Egg Engines

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Kirby's RtDL Level InfoBox
Egg Engines.png
Screenshot from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
Level Nr. 6
World Halcandra
Stages 6
Energy Spheres 21
Lor Starcutter Part None
Mid-Bosses Sphere Doomer (6-1 , 6-3), Dubior (6-2), King Doo (6-3), Moundo (6-3), Kibble Blade (6-4)
Boss Metal General, HR-D3 (Extra Mode only)
Super Abilities Monster Flame (6-1), Flare Beam (6-3)
Level Progression
<-- Nutty Noon Dangerous Dinner -->
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Level 6: Egg Engines (known in Japan as Egger Engines) is the sixth level in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and the first level in Halcandra. Egg Engines is an industrial level with a lot of machinery. The boss of this level is Metal General. In Extra Mode, HR-D3 is fought after Metal General. There are twenty one Energy Spheres in this level, three in stage 1, four each in stage 2 and 3, and five each in stage 4 and 5.


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Stage Energy Spheres / Ship Parts Super Ability Notes
Stage 1 3 Monster Flame
Stage 2 4 None.
Stage 3 4 Flare Beam
Stage 4 5 None.
Stage 5 5 None. There is a secret HAL Room in this stage.
Stage 6 - Metal General None. None. In Extra Mode, HR-D3 is fought after Metal General EX.
A portion of the Egg Engines Lobby.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エッガーエンジンズ
Eggā Enjinzu
Egger Engines
Spanish Artefactos Almendra Almond Artifacts
French Imbroglio Industriel Industrial Entanglement