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Boss InfoBox
Morpho Knight Splash.jpg
Splash image of Morpho Knight in Kirby Star Allies
Debut Game Kirby Star Allies
Other Game(s) Kirby GCN (canceled)
Relative(s) Galacta Knight
Similar to Meta Knight
Dark Meta Knight
Parallel Meta Knight
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Morpho Knight is a surprise boss who made its debut in Kirby Star Allies at the end of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!. It is also fought in The Ultimate Choice starting from the sixth difficulty level.

In Guest Star The Three Mage-Sisters and The Ultimate Choice's Soul Melter EX difficulty, Morpho Knight EX is fought instead.


Morpho Knight is a masked swordsman created as a result of the Butterfly fusing with Galacta Knight. Like Galacta Knight (and Meta Knight), Morpho Knight has a Kirby-like body shape, but is completely black with white eyes and pauldrons, and yellow gloves and boots. Despite having gloves and shoulder pads, it has no visible arms, similar to Sir Kibble and Blade Knight. Its red mask and wings have a butterfly motif to them. It also carries a serrated red sword which it can split in two when necessary. It primarily utilizes fire as its element of choice in combat.

In the Japanese and the Chinese versions of Kirby Star Allies, VS Morpho Knight text describes that it is brought into existence by resonating with the pleas for life from the underworld.[1][2][3] What happens to Galacta Knight after their fusion is unknown.

Morpho Knight EX is the form when the power it has received from Galacta Knight has grown greater and eventually becomes its own, which is only mentioned in the Japanese and the Chinese versions.[4][5][6] Morpho Knight EX has a much darker color scheme and its eyes are red instead.

Boss Battle

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Morpho Knight has 13800 HP in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!, and 9200 HP in The Ultimate Choice, respectively.

Morpho Knight fights very similarly to Meta Knight in Kirby Star Allies and Galacta Knight from previous titles. His main repertoire includes sword slashes, guards, teleports and flying maneuvers. His attacks can also throw out waves of fire which can be tough to dodge.

Similar to the Meta Knight boss battle in Star Allies, Morpho Knight's sword-based attacks can be interrupted by the Sword ability (including Friends like Blade Knight, Meta Knight and Dark Meta Knight), which creates a sword clashing effect and stuns him for a while.

When Morpho Knight's health is below 60%, he enters the second phase (he takes 0.2× damage during phase shifting). Now he can split his sword in two, and use a wider variety of big attacks which cover a large portion of the screen. He can also charm Friends and turn them against Kirby & other allies with sound waves.

When Morpho Knight is defeated, he gracefully disintegrates into a cloud of red butterflies and vanishes.

The following lists all of Morpho Knight's attacks. Attacks in red are used during the second phase only.

Morpho Knight's Attacks in Kirby Star Allies  
Attack Description
Backhand Slash Morpho Knight performs a backhand slash.
  • Guard does not fully prevent this attack's damage.
Backhand Slash - Triple Slash Morpho Knight performs a backhand slash followed by Triple Slash.
  • Guard does not fully prevent this attack's damage.
Hyper Rush - Crescent Shot Morpho Knight performs a multithrust and then fires a crescent-shaped energy wave.
  • Guard does not fully prevent multithrust's damage.
  • Crescent Shot can be reflected by Dark Meta Knight's specific attacks.
Triple Crescent Shot Morpho Knight fires 3 Crescent Shots in a row.
Aerial Crescent Shot Morpho Knight jumps and fires 2 Crescent Shots at the same time.
Glide Sword Morpho Knight glides while thrusting his sword, similar to Meta Knight's same attack as a boss.
  • Guard does not fully prevent this attack's damage.
Down Thrust Morpho Knight jumps and thrusts down his sword, leaving two stars on impact.
  • Guard does not fully prevent this attack's damage.
Morpho Knight requires charging to use this attack, similar to Meta Knight's same attack as a boss.
  • Morpho Knight takes 0.4× damage during the Tornado attack.

After releasing his charge, he stabs his sword into the ground to summon giant red tornado(es) that travel across the stage.

  • In the first phase, one tornado is summoned.
  • In the second phase, multiple tornadoes are summoned, the number of which depends on how many allies are in the battle.

If the allies are hit by the tornado, they will be thrown into the air and take damage when crashing onto the ground.

  • The tornadoes cannot be guarded.
  • The tornadoes ignore the allies' invincibility frames, e.g. Stone and attacks like Sword's Drill Stab will fail to dodge the tornadoes.
Upper Calibur Morpho Knight requires charging to use this attack.

After releasing his charge, he dashes and performs an upper slash, which cannot be guarded. (He may teleport before dashing.)
If the upper slash connects to any allies, he will then perform a multi-slash combo to them in midair.
If the allies avoid the upper slash, Morpho Knight will end this attack.

Sukhavati Underworld Beast
Morpho Knight requires charging to use this attack.

After releasing his charge, he summons red ghosts that travel slowly in a wave pattern. This leaves three stars in front of him.

