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Kirby's Dream Land Level InfoBox
Green Greens intro.jpg
Kirby appears on the scene in the opening cut-scene for Green Greens.
Boss Whispy Woods
Mid-Bosses Poppy Bros. Sr.
World Order
First World Castle Lololo -->
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The theme for Green Greens.

Green Greens is the first stage of Kirby's Dream Land as well as its shorter remake, Spring Breeze, which is part of Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra. Its boss is Whispy Woods.


Kirby is chasing some butterflies, but the wind sends both Kirby and the butterflies tumbling away.

Game Appearances

Kirby's Dream Land

Green Greens is the first stage of Kirby's Dream Land, and introduces numerous mechanics, enemies, items, and aesthetics that would be reused over and over again throughout the Kirby series. The music of this stage has also become iconic, to the point where it features in some capacity in nearly every game in the series.

The level itself is characterized with a natural feel, with grasslands, forests, and hollow trees. Poppy Bros. Sr. makes his first appearance here as a Mid-Boss, and Whispy Woods likewise debuts here as the level boss.

Full Level Synopsis

For the sake of clarity, the level synopsis has been divided into sections. A section is an area of the level connected to other areas by means of doorways, Warp Star flights, or any other means of transitioning to a different screen.

Section 1: The level, and the game, begins in a flat grassy field with numerous hills and clouds in the background. There are no immediate obstacles, and Kirby will find the path forward to the right. As he does so, he will eventually encounter two Waddle Dees walking toward him. Touching them will hurt Kirby, so he has to either avoid them, or deal with them in some way. He can jump or hover over them, Inhale one and spit it into the other, or do any other of his techniques as appropriate. Kirby's starting Vitality of six Hit Points means that he can survive these Waddle Dees crashing into him, but that is not an optimal strategy for dealing with the many other enemies up ahead, as will be seen very shortly.

Just after these two, a small divet in the path leads upward, past another Waddle Dee and a Twizzy, a flying enemy who can get in the way of Kirby while he hovers. The path continues to the right past more enemies and bumps in the terrain. All of the enemies here can be swallowed or dispatched using stars and puffs of air. After leaping over a large hill, Kirby will come across two Cappies guarding a black doorway with the word 'In' over it. The Cappy is not defeated simply by inhaling it once, that only removes its hat, but Kirby can spit the hat right back at it to defeat it that way. Once the doorway is cleared, Kirby can enter it to find a small hollowed room containing two Energy Drinks. These are restorative items, each recovering two of Kirby's lost hit points. This cannot, however, be used to give Kirby more than six hit points. Using it at max vitality will do nothing. Kirby can exit the room by using the white frame representing the door he entered to return to the main path.

The path continues right from the door, up another hill, and over a bottomless pit. Kirby should take care not to fall in here, because doing so will cause him to lose all of his hit points, and subsequently, one of his Extra Lives. Should Kirby miss the jump and fall in, he can quickly puff up and float out of the hole if he acts fast enough. He is only knocked out if he falls all the way to the bottom, past the grey line. Seeing that grey line is essential in telling whether the hole is a bottomless pit, or just a path to a lower area. From there, many more enemies are encountered, some of which move fairly quickly. Once Kirby has passed them, he will find a spinning star at the edge of a cliff. The camera will scroll no further, so Kirby must jump on this Warp Star to proceed to the next area. Once Kirby jumps on, the star takes him careening further right, over a large chasm. Eventually, a forest area can be seen in the background, which the Warp Star will fly toward.

Section 2 (Mid-Boss: Poppy Bros. Sr.): The Warp Star crashes with Kirby into a flat area with the canopy of a tree visible to the right. However, a large enemy is blocking his way, making it impossible for him