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Chaos Elfilis

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Chaos Elfilis

KatFL Chaos Elfilis splash screen.png

KatFL Chaos Elfilis soul form screenshot.png

Screenshots of both forms of Chaos Elfilis from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Copy Abilities Cutter (Blazar Cutter)
Relative(s) Fecto Elfilis
Fecto Forgo
Morpho Knight
Similar to Other soul bosses,
Theme music

One of the songs for the battle with Chaos Elfilis in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the other being Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit.

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A unique convergence of elements, from native-beast souls to ethereal butterfly, gave a stubborn soul one last chance at revenge. This new creation, driven by pure chaos, was defeated by the bright light of Kirby's hope. The last bit of life that remained willingly returned to Elfilin. At last, two became one.
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Chaos Elfilis, titled Species Born of Chaos, is a secret boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, encountered exclusively at the end of the Colosseum's Ultimate Cup Z mode, serving as the final boss of that mode and therefore the last boss of the entire game. It is a variant of Fecto Elfilis, and can be considered a stronger version of them. Despite not having the suffix "soul", Chaos Elfilis shares many similarities with other soul bosses. It is an amalgamation made out of Fecto Forgo's and the Beast Pack's souls, as well as Morpho Knight's power. Its color scheme is reminiscent of , with some elements being drawn from Morpho Knight.

Chaos Elfilis has two distinct forms. The first resembles Fecto Elfilis and fights in a similar manner, though with new and much stronger attacks. Much like Fecto Elfilis in the main game, once Chaos Elfilis is at low enough health, it is knocked down and an orb of energy appears on its back, though instead of containing Elfilin, it seems to be opaque. When Kirby separates it using Dome Mouth, it reveals itself as the second "soul" form of Chaos Elfilis. From here, the leftover body transforms into balls of flesh that orbit the central soul orb, and these balls can be inhaled and spat at Chaos Elfilis to damage it in this phase. In this second form, it has many attacks that are similar to preceding soul bosses.

After Chaos Elfilis's second form is defeated, it will enter a series of death throes vaguely resembling those of Dark Matter Clone and Sectonia Clone, with figures such as a Gnawcodile seen thrashing in the blinding light preceding their surrender. Chaos Elfilis' figure flavor text mentions that the last bits of its life returned to Elfilin after its defeat, which is what is seen happening in the cutscene that plays at that point.


The following are Chaos Elfilis's attacks. All attack names listed come from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide:

Phase 1[edit]

The first form has 3400 HP (Star Bullet=80). It enters the second half when its HP is below 40%, and it takes 0.8× damage during the whole second half.[1]

