Dededestroyer Z

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Dededestroyer Z
Dededestroyer Z.jpg
Screenshot from Kirby: Battle Royale
Debut Game Kirby: Battle Royale
Weakness(es) Kirby clones
Similar to Robo Bonkers
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Dededestroyer Z is the final Boss of Dedede's Cake Royale, in Kirby: Battle Royale. It is a large robot that resembles King Dedede somewhat, and is piloted by the self-styled king. It consists of a control deck, an armored robe which protects the Kirby Printer nestled within, a hammer arm, and a crank arm which activates the printer. King Dedede pilots this robot as a last resort to defeat Kirby, and prevent him from winning his tournament.

Battle Overview

Kirby prepares to load a clone of himself into a cannon to fire at the robot.

The fight takes place in one long phase, inside a large mechanical room with a half-circle floor that Kirby can use. Every now and then, the robot produces a clone of Kirby, who will engage the original and try to slow him down. Meanwhile, the Dededestroyer Z will be attacking using an arsenal of weapons - most notably its hammer, which can pound the floor down to create temporary danger zones. Other weapons include a laser cannon, and a missile barrage that covers most of the area.

Kirby strikes the Dededestroyer Z repeatedly while it's down.

At first, Kirby has no means of damaging the Dededestroyer Z. Shortly into the fight, however, Bandana Waddle Dee appears on the scene and tosses a Cannon down to Kirby. Using the Kirby clones as ammunition, Kirby can then fire at the robot, which may stun it long enough for the pink hero to get some good swings in. Once the Dededestroyer Z is defeated, it breaks down, then explodes in quite a dramatic fashion, appropriately launching its pilot out through the roof, and destroying the Kirby Printer.


  • The name of the robot is a pun on 'Dedede'.
  • Dededestroyer Z's Vitality bar is shown at the top of the screen, and is filled with a pattern resembling the king's sash.