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Dededestroyer Z

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Dededestroyer Z
KBR Dededestroyer Z.png
Screenshot of Dededestroyer Z from Kirby Battle Royale.
First game Kirby Battle Royale (2017)
Weakness(es) Kirby clones
Similar to Robo Bonkers, Dedede Clones & D3
Theme music

Clip of Dededestroyer Z's Theme.

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I worked hard to put Dedede's Cake Royale together. It's my right to crush you in a one-on-one battle! There's NO way you're going to win, Kirby. You think you can take victory from ME?! Ha! I've got something special for you up my sleeve. Follow me, Kirby! Only ONE of us is a real winner. About time you see it's me.
— King Dedede in Kirby Battle Royale

Dededestroyer Z is the final Boss of Dedede's Cake Royale, in Kirby Battle Royale. It is a large robot that resembles King Dedede somewhat, and is piloted by the self-styled king. It consists of a control deck, an armored robe which protects the Kirby Printer nestled within, a hammer arm, and a crank arm which activates the printer. King Dedede pilots this robot as a last resort to defeat Kirby, and prevent him from winning his tournament.

The name of the robot is a pun on 'Dedede' and 'destroyer'.

Battle Overview[edit]

The fight takes place in one long phase, inside a large mechanical room with a half-circle floor that Kirby can use. The Dededestroyer Z's health bar is shown at the top of the screen, and is filled with a pattern resembling the king's sash. At first, Kirby has no means of damaging the Dededestroyer Z. Shortly into the fight, however, Bandana Waddle Dee appears on the scene and tosses a Cannon down to Kirby. Using the Kirby clones as ammunition, Kirby can then fire at the robot, which may stun it long enough for the pink hero to get some good swings in.

The following lists all of the Dededestroyer Z's attacks. Attack names are conjectural unless otherwise stated.

Dededestroyer Z attacks in Kirby Battle Royale  
Attack Description Notes
Kirby Printer King Dedede uses the Kirby Printer to spawn a Kirby clone into battle. Only clones of Fighter, Bomb and Tornado Kirby can be summoned in that exact order and only up to three can be in play at any given time. Every time the mech collapses on the ground and takes a set amount of damage, the number of clones that can be in play at once increases by one, starting from one clone up to a maximum of three clones.
Hammer Attack The Dededestroyer Z charges up while locking on to the real Kirby's positioning and then slamming down on the ground. A field of electricity is left behind where the hammer slammed down on the ground for a few seconds. If the cannon happens to be hit by the hammer, it will be un-usable for as long as the electric field is active.
Laser Cannon King Dedede charges up and, from left-to-right or right-to-left, fires a laser beam across ground-level, necessitating a jump and/or hover to dodge. This attack only starts being used after the Dededestroyer Z collapses to the ground once and suffers enough damage.
Missile Launcher A plethora of crosshairs appear on all but one or two spots of the arena. Shortly afterwards, Dedede gets the mech to fire exploding missiles at those exact spots. The real Kirby needs to dodge the attack by moving to the open spots where no missiles are locked-on. This attack only starts being used after the Dededestroyer Z collapses to the ground twice and suffers enough damage.

Once the Dededestroyer Z is defeated, it breaks down, then explodes in quite a dramatic fashion, appropriately launching its pilot out through the roof, and destroying the Kirby Printer.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

Kirby defeats the Dededestroyer Z

In the Kirby novel series, the Dededestroyer Z makes an appearance in Kirby's Decisive Battle! Battle Royale!!, where Tron proclaims to have invented it. After Kirby defeats King Dedede, he challenges Kirby to a second round at the top floor of the castle, where he enters the Dededestroyer Z. Dedede pulls a lever in the machine which activates the Kirby Printer, which was incorporated into the Dededestroyer Z, and creates Kirby copies. The Dededestroyer Z and the copies fight Kirby and overwhelm him. In order to help Kirby, Cron gifts Bandana Waddle Dee a cannon, which he brings to Kirby. Kirby loads the cannon with Kirby copies and shoots them at the Dededestroyer Z, which staggers the machine. Dedede starts to panic and push random buttons, accidentally knocking out a Kirby copy. Kirby blasts the Dededestroyer Z with Ninja's pyrotechnics and the machine collapses and falls into a deep hole.


  • Near the end of the battle, it will only take one Kirby clone fired for the Dededestroyer Z to be stunned. This is likely done so that Kirby can finish the Dededestroyer Z while it's stunned.
    • It is still possible to deal the final blow with a fired Kirby clone regardless.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デデ・デデデンゼット
dede dededen zetto
でんでん (Denden) describes the sound of something being pounded, as in a drum.
This is likely to be a reference to the Japanese name for Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe, デデデ大王だいおうのデデデでデンゼット (dedede daiō no dedede de den zetto).
Canadian French Dadidouleur Z Portmanteau of Roi Dadidou (King Dedede's French name) and "douleur" (pain)
European French DaDiDouleur Z Portmanteau of Roi DaDiDou (King Dedede's French name) and "douleur" (pain)
German Dededemolierer Z Dededemolisher Z
Italian Dededistruttore Z Dededestroyer Z
Korean 디디디디쿵Z
didididikung jeteu
쿵 (Kung) describes the sound of a heavy landing, like "boom" or "thud".
This is likely to be a reference to the Korean name for Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe, 대왕 디디디로 쿵쿵 Z (daewang dididiro kungkung jeteu).
Spanish Dededestructor Z Dededestroyer Z