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KSA Void splash.jpg
Void is introduced in Kirby Star Allies as he enters the battle.
First game Kirby Star Allies (2018)
Weakness(es) Make Friend
Relative(s) Void Termina, Void Soul
Similar to Dark Matter

Dark Mind
Drawcia Soul
Star Dream Soul OS
Miracle Matter
Theme music

Suite: The Star-Conquering Traveler - Final Movement: Sparkling Star

Clip of Void's unique battle theme.

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Quote1.png The final battle at hand, Void takes his first steps toward a new age. In place of tyrannical rage, will he find...naptime? Gentle breezes? Treats? He may even dream again...
A dream of friends reunited!
— VS Void

Void is a secret boss who is faced only in The Ultimate Choice of Kirby Star Allies, at the end of 'Soul Melter EX' difficulty after defeating the first three phases of Void Termina - True Destroyer of Worlds. He is a souped-up version of Void Soul, serving as the true final boss of Kirby Star Allies from Version 4.0.0 onward. In his Boss Caption, Void is referred to as the Astral Birth. Despite his position as the Final Boss, Void does not need to be defeated for 100% completion of the game, but beating him will unlock the Dream Button which can switch Kirby's look between the default modern one and the classic style from Kirby's Dream Land.

Physical appearance[edit]

Void has a white color scheme similar to that of Zero, and there are multicolored "veins" (or cracks) on his body like those of eyeballs. The background of the splash card for Void is a direct reference to the Hyper Zone from Boss Butch of Kirby's Dream Land 3, further cementing the connection to Dark Matter and Zero.

Similar to his normal counterparts, Void can be damaged by directly tossing Friend Hearts at his body.

Boss Battle[edit]

The following lists all of Void's attacks. For some reason, Void loses his weaker counterpart's hypnosis waves.

Void's Attacks  
Attack Description
Pleasant Dream[from internal data]
First, Void fires barrages of energy bullets in 4 directions but at a faster rate of fire while rotating the firing angle, and spreading out bullets sometimes.
Unlike his normal counterparts, Void's Pleasant Dream bullets still do damage to normal ways of guard.
Then, Void shoots small lasers at various places on the screen coming from it 3 times by changing the angle a little bit the second and third time, which makes him look like a cartoon Sun.
These lasers can only be blocked by special ways of guard, e.g. Ice and Spider.
Shooter Cutter Void gains this attack which originated from Marx. He fires 4 cutter boomerangs around himself for two rounds.
Afterwards, a third round is rapid-fired while Void is moving across the stage, unlike in his weaker form. These cutters can be swallowed for the Cutter ability.
Sprint (1st)
(internally known as Deadly Bound[from internal data])
Void splits into four to ram Kirby & Friends, two at a time knocking on the floor.
This resembles Deadly Bound, the ball tackle of Drawcia Soul and other soul bosses. Void and his duplicates share their health bar and appearance, so memorizing which one of them is the real one is neither possible nor important.
Full Smile
(internally known as Laughing Needle[from internal data])
Void splits into four. Just like before, Void and his clones share their appearance and health bar, so while it's impossible to memorize which one of them is real, memorizing the real one is not important.
Void and his clones burst into laughter and pokes needles from their body to 8 directions (but three of them are off-screen).
The attack is used two times. First, all four Voids fly to the top of the screen and execute the attack.
Then, all four Voids descend to the ground, and execute the attack. Finally, Void and his clones fly to the background and merge again to form one being.
This resembles the Needle Form of Miracle Matter.
Sprint (2nd)
Void floods the stage with purple water and uses Sprint again,
this time ramming on his own in the same pattern as Void Termina's Final Core in Story Mode.
As the attack ends, the water will also drain.
Dark Mind Laser[from internal data] Void transforms into a Dark Mind-like form, reprising Dark Mind's attacks from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
First, he attacks with two rotating mirrors. Then, he fires a laser and reflects it several times with the mirrors.
Deadly Sun
Void transforms into a meteor-like form, reprising the same attack of Drawcia Soul and Soul of Sectonia.
As the "sun", he will go across the stage five times.
Loud Song
(internally known as Song Laser[from internal data])
Void transforms into the Dark Matter-like form and fires laser beams in many different positions, like Void Soul.
The lasers from this attack cannot be guarded.
Japanese attack names are taken from Japanese guidebooks. Some English attack names are taken from internal game files.

Void always starts with these attacks:

  • Pleasant Dream
  • Shooter Cutter
  • Sprint (1st)
  • Full Smile
  • Sprint (2nd)
  • Shooter Cutter
  • Dark Mind Laser (ver. 1)

Afterwards, he attacks in a fixed order on loop which is as follows:

  1. Deadly Sun (ver. 1)
  2. Loud Song (ver. 1)
  3. Dark Mind Laser (ver. 2)
  4. Deadly Sun (ver. 2)
  5. Loud Song (ver. 2)
  6. Dark Mind Laser (ver. 3)
  7. Loud Song (ver. 3)

Void has the fourth highest health of all single boss battles in Kirby Star Allies at 2,000, right after The Three Mage-Sisters in Heroes in Another Dimension (3,234), The Three Mage-Sisters in The Ultimate Choice's Soul Melter EX (2,425), and Morpho Knight EX in Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters (2,070).

When defeated, unlike his weaker forms, Void starts making random faces, then finally settles on a Kirby-like smiley face, while making the same sound effect played when Kirby makes a friend. It then lets out beams of light as the screen fades to white.


Void has his own new music theme, which is Track 227 in the Jukebox. It is titled 組曲:星羅征く旅人 最終楽章:煌めき星[1] (Suite: The Star Conquering Traveler - Final Movement: Sparkling Star). The name appears to be derived from the Sparkling Stars that appear in Kirby's Dream Land (which are "Kirakira-boshi", as opposed to the song's "Kirameki-boshi").

The first part is the same as Void Termina's Phase 4 / Void Soul—being a hard rock arrangement of "Green Greens" and the "Song of Supplication" motif—but it then transitions to a second part that consists of somber, slow-paced piano rendition of the theme. The two parts are separated by a 135 beat-per-minute 3/4 time 16-bar transition. At around 4:27 into the track, the 8-bit chiptune starts to kick in (Kirby's Dream Land was released on April 27th, 1992). Orchestral and chiptune elements play alongside each-other as the song progresses; around 5:42, it transitions into a largely chiptune section that mimics the original Game Boy iteration of "Green Greens". The song loops at roughly 6:12, making it one of the longest tracks in the Kirby franchise.


  • Void's name is synonymous with "nothing". This is likely a reference to Zero, due to his resemblance to the latter.
    • It is also cognate with the Latin "vacuus", which means "Void" when it is used as a noun.
  • Void is the first example of an EX form of a Soul boss in Kirby series history, putting him in a league above the rest.
  • Unlike the other forms of Void Termina, Void has some key differences:
    • Void does not use Circle of Friends (brainwash waves) or summon mini cores. (Unused models of his mini cores are in the game ROM, however.)
    • Void has an open smile upon his defeat. The score for defeating Void, 86555, is a pun on "HAL GO GO GO" in Japanese. This score also appears as the highest score of the secret stage "C-R-O-W-N-E-D (Reprise)" in Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe.
  • At random times during his battle and in his pause screen, Void makes the same face makes before it is fought.
  • Void's pause screen description may be an implication that Void Termina, beyond the physical resemblance in his core form, is connected in some way to Kirby. Also supporting this, Void's theme features a section that directly reprises the original Game Boy version of "Green Greens", and defeating him unlocks the Dream Button, enabling the ability to use Kirby's classic design from Kirby's Dream Land.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニル
  • Nil means 'zero/nothingness' in English.
Traditional Chinese 虛無
xū wú
Simplified Chinese 虚无
xū wú
Dutch Void
French Void
German Void
Italian Void
Spanish Vacío Void