Ice Cream Island

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Ice Cream Island
Kirby relaxing at Ice Cream Island.
Boss Paint Roller
Arena Mr. Frosty (Freeze)
Museum Laser & Fire
Minigame(s) Kirby's Adventure

Egg Hatcher Lvl. 1
Crane Fever Lvl. 1

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Kirby's Air Grind Lvl. 1
Kirby's Air Grind Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)
Bomb Rally Lvl. 1
Bomb Rally Lvl. 3 (Extra Game)

Secret Switches Xmark.png
Level theme
The main theme of Ice Cream Island, which plays in most stages (Nightmare in Dream Land).
World Order
Vegetable Valley Butter Building
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Ice Cream Island is the second level in Kirby's Adventure, and subsequently, its remake, Nightmare in Dream Land. This level has five stages, with its boss being Paint Roller. The museum Copy Abilities of this level are Laser and Fire, and the Arena mid-boss of this level is Mr. Frosty. In Kirby's Adventure, Kirby can play the sub-games Egg Catcher and Crane Fever in this level; in Nightmare in Dream Land, they have been replaced by Kirby's Air Grind and Bomb Rally.

The intro cutscene shows Kirby relaxing on a lounger imagining all the sweets he could possibly think of. However one of those dreams include a Waddle Doo hitting him on the head with the hammer. Kirby actually felt it himself! He drops his sunglasses and looks around but no one is there!


Stage Big Switch? Notes
Stage 1 Xmark.png
Stage 2 Xmark.png
Stage 3 Xmark.png
Stage 4 Xmark.png
Stage 5 Xmark.png
Stage 6 - Paint Roller Xmark.png Kirby fights the world boss, Paint Roller.