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Star Allies Sparkler

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Star Allies Sparkler
KSA Star Allies Sparkler.jpg
Kirby and his friends activate the Star Allies Sparkler.
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Usage type Specific Location Use
Requirements Four Friends (Story Mode); one Friend or more (The Ultimate Choice)
Power(s) Fly on a powerful star and battle a great evil.
Comparable to Friend Star
Ribbon's Crystal
Halberd Mode
Buddy Star Blaster
Dragoon (appearance)
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Star Allies Sparkler is a secret technique based on the warmth of giving hearts. The desire to save everyone in the galaxy transforms into a sparkling star... which heads straight for the final boss!
— Kirby Star Allies pause screen description

Star Allies Sparkler is a special Friend Action in Kirby Star Allies, serving as the game's Last Battle Ability. It is accessed at the very end of the Story Mode, and is used to battle Void Termina. It is very similar in function to the Friend Star, but bears a unique look and is used in a 3D space. The Star Allies Sparkler is formed using the power of the four magical spears which were formerly used to seal the Jamba Heart. These spears can be seen orbiting Kirby's Friend Star as it transforms into the Star Allies Sparkler.


The Star Allies Sparkler doesn't fly per-se, but it can coast along the ground during the battle. It can also jump off the ground and again in the air to avoid Void Termina's shockwave attacks, and perform a dodging maneuver. Like the Friend Star, Kirby can swap out with his other allies to change the character of the blasts being fired. A special Team Attack called Team Star Allies! can be utilized in multiplayer mode if all players hold the attack button and then release at the same time.

Bullets from the Star Allies Sparkler can have the elemental power based on the rider just like the Friend Star. In addition to Blizzard, Bluster, Sizzle, Splash and Zap, some Copy Abilities and characters also have their own variants. (See Power Effect#Friend Star / Star Allies Sparkler.) Void Termina's Blizzard/Sizzle/Zap attack effects can be negated by the respective weakness bullets from the Star Allies Sparkler.

The Star Allies Sparkler deals more damage the closer it is to Void Termina, but the damage of Team Star Allies! is not affected by the distance. In addition, when Void Termina's Angel Form (Phase 3) has 5 (full) and 2 segments of health bars left, the Star Allies Sparkler can enter a sort-of "bullet time" when Void Termina is swooping, which slows down Void Termina's movement while increasing the fire rate and charge speed of the Star Allies Sparkler.

Of the Friend Actions available in the game, the Star Allies Sparkler is the only one that can be used with a team of less than three players; only in The Ultimate Choice.


Star Allies Sparkler moveset
Skill Button Execution Description
Sparkler Comet
The Star Allies Sparkler fires a weak star shot.
  • Damage is affected by distance: the closer, the stronger.
  • Can be granted the rider's elemental power.
Sparkler Starshot
Press and hold B/ZR, and then release
The Star Allies Sparkler fires a powerful star shot.
  • Damage is affected by distance: the closer, the stronger.
  • Can be granted the rider's elemental power.
Team Star Allies!
All hold B/ZR, then release at the same time
The Star Allies Sparkler fires a very powerful laser beam Team Attack.
  • Damage is not affected by distance.
  • Becomes stronger with more Friends.
  • Not affected by the rider's elemental power.
Rider Switch
The rider is switched in order.
Sparkler Turn
The Star Allies Sparkler spins to perform a dodge.
The Star Allies Sparkler can double jump.
Right Stick
Can also change the direction the Star Allies Sparkler is facing.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティンクルスターアライズ
Tinkuru Sutā Araizu
Twinkle Star Allies
References the working title for Kirby's Dream Land, "Twinkle☆Popo" (ティンクル☆ポポ).
Traditional Chinese 閃耀新星同盟
shǎn yào xīn xīng tóng méng
Twinkle Star Allies
Simplified Chinese 闪耀新星同盟
shǎn yào xīn xīng tóng méng
Dutch Super Star Allies -
French Super Star Allies -
German Super Star Allies -
Italian Super Star Allies -
Korean 트윙클 스타 얼라이즈
teuwingkeul seuta eollaijeu
Twinkle Star Allies
Spanish Super Star Allies -