Egg Engines

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Egg Engines
Egg Engines.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 6
World Halcandra
Stages 6
Energy Spheres 21
Lor Starcutter Part None
Mid-Bosses Sphere Doomer (6-1 , 6-3), Dubior (6-2), King Doo (6-3), Moundo (6-3), Kibble Blade (6-4)
Boss Metal General, HR-D3 (Extra Mode only)
Super Abilities Monster Flame (6-1), Flare Beam (6-3)
Level Progression
Nutty Noon Dangerous Dinner
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Level 6: Egg Engines is the sixth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and the first level in Halcandra. Egg Engines is an industrial level with a lot of machinery. The boss of this level is Metal General. In Extra Mode, HR-D3 is fought after Metal General. There are twenty one Energy Spheres in this level, three in stage 1, four each in stage 2 and 3, and five each in stage 4 and 5.


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Stage Energy Spheres / Ship Parts Super Ability Notes
Stage 1 3 Monster Flame
Stage 2 4 None.
Stage 3 4 Flare Beam
Stage 4 5 None.
Stage 5 5 None. There is a secret HAL Room in this stage.
Stage 6 None. None. In Extra Mode, HR-D3 is fought after Metal General EX.
A portion of the Egg Engines Lobby.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッガーエンジンズ
Eggā Enjinzu
Egger Engines
The Japanese version writes the level name in English as such.
French Imbroglio Industriel Industrial Entanglement
German Eier-Elektrik Eggs Electrics
Italian Industrie Involtino Roulade Industries
Korean 달꺌 엔진
Dalkkyal Enjin
Egg Engine
Latin American Spanish Artefactos Almendra Almond Artifacts
European Spanish Maquinaria Menta Mint Machinery