  • In the first phase, multiple small ghosts are summoned.
  • In the second phase, a giant ghost is summoned. Then, Morpho Knight flies to the other end of the stage to summon another one.
Sukhavati Scale Wave
Morpho Knight releases sound waves with his wings. Each sound wave drop two stars. If any ally is hit by the sound wave, they will be turned against other allies. This can be undone by tossing a Friend Heart at the affected ally.
  • Guard does not fully prevent this attack's damage.
  • In the first phase, he releases one sound wave.
  • In the second phase, he releases several sound waves in a row, teleporting to different locations of the stage.
Sukhavati Underworld-King Slash Flash
Morpho Knight always begins with this attack in the second phase.

He teleports to the center of the stage and splits his sword into two. He takes 0.4× damage when splitting his swords.
First, he teleports to one end of the stage and swings his now enlarging sword.
Then, he teleports to the other end and performs another giant slash.
Finally, he teleports back to the center and slashes to both sides with dual swords. After that, they merge back into one sword.

Every slash leaves four stars on impact. Under him is the safety zone where the slashes can't hit the allies.
Morpho Knight may perform this attack again later if he still has any health left.

Sukhavati (極楽), or the Western Paradise, refers to the western pure land of Amitābha in Mahayana Buddhism.


Morpho Knight's Theme

Morpho Knight's Theme (title unknown yet) is composed by Hirokazu Ando and can be found as Track 173 in Kirby Star Allies Jukebox as of Version 4.0.0.

This track features keyboard, piano and notable use of bass guitar. Morpho Knight's Theme resembles "Vs. Meta Knight" from Kirby Super Star in some manner but they have different melodies and time signature (Morpho Knight: 4/4; Meta Knight: 5/8).

Dream Friend music change

During Morpho Knight battle in Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! and Soul Melter difficulty of The Ultimate Choice, if 1P is a Dream Friend, The Divine Terminus stage, in which Morpho Knight is fought, features a different background, and Morpho Knight's theme is replaced by new music remixes.

Dream Friend Tracks for Morpho Knight Battle (Version 4.0.0)  
1P Dream Friend Jukebox Track No. Title Arrangement From Arranged by
King Dedede
Meta Knight
Bandana Waddle Dee
174 Vs. Nightmare (Wizard Form) Kirby's Adventure Jun Ishikawa
Rick & Kine & Coo 175 Medley: Kirby's Dream Land 2 Hirokazu Ando
Marx 176 Vs. Marx (Meddlesome Marx) Kirby Super Star Jun Ishikawa
Gooey 177 Vs. Dark Matter (Hyper Zone 1) Kirby's Dream Land 3 Hirokazu Ando
Adeleine & Ribbon 178 Medley: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Hirokazu Ando
Dark Meta Knight 179 Medley: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Yuta Ogasawara
Daroach 180 Squeak Squad Appears! Kirby: Squeak Squad Jun Ishikawa
Magolor 181 Medley: Kirby's Return to Dream Land Hirokazu Ando
Taranza 182 Medley: Kirby: Triple Deluxe Hirokazu Ando
Susie 183 Medley: Kirby: Planet Robobot Hirokazu Ando
The Three Mage-Sisters 195 Vs. The Three Mage-Sisters (Second Phase; original track) Kirby Star Allies Hirokazu Ando


  • Morpho Knight was originally a boss for the canceled title Kirby GCN.[7] Its concept art can be found on Meta Knight's page in the booklet from Kirby's Dream Collection. In its original design, Morpho Knight wields a different-looking sword.
    • Given this connection to Meta Knight, Morpho Knight's English name can be seen as a pun, as both names fit into the word 'meta-morpho-sis' and follow each-other.
  • Morpho Knight's infernal filename is called "Bknight" (B comes from the first letter of its Japanese name) or "SecretHades".
  • Before fusing with Galacta Knight, the Butterfly resembles the recurring one in many cutscenes of the Kirby series games, leaving speculations on the relationship between these butterflies.
  • Morpho Knight's dual sword attack shares the last two kanji of Galacta Knight's "dimensional rift laser" attack from Kirby: Planet Robobot.
    • Galacta Knight: 時界大斬閃 Time-Border Great Slash Flash
    • Morpho Knight: 極楽冥王斬閃 Sukhavati Underworld-King Slash Flash
  • Morpho Knight is one of the few bosses in the Kirby series that can convert Kirby's allies into enemies during the battle. The others include Void Termina's Final Core (Phase 4) and Void Soul.
  • Morpho Knight EX's Japanese caption, 災来する黒き極蝶, can be literally translated as "Disaster Bringer Black Butterfly Returns" (災来 being a pun of 災 disaster and 再来 return). This format is shared by Francisca, Flamberge and Zan Partizanne in their Story Mode 2nd battle captions, in which 災来する— (lit. "Disaster Bringer XXX Returns" is localized as "Bringer of XXX" in the English version.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルフレイナイト
Barufurei Naito
Derived from English words:
  • バタフライ (butterfly)
  • バルキリー (valkyrie)
  • フレイム (flame)
Traditional Chinese 冥蝶騎士
míng dié qí shì
Underworld Butterfly Knight
Simplified Chinese 冥蝶骑士
míng dié qí shì


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