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KSA Void splash screen.png
Void is introduced in Kirby Star Allies as he enters the battle.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Copy Abilities Beam, Bomb, Cutter, ESP, Fire, Ice, Stone, Water, Wing (Dropped Stars)
Weakness(es) Friend Hearts
Relative(s) Void Soul
Void Termina
Similar to Kirby
Chaos Elfilis (spherical form)
Dark Matter
Dark Mind
Drawcia Soul
Miracle Matter
Star Dream Soul OS
Voice actor(s) Yuuta Ogasawara, Hirokazu Ando, Shinya Kumazaki, Yumi Todo
Theme music

Clip of Void's unique battle theme.

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The final battle at hand, Void takes his first steps toward a new age. In place of tyrannical rage, will he find...naptime? Gentle breezes? Treats? He may even dream again...
A dream of friends reunited!

— VS Void

Void, titled Astral Birth, is a secret boss who is faced only in The Ultimate Choice of Kirby Star Allies, at the end of 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty after defeating the first three phases of Void Termina - True Destroyer of Worlds. He is a souped-up version of Void Soul, serving as the true final boss of Kirby Star Allies since Version 4.0.0, and thus making him the first boss to be a rank above a Soul boss. Despite his position as the true final boss, Void does not need to be defeated for 100% completion of the game, but beating him is needed to crown a save file and will unlock the Dream Button, which can switch Kirby's look between the default modern one and the classic style from Kirby's Dream Land.

Physical appearance[edit]

Void has a white color scheme (black during certain attacks and the pre-splash screen cutscene) similar to that of Zero, and there are multicolored "veins" (or cracks) on his body like those of eyeballs. Red/black spots move about his body, often forming faces, including one similar to Kirby. The background of the splash card for Void is a direct reference to the Hyper Zone from Boss Butch of Kirby's Dream Land 3, further cementing the connection to Dark Matter and Zero. In addition, at random times during his battle (and in his pause screen art), Void makes the same face makes before it is fought.

Boss Battle[edit]

The following lists all of Void's attacks. All attack names listed here were carried from the ones of the respective attacks from the fourth phase of Void Termina, which in turn come from a Japanese Kirby Star Allies guide, while the names of the new attacks not present in the original Void Termina fight are conjecturally named.

Similar to his normal counterparts, Void can be damaged by directly tossing Friend Hearts at his body. Unlike the other forms of Void Termina, Void has some key differences:

Void's attacks  
Attack Description
Pleasant Dream[from internal data]
First, Void fires barrages of energy bullets in four directions but at a faster rate of fire while rotating the firing angle, and spreading out bullets sometimes. Unlike his normal counterparts, Void's Pleasant Dream bullets still do damage even when guarding. Then, Void shoots a ring of 11 small lasers that cover nearly the entire screen, which repeats two more times, changing the angle each time he fires. The effect makes him look somewhat like a cartoon Sun. These lasers can only be blocked by special guards, e.g. Ice and Spider.
Shooter Cutter[conjectural title] Void fires four cutter boomerangs around himself for two rounds. Afterwards, a third round is rapid-fired while Void is moving across the stage left-to-right or right-to-left, unlike in his weaker form. These cutters can be swallowed for the Cutter ability.
(internally known as Bound Pond[from internal data])
Void retreats into the background, splits into four, and charges forwards in pairs, slamming the floor in an attempt to ram Kirby and friends. This resembles the Bound Pound attack used by Drawcia Soul and other soul bosses. Void and his duplicates share their health bar and appearance, so memorizing which one of them is the real one is neither possible nor important.
A bit later in the battle, Void floods the bottom of the stage with purple water and uses Sprint again, this time ramming on his own in the same pattern as Void Termina's Final Core in Story Mode and Infernal Crisis. As the attack ends, the water will also drain.
Full Smile
(internally known as Laughing Needle[from internal data])
Void splits into four, with all four of them bursting into laughter and poking needles from their bodies in eight directions (with a couple of them going off-screen). The attack is used twice, once with all Voids in a row at the top of the screen, and again with all Voids at the bottom of the screen. Finally, Void and his clones fly to the background and merge again to form one being. This attack resembles Miracle Matter's Needle attack.
Dark Mind Laser[from internal data] Void transforms into a Dark Mind-like form, reprising Dark Mind's attacks from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
First, he attacks by moving around with two rotating mirrors surrounding him, either on ground level from one side to the other or from top to bottom in the center of the arena. Then, he goes to the central-top part of the screen, and fires a laser that is reflected several times with the mirrors. Notably, only the mirrors and lasers are able to damage Kirby and his allies, as touching Void himself does not take away health when he does this attack.
Deadly Sun
Void transforms into a meteor-like form, reprising the same attack from Drawcia Soul and Soul of Sectonia.
As the "sun", he will go across the upper part of the stage, then the lower part, then diagonally in both directions, and finally from the background into the center. Every even-numbered time this attack is used, both diagonal directions are swapped out for a diagonal dive at the bottom of the stage, a burst straight up and then another diagonal dive. Many Mini Dropped Stars follow Void rapidly during the move.
Loud Song
(internally known as Song Laser[from internal data])
Void transforms into the Dark Matter-like form and fires laser beams in many different positions, like Void Soul. The lasers from this attack cannot be guarded.
Lasers will be fired in the following order for the first set:
  • 3 lasers from one side of the stage, near the bottom.
  • 3 lasers from the other side of the stage, near the top.
  • 2 lasers from the background on the top and bottom of one side of the stage, with 1 laser from the background in the center of the other side. These lasers are then 'swiped' across the screen to the opposite side of the stage to their starting point one at a time, with the topmost moving first.
  • 4 lasers from the background in a row at the top of the screen that 'swipe' upwards one at a time.
  • 10 lasers from the background in 3 rows; two rows of 4 at the top and bottom of the screen, with the last 2 in a center row to the left and right of Void.

The second set changes the order of the laser fire as follows:

  • 3 lasers from one side of the stage, near the bottom.
  • 3 lasers from the other side of the stage, near the top.
  • 4 lasers in a rough rectangular formation (two horizontal, two vertical) that are then 'swiped' across the stage.
  • 5 lasers from the background in a row, with three at the top of the screen and two at the bottom of the screen, all of which 'swipe' in the opposite direction one at a time.
  • 9 lasers from the background in 3 rows: two rows of 4 at the top and bottom of the screen, with the last one in a center row at the far left or right that fires straight ahead before getting 'swiped' across the screen to the opposite side of the stage.

The third set changes things up with this order of laser fire:

  • 3 lasers from one side of the stage, near the bottom.
  • 3 lasers from the other side of the stage, near the top.
  • 4 lasers from the background in a row at the top of the screen that 'swipe' upwards one at a time.
  • 4 lasers from the background: one at the top and bottom of the screen each, with the last two in the center of the screen. These lasers are then 'swiped' across the screen to the opposite direction two at a time.
  • 10 lasers from the background in 3 rows; two rows of 4 at the top and bottom of the screen, with the last 2 in a center row to the left and right of Void. The firing pattern differs from the first set slightly, as the top and bottom lasers alternate firing in different directions and the center two lasers fire last.

Void always starts with these attacks:

  • Pleasant Dream
  • Shooter Cutter
  • Sprint (ver. 1)
  • Full Smile
  • Sprint (ver. 2)
  • Shooter Cutter
  • Dark Mind Laser (ver. 1)

Afterwards, he attacks in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Deadly Sun (ver. 1)
  2. Loud Song (ver. 1)
  3. Dark Mind Laser (ver. 2)
  4. Deadly Sun (ver. 2)
  5. Loud Song (ver. 2)
  6. Dark Mind Laser (ver. 1)
  7. Loud Song (ver. 3)

Void has the fourth highest health of all single boss battles in Kirby Star Allies at 2,000, right after The Three Mage-Sisters in Heroes in Another Dimension (3,234), The Three Mage-Sisters in The Ultimate Choice's Soul Melter EX (2,425), and Morpho Knight EX in Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters (2,070).

When defeated, unlike his weaker forms, Void starts making random faces, then finally settles on a Kirby-like smile, while making the same sound effect played when Kirby makes a friend. It then lets out beams of light as the screen fades to white. Void's defeat gives the player 86,555 points, which is a pun on "HAL GO GO GO" in Japanese. This score also appears as the highest score of the secret stage "C-R-O-W-N-E-D (Reprise)" in Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.


  • Void's name is synonymous with "nothing". This is also true of all of his names in other languages, and may be a reference to Zero, due to his resemblance to the latter.
  • The Japanese special page description for Void is much longer, and contains more explicit references back to the special page descriptions for Void Termina's previous forms, the Starship special page from Kirby Super Star, and Spring Breeze.[1] Notably, while the first half of the description contains kanji, the second half is written entirely in kana, which suggests a tone that is less sophisticated and more "pure", perhaps even childlike.



Battle with Void Termina and Void in Kirby Star Allies (The Ultimate Choice - Soul Melter EX).
Battle with Void begins at 6:33 in the video.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星誕せいたん ニル
seitan niru
Astral Birth, Nil
Nil means "zero/nothingness" in English.
星誕 seitan is a pun on 星 sei, meaning "star", and 生誕 seitan, meaning "birth". 星 is also read hoshi, as in Kirby's Japanese title, 星のカービィ hoshi no kābyi ("Kirby of the Stars").
生誕 "birth" is also used in the name of the fourth movement of "Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler" (生誕の希望, "Hope of Birth"), and is additionally used in Japanese material to describe Kirby's debut, such as in the description for the Dream Button (which is translated into English as "when [Kirby] first debuted as a character").
Traditional Chinese 星誕 虛無
xīng dàn xū wú
Astral Birth, Nil
The traditional Chinese version's 星誕 xīng dàn is the exact same characters as seitan in the Japanese title, but there is no pun with the pronunciation; it is simply the characters for "star" and "birth" put together.
Simplified Chinese 星诞 虚无
xīng dàn xū wú
Dutch Void -
French Naissance astrale, Void Astral birth, Void
German Astralgenese, Void Astralgenesis, Void
Italian Nascita astrale, Void Astral birth, Void
Korean 별의 탄생 닐
byeorui tansaeng nil
Astral Birth, Nil
Much like how 星誕 seitan derives from Kirby's Japanese title, 별의 탄생 (byeouri tansaeng) derives from Kirby's Korean title, 별의 커비 (byeorui keobi), though there is no pun with the pronunciation. It can more literally be translated as "Birth of the Stars".
Spanish Génesis astral, Vacío Astral genesis, Void


  1. このたたかいをえ… あの星羅せいらえ… ニルは、ゆっくりと
    つぎ時代じだいあゆみだす。蹂躙じゅうりんするすべしか らぬかれも、いつしか

    ずっと むかしみた、あの ゆめも みるのかもしれない。そう……

    ともと であう、あの ゆめを─!

    Finishing this battle... Surpassing all those stars... Void slowly begins to step into the next era.
    Enveloped by the gentle spring breeze, even he—who only knows how to crush others—
    descends into a distant paradise before he even knows it, with an understanding of the heart.

    There, he can fly free. He can have a meal, too. And he can take a nap.
    Maybe he'll even see that dream again—the one he once had a long time ago. Yes...

    That dream of meeting a friend...!

    — VS Void (Japanese version)