The Great Cave Offensive

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The Great Cave Offensive is a main game available in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. When Kirby decides to go exploring, he, without noticing the floor, falls through a pit, which leads him down into a giant cave. At this location, Kirby's main goal is to get out of the cave, though another goal Kirby will encounter involves collecting Treasure, that will give him a total amount of 999,999,990 Gold (maximum), which also helps contribute the percentage of game completion. As levels progress, treasure will become better hidden and harder to obtain; for instance, more treasures will require the use of a special ability such as Stone, Hammer, or Fire to access. Kirby will also encounter bosses, such as Chameleo Arm and Wham Bam Rock. The game can be saved by stopping at a save point, one for each level, which typically is located near the beginning of a level. If Kirby gets to the end of the dungeon and decides to "Continue", he will begin the dungeon but will not lose his treasure, thus giving him a chance to recover the treasures not gained on early stages.


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