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This article is about the stage hazard present in most Kirby titles. For the boss from Kirby Star Allies, see Void (boss).
Kirby encounters a Void in the Cookie Country stage of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

A Void (also referred to as a Bottomless Pit, Danger Zone, Cliff or just Pit for short) is an area off-screen where if Kirby or another playable character enters, they will immediately lose a life. These areas feature in every main series Kirby title, and are usually marked by a black or grey border. A void can only exist beneath the bottom of the screen, and if no other indications of its danger are present, the player can recognize a void if the camera doesn't keep scrolling down as Kirby approaches it.

There are a few exceptions, where a seeming void actually leads to a new area, but these are rare, and usually have some sort of indicator, like a water current.

When enemies or other items fall into a void, they are removed from the game, though they can usually still respawn if Kirby leaves and comes back, as per usual. This method is often used to dispose of otherwise invulnerable enemies like Shotzo, which can fall into a void if its supporting block is removed.

In some spin-off games, such as Kirby's Epic Yarn, falling into a void does not result in losing a life, but instead, Kirby is pulled out as he loses beads. In Kirby Air Ride, falling into a void will either slow Kirby down, or cause his vehicle to respawn with minimal HP. In Kirby's Blowout Blast, falling into a void will cause Kirby to lose points, and just a little bit of his stamina, then reappear on the stage.

In Kirby's Epic Yarn[edit]

Prince Fluff and Kirby in the process of breaking the game.
Main article: Glitches in Kirby's Epic Yarn

In certain instances, it is possible to access the void without being pulled out immediately by Angie. To do this, Kirby and Prince Fluff have to work together and repeatedly capture each-other with the Yarn Whip in perfect synchronicity to gain height until they can jump out the top of the stage. Curiously, instead of a blank area, the void is textured with a star-studded quilt look which cannot be found anywhere else in the game, despite the fact that the player is not meant to be able to see this area at all. Should Kirby and Fluff enter this area, they can potentially fall forever through the void, which will require the player to pause and exit the stage or reset the game to escape.