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Robobot Armor Mode InfoBox
Official art of Kirby inside the Robobot Armor.
Debut Game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Type(s) Unlimited use (until stage ends)
Obtained from Invader Armor, unused armor suits in various stages
Power(s) Enhanced durability and power. Modular with other abilities.
Comparable to Animal Friend
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Robobot Armor is a pilotable suit of robotic armor that debuted in Kirby: Planet Robobot. Kirby acquires this suit and dons it after defeating an enemy Invader Armor, or by finding it stowed away in various parts of stages. While inside it, Kirby gains increased endurance, taking less damage from most attacks and allowing him to defeat enemies by jumping on them, and is capable of performing new and stronger attacks on top of that. In addition, the suit is compatible with certain Copy Abilities, being able to 'scan' in enemies in the same vain as Kirby's Inhale, changing in form and function depending on the ability acquired. Minor enemies that do not provide abilities or are incompatible are simply vaporized when scanned. The current mode of the armor is not tied to Kirby's current Copy Ability.

The Robobot Armor is very versatile on top of its modular properties. It can hover, dash, ride on a Warp Star, fit in a Fuse Cannon, climb ladders and grates, carry a Cannon, carry large blocks, cut through or smash large blocks, and unscrew large screws on platforms and bosses. It can also open certain doors that Kirby would be unable to on his own. The armor does appear to have its drawbacks, however. Due to its girth, it is limited in how far it can travel off the ground when not in Jet mode (only having a single mid-air jump and a short glide) and as such, will need careful maneuvering or out right abandoning in order for Kirby to progress past certain obstacles. In addition, its size means that it cannot fit through certain passages and tubes that Kirby himself would have no problem with. In certain areas, stations appear that allow Kirby to exit the armor and continue on foot. It is not possible for Kirby to exit the armor without these stations, apart from exiting the stage.


Normal Mode's Moveset
while facing right
Skill Button Execution
Jump/Double Jump
Robobot Boost
→ + →
Scan Specs
B near enemy with ability
Reset Specs
Robobot Punch
Robobot Slam
B repeatedly
Hunker Down

Armor Modes

Spoilers! Notice: Stop right there, stubby little pink thing!
Spoilers abound! If you do not wish to read them, skip ahead to the next heading or find a different article.
Name Image Description
Normal Robobot Normal.jpg The default appearance of the armor.
Allows for swift punches and slams, and also can carry large blocks.
Beam Robobot Beam Mode.jpg Allows the suit to fire large orbs of energy that bounce off the ground.
Also generates electricity through wires.
Bomb Robobot Bomb Mode.jpg Allows the suit to throw a set number of walking bombs that can crawl up walls.
The bomb's throw angle can also be altered.
Cutter Robobot Cutter Mode.jpg Gives the suit a set of saw blades that act like boomerangs and can cut through multiple targets and obstacles at once.
ESP Robobot ESP Mode.jpg Gives the suit a pair of disembodied hands and allows it to fire multiple large psychokinetic orbs at opponents.
These orbs can conduct electricity.
Fire Robobot Fire Mode.jpg Gives the suit two flamethrowers that can be angled and cover a large range.
Also causes the suit to leave fire behind as it moves.
Ice Robobot Ice Mode.jpg Gives the suit a set of fans that can freeze enemies with icy wind.
Jet Robobot Jet Mode.jpg Turns the suit into a jet, armed with a galting gun and missile launchers that can fire in multiple directions.
Acquiring this ability also automatically causes the armor to fly off into a separate area of the level.
The armor itself resembles Capsule J2.
Mike Robobot Mike Mode.jpg Gives the suit a pair of boom boxes that can emit loud damaging sound waves.
Unlike the base ability, this armor mode has unlimited uses.
Parasol Robobot Parasol Mode.jpg Gives the suit parasol-like dual rotor blades that allow it to hover like a helicopter.
These parasols can also dispel gas clouds.
Spark Robobot Spark Mode.jpg Gives the suit a pair of plasma cannons that can be charged for extra power.
The shots will naturally electrify wires.
Stone Robobot Stone Mode.jpg Gives the suit a pair of heavy stone fists that can pound various obstacles and enemies.
Sword Robobot Sword Mode.jpg Changes the suit's arms into dual beam swords that can cut through massive wood blocks and heavy chains.
Wheel Robobot Wheel Mode.jpg Changes the suit into a racecar with two large back wheels, one small front wheel, and two front spikes,
which can easily plow through enemies, and freely jump between foreground and background like the 3D Warp Star.
Halberd Halberd Mode.jpg A fusion between the Robobot Armor and the Halberd. It is used to battle the final boss of the game, Star Dream.

Like with Kirby himself, the armor can discard its current ability at any time, with the exception of the Jet, Wheel and Halberd modes, which are needed to complete the stages they appear in.

Enemies battled exclusively using Robobot Armor

Enemies that can only be defeated using the Robobot Armor


Main article: Sticker

Throughout the various levels of Kirby: Planet Robobot are stickers that can be collected. These can then be applied to the arms of the Robobot Armor to customize its look. There are a total of 200 sticker types to collect, several of which are unique.



  • When Kirby gets splat against the screen while inside the Robobot Armor, he leaves a temporary crack effect on the screen.
    • This also applies to the Halberd Mode.
  • Like with Hypernova, if Kirby loses a life while in the armor, he will respawn with it. Amusingly, the entire suit spins along with Kirby off the screen when he gets KO'd.
  • When Kirby enters the Robobot Armor, his Vitality is completely restored.
  • During the ending cutscene of Kirby: Planet Robobot, it has been thought that the Robobot Armor can cry. The 3rd and final Ask-a-Thon revealed that is actually coolant.
  • The Robobot Armor registers whoever uses it as pilot. When Kirby gets on a new one, his data from the previous Robobot Armor he used will migrate to the new one.
  • At no point in Kirby: Planet Robobot does the Robobot Armor ever enter water.
  • According to an info-graphic released by Nintendo (image in gallery below), the Robobot Armor weighs more than 8.6 tons (U.S. Imperial), and its arms are 100 times stronger than those of Bonkers.