze