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Ice Cream Island

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Ice Cream Island

KA Ice Cream Island intro screenshot.png

KNiDL Ice Cream Island opening screenshot.png

A portion of the opening cutscene for Ice Cream Island.
Boss Paint Roller
Arena Mr. Frosty (Freeze)
Museum Laser & Fire
Minigame(s) Kirby's Adventure

Egg Catcher Lvl. 1
Egg Catcher Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)
Crane Fever Lvl. 1
Crane Fever Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby's Air Grind Lvl. 1
Kirby's Air Grind Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)
Bomb Rally Lvl. 1
Bomb Rally Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)

Secret Switches No
Theme music

Clips of the Ice Cream Island level theme.

Level order
Vegetable Valley Butter Building
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Ice Cream Island is the second level in Kirby's Adventure, and subsequently, its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. This level has six primary stages, with its boss being Paint Roller. The museum Copy Abilities of this level are Laser and Fire, and the Arena mid-boss of this level is Mr. Frosty. In Kirby's Adventure, Kirby can play the sub-games Egg Catcher and Crane Fever in this level; in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, they have been replaced by Kirby's Air Grind and Bomb Rally.

Intro cutscene[edit]

Before entering the hub for the first time, a brief cutscene plays adorned in a cyan (indigo in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) frame with the level's name overhead in the scene. The scene portrays Kirby reclining in a folding chair on a grassy cliff-side overlooking a tropical beach, wearing a pair of sunglasses and with a fruity beverage aside the chair. While visibly daydreaming of various sweets, a Waddle Doo appears from one of his thought clouds and strikes him with a hammer before disappearing. Having been knocked off of the chair and losing his shades, Kirby looks around frantically for the source of the blow he just received, but finds nothing as the scene fades to white.


Ice Cream Island amps up the difficulty from the previous level by featuring longer stages with more environmental hazards to contend with. Bottomless pits become increasingly common, though most of them are found at the bottom of large pools of water, making them easier to avoid. A good majority of the stages take place in and around the ocean, with plenty of tropical walkways, pools of water, cave systems (many of which are flooded) and a few trips to sandy dunes and cloud tops. Enemies begin to become more numerous and aggressive, with a good many standing in Kirby's way up in the clouds of Stage 5, as well as in the water.

In Stage 3, Kirby faces off against the Meta-Knights for the first time. These encounters will continue with some regularity in subsequent stages until Kirby confronts their leader at the end of Orange Ocean.


The hub of Ice Cream Island begins in a rather cramped area, but opens up both upward and to the right as stages are cleared. Access to the first sub-game (Egg Catcher in Kirby's Adventure and Kirby's Air Grind in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) is granted after clearing Stage 1. Access to the second sub-game (Crane Fever in Kirby's Adventure and Bomb Rally in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) is granted after clearing Stage 2. Access to the Museum (which contains Fire and Laser) is granted after clearing Stage 3. Lastly, access to the Arena (versus Mr. Frosty) is granted after clearing Stage 4.

The hub itself opens up to reveal a large ocean scene, with the stage doors located on floating walkways and stranded islands in the water. At the right end is a large castle where the door to Stage 6 can be found.


Each stage is unlocked in succession after clearing the previous one. Clearing Stage 6 is necessary to move on to Butter Building. For more information about a particular stage, click on the link to the stage's page in the table.

Stage Mid-Boss(es) Big Switch? Notes
No No
Grand Wheelie No
Meta-Knights No
Mr. Tick-Tock No
No No
No No Kirby fights the level boss, Paint Roller.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Aisukurīmu Airando
Ice Cream Island
French Île du Sorbet (Kirby's Adventure)
Île Crème Glacée (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Sorbet Island
Ice Cream Island
German Insel der Gnome (Kirby's Adventure)
Sahneeiseiland (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)
Island of Gnomes
Ice Cream Island
Italian Isola Gelato Ice Cream Island
Korean 아이스크림 아일랜드[1][2]
aiseukeulim aillaendeu
Ice Cream Island
Spanish Isla del Helado Ice Cream Island