Chaos Elfilis's Attacks - Phase 1  
Attack Description Variants Notes
Spatial Teleportation Ability
Chaos Elfilis teleports to different locations. It often teleports during certain attacks to throw Kirby off.
Chaos Elfilis swings its spear twice, three times or four times in front of itself. This attack can be used in combination with "Orbital Pulsar" or "Cumulative Pulsar."
This attack is always the first to come out, with a quick teleport before unleashing the first two strikes.
Chaos Elfilis may teleport before releasing its strikes.
Full Moon
Chaos Elfilis spins around in a circle with its spear out, causing mini shockwaves to appear around it.
Half Moon
Chaos Elfilis charges its spear tip, then throws two or three big crescent shots at Kirby which leave behind Dropped Stars in their wake. If three crescent shots are thrown, this will immediately be followed up with a "Geo Storm" attack.
Geo Storm
Chaos Elfilis strikes the ground with its spear, releasing flaming tornadoes similar to those of Morpho Knight's that spiral outward quickly. This attack is only used after three instances of the "Half Moon" attack. A geomagnetic storm is an event where disturbances in the Sun's corona release solar winds, resulting in significant turbulence in Earth's magnetic field.
Antares Meteor
Chaos Elfilis strikes the ground with its spear from a distance, causing a medium-sized shockwave around it and producing six Dropped Stars. Antares is the brightest star found in the Scorpius constellation. It's also the name of the spear Chaos Elfiis wields.[2]
Orbital Pulsar
Chaos Elfilis either flies to the horizon or to the center of the battlefield and creates several spear-shaped projectiles, and the phantom spears are launched towards Kirby one by one. There are three possible patterns to the spears. The first is an overhead pattern, the second is an underfoot pattern, and the third is a combination of the two. Pulsars are neutron stars that emit beams of electromagnetic radiation from their magnetic poles.
Cumulative Pulsar
Chaos Elfilis causes a ring of blade arrows to appear around Kirby and track him for a moment. After a while, they stop and then fly inward, leaving a ring of Dropped Stars in their wake.
Rosen Bridge Edge
Chaos Elfilis aims its spear straight, charges, and then dashes forward into a rift. It then emerges several times from subsequent rifts, charging at Kirby with each pass, finishing by creating a long line of Dropped Stars. "Einstein-Rosen bridge" is sometimes used to refer to a specific kind of hypothesized wormhole.
Kuiper Belt Wave
Chaos Elfilis opens a series of rifts and strikes the ground multiple times through them with its spear, causing medium-sized shockwaves to spread outward. It does this twice, on each side of the arena. The Kuiper belt is a giant accretion disc beyond Neptune, home to a complex population of asteroids and dwarf planets.
Antares Belt
Chaos Elfilis rushes towards Kirby with its spear head facing downwards, causing a momentary alteration to the battlefield.
Compared to Fecto Elfilis' equivalent attack, Chaos Elfilis strikes the ground much, much faster.
Chaos Elfilis flies high up and charges energy through its horns before unleashing a powerful beam that follows Kirby's movements.
If Kirby makes contact with the beam, he will be trapped and take massive damage.
The beam attack ends with a blast that creates a ring of Dropped Stars.
"Sol" means "sun" in various languages, most notably Latin and its descendants.
Second half only  
Chaos Elfilis creates a giant phantom duplicate of itself which swings its massive spear across the arena, creating a wave of debris in the process. Chaos Elfilis throws a set of light spears at Kirby during these attacks from afar. This attack is always the first to come out after its HP depletes to 40% or less. The giant-impact hypothesis refers to a possible theory on the formation of the Moon which suggests that an impact between Earth in its early years and a Mars-sized planet named Theia expelled particles that later accumulated to form the Moon.
Genome Repairs
Chaos Elfilis guards and makes copies of itself, adding a secondary blue health bar. In order to deplete the blue health bar (usually 600 HP), Kirby must attack the real version to deplete the blue health before the blue laser ring closes in on it.
Any blue health remaining at the end of this move will be added to Chaos Elfilis's normal health bar.
If Kirby manages to deplete all of the extra health, Chaos Elfilis will be momentarily stunned and lose 200 HP.
The real Chaos Elfilis has a shadow underneath itself shortly after it duplicates.
Defense values change from 1.0× to 3.0× depending on how long the attack has lasted since activation.
Genomes contain all of the genetic information present within a life-form.
Maser III
Chaos Elfilis flies high up and charges its spear before unleashing a powerful beam into a rift.
More rifts then open up that release the laser beam in a wave that slowly sweeps across the arena, with the last pass releasing Dropped Stars upon dissipating.
"Maser" is an acronym for "microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation" and is a longer-wavelength counterpart to the optical-wavelength laser ("light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"). Naturally occurring masers originate from a range of astrophysical environments rich in complex molecules, predominantly star-forming regions.
The combination of "III" (3) and "X" (10) may be intended as "30", referencing The Dream Discoveries Tour (and also Kirby's 30th anniversary by extension).
Maser X
Chaos Elfilis flies high up and charges its spear before unleashing a powerful beam into a rift.
More rifts then open up in cross patterns that fire the laser beams perpendicular to each other in various positions, with the last pass releasing Dropped Stars upon dissipating.
Shoemaker Levys
Chaos Elfilis opens a huge star-shaped dimensional rift in the sky, and six meteors fall towards the ground, which Kirby has to dodge. Each meteor creates a shockwave upon landing. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was a comet that crashed into Jupiter in 1994. By the time of impact, Jupiter had already disrupted the comet and torn it into over twenty fragments, as prior approaches had the comet passing within Jupiter's Roche limit.

Chaos Elfilis attacks in a random order for the first phase, though certain attacks will always come out at predetermined intervals.

Phase 2[edit]

The second form has 3000 HP. It will begin using "Deadly Sun Grazer" when its HP is 70% or below.[1] If its HP is still above 70% during the start of the "Double Double Star" attack, it will finish using it a total of three times before "Deadly Sun Grazer".

Unlike most bosses, the second form's HP is not locked, so if sufficient damage is made, "Deadly Sun Grazer" and anything afterwards can be skipped entirely.

The "Eternal Echo of the Thrilling Tour-our-our" music accompanies the start of the second phase. Once the boss reaches 70% of health or lower, the music will abruptly switch to the second half of "Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit" for the rest of the battle.

Chaos Elfilis's Attacks - Phase 2  
Attack Description Variants Notes
And Here We Are
Chaos Elfilis turns into a black hole, drawing Kirby in. If Kirby is captured, he will lose his copy ability (if he has one on hand) before being taken to a black void and damaged greatly before being spat out again. Like most instances of the Black Hole in other games, the attack cannot be guarded. Unlike in other games, after the attack draws to a close, it's possible for Kirby to recover his copy ability.
Chaos Elfilis always starts this phase with this attack.
Named after the voice clip that plays right before the attack goes off for the first time.
Double Double Star
Chaos Elfilis positions its orbs into two distinct spots, then shoots two laser pulses out of them toward Kirby's current position, creating a small blast and creating Dropped Stars. After firing three lasers, Chaos Elfilis will use three more lasers in quick succession, without any breaks in-between. This attack produces 5 Dropped Stars for each beam. Below 70% health, Chaos Elfilis will teleport to a different location before firing each beam.
If enough orbs are destroyed beforehand, either only one laser will fire or the attack will fail altogether.
A double star consists of a pair of stars that appear to be close to each other when viewed from Earth. The attack is specifically named after Epsilon Lyrae, also known as the "Double Double."
Blazar Cutter
Chaos Elfilis teleports to specific spots around the arena, and shoots out six red cutter blades laterally. These can be swallowed for the Cutter ability. It uses this attack three times initially and four times when at 70% health or lower, in both instances doing the last two in quick succession. Blazars are a type of galaxy powered by a humongous black hole and are among the brightest objects in the sky.
Planetarium Dream Tour
Chaos Elfilis arranges its orbs in a ring, and then starts shooting lasers out of them as it spins them around itself. Kirby can disarm these lasers by inhaling or attacking the orbs that are firing them. If enough orbs are struck during this attack, the attack will end early. The name is based off of the Japanese title of The Dream Discoveries Tour and planetariums, which are theaters that present educational films about astronomy.
Second half only  
Deadly Sun Grazer
Chaos Elfilis turns into a giant flaming meteor and then passes overhead, slamming into a hunk of floating debris. The debris falls onto the arena and creates steps which Kirby needs to use to avoid the subsequent charge attack. This attack happens two times. The charge attack cannot be guarded or dodged. Later instances of this attack skip the initial part where Chaos Elfilis flies into the debris. The name originates from the sungrazing comets that zoom by extremely close to the Sun.
Splash Roche
Chaos Elfilis splits into several smaller pieces and then rains down on Kirby as a rapid hailstorm.
This attack deals a lot of damage to Kirby's guard.
Named after the Roche limit, much like the music track.
Impact Pound
Chaos Elfilis starts bouncing around in the background, and then jumps high into the air, slamming into the arena and creating a giant shockwave with lightning bolts pulsing through it. This attack is used three times in a row, with more lightning bolts emanating from the shockwave during the third bounce. While the first two bounces are somewhat random, the third bounce will always be in the middle of where the previous two landed. Much like with the "Giant-Impact" move in phase 1, this attack is also named after the giant-impact hypothesis.

At the start of the second phase of the battle, Chaos Elfilis initially starts with "And Here We Are" before attacking in this fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Double Double Star
  2. Blazar Cutter
  3. Planetarium Dream Tour

When its HP gets below 70%, it abruptly starts with a "Deadly Sun Grazer" attack before attacking in a fixed order on loop as follows:

  1. Splash Roche
  2. Impact Pound
  3. Planetarium Dream Tour
  4. Blazar Cutter
  5. Double Double Star
  6. And Here We Are
  7. Deadly Sun Grazer
  8. Planetarium Dream Tour


  • Chaos Elfilis is the second true final boss to not feature the suffix "soul", after Void.
    • Like Void, the title might be chosen to show that it is above the power of a soul boss, as Chaos Elfilis is essentially a mixture of Soul Forgo, Morpho Knight, and countless other souls.
    • This may also be due to Soul Forgo being used as a fake-out for Morpho Knight.
  • Along with the other attacks inherited from previous soul bosses, Chaos Elfilis's "Maser III" and "Maser X" appear to reference Magolor's "Magolor Cannon Warp" (used in his second form and as Magolor Soul); in both cases, they fire a beam into a rift and proceed to make other rifts that transfer the beam through them.
  • A notable design difference between Fecto Elfilis and Chaos Elfilis is that Chaos Elfilis's eyes are concave (curved inward) rather than convex (curved outward). This means that, rather than following Kirby, their eyes will appear to follow the player instead. This can be seen even on their Figure. The same optical illusion is used for Star Dream.
  • The Colosseum timer disappears during the Chaos Elfilis battle, but the Attack/Speed Boost effect counter still runs, which can be used as a rough timer of this battle.
    • According to the Attack/Boost effect counter, the Colosseum timer still runs during the part when Kirby uses Dome Mouth to separate the second form.
    • If Kirby is sucked into the black hole by the second form, the Colosseum timer will still run even though the Attack/Speed Boost effect counter will pause.
  • Currently, the first form of Chaos Elfilis has the most health in any single non-shoot 'em up boss battle from the main series.
    • The second form has more health than any single battle of the soul/true final bosses. However, Void (with 2000 HP) has more durability due to his dynamic, constantly changing defense, whereas the second form of Chaos Elfilis has no added defense.


Phase 1[edit]

Phase 2[edit]

Finding the Light[edit]


Video gallery[edit]

Video playthrough of Kirby battling Chaos Elfilis.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魂沌こんとん新種しんじゅ カオス・エフィリス
Konton Shinju Kaosu Efirisu
New Species of Chaos, Chaos Efillis
魂沌 is a pun on 混沌 (chaos); the word is normally spelled with the characters for "mixed" and "uncertainty", but here, the word for "mixed" (混) is replaced with the word for "soul" (魂), which are both read as こん.
The same pun is used as Void Soul's Japanese title, which was translated into English as "Essence of Chaos".
Traditional Chinese 魂沌新物種 混沌·艾菲里斯
Húndùn Xīnwùzhǒng Hùndùn Aifēilǐsī
New Species of Chaos, Chaos Efillis
魂沌 (húndùn, soul chaos) is a pun on 混沌 (hùndùn, chaos), keeping the same wordplay as the Japanese and Korean versions.
  • 混沌 in Chinese mythology is a legendary faceless creature of chaos that existed before creation itself.
Simplified Chinese 魂沌新物种 混沌·艾菲里斯
Húndùn Xīnwùzhǒng Hùndùn Aifēilǐsī
Dutch Uit chaos geboren soort, Chaos-Elfilis From chaos born species, Chaos-Elfilis
French Espèce issue du chaos, Elfilis du chaos Species born from chaos, Elfilis of Chaos
German Chaos-Spross, Chaos-Elfilis Chaos-Scion, Chaos Elfilis
Italian Specie nata dal caos, Elfilis Caos Species born of chaos, Chaos Elfilis
Korean 혼돈신종 카오스 에피리스
Hondonsinjong Kaoseu Epiriseu
New Species of Chaos, Chaos Efillis
혼 can stand for two different Hanja, 魂 (soul) and 混 (mixed), potentially implying the same wordplay as the Japanese and Chinese versions.
Spanish Especie nacida del Caos, Elfilis del Caos Species born of chaos, Elfilis of Chaos


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