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KaTAM Wiz artwork.png
Artwork of Wiz from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
First game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (2004)
Similar to Paint Roller
Theme music

no music given

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KaTAM Wiz.png

Wiz is a wizard or magician Boss that only appears in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. In the game, he guards the Mirror Shard of Peppermint Palace and can be fought again in Boss Endurance.

Wiz has no visible arms, legs, or face, apart from two yellow eyes. He wears a black and white top hat, a red cape and white gloves and holds a wand.


Wiz is fought in a room with three platforms above the ground. He may move to any area besides the middle platform, charging into Kirby on his way. He attacks by summoning various enemies and objects from his hat. He hides in his hat when doing so, becoming totally invincible.

Summoned objects
Object Copy Ability
KaTAM Wiz Balloon.png
Balloon None
KaTAM Wiz Bomb.png
Bomb Bomb
KNiDL Bronto Burt sprite.png
Bronto Burt None
KaTAM Wiz Car.png
Car Wheel
KaTAM Droppy.png
Droppy None unless it steals Kirby's ability, in which case it gives that ability.
KaTAM Wiz Football.png
Football None
KaTAM Wiz Poison Apple.png
Poison Apple Sleep
KaTAM Wiz Thundercloud.png
Thundercloud Spark

Wiz has 80 HP and can be defeated by 8 Star Bullets which deal 10 damage per shot. He has a minor resistance to several types of attacks:



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィズ
French Magyx Mage
Possibly, from Middle English "magy"
German Magico Nickname for a "magician"
Italian Kissà Josè Name that resembles the phrase "Chissà cos'è" (Wonder what it is)
Josè is a given name equivalent to "Joseph"
Spanish Wiz -