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KDL3 Corori artwork.png
Artwork of Corori from Kirby's Dream Land 3.
First game Kirby's Dream Land 3 (1997)
Copy Ability None
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In-game sprite.

Corori is an enemy appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is a small, purple penguin with a white belly, a red beak and no visible feet. On its head, it wears an orange snow hat with a white pom-pom.

Corori only appears in one stage in the game; that being Stage 4 of Iceberg. Initially waiting in one place, it pushes a large snowball towards Kirby as soon as it spots him. Similarly to the boulders appearing in the same game, the snowball is invincible and keeps rolling until it hits a wall, harming Kirby if he touches it. After fulfilling its purpose, the Corori remains completely stationary and does not try to attack again, leaving it defenseless and vulnerable to any attack. Inhaling and swallowing it does not grant Kirby a Copy Ability.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロリ
Corori; from 「ころり」korori, an onomatopoeia for rolling.