Tilt bowl

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A tilt bowl from Fine Fields.

A tilt bowl[conjectural title] is an object, first appearing in Kirby: Triple Deluxe which can be found in a few areas and is used to pour water on whatever happens to be nearby.

A tilt bowl is largely a clear glass bowl with a star emblem on the front and a gold or silver crest adorning its underside. It is always full of water when it is first encountered, and Kirby or King Dedede can jump inside it to pour the water out on to whatever object is nearby. To tilt the bowl, the player has to tilt the 3DS system in the appropriate direction.

A tilt bowl only appears in a few areas, and is not at all difficult to use, making its appearance little more than cosmetic. If somehow Kirby tilts the wrong direction, and doesn't do what he needs to with the water, the tilt bowl will reappear completely filled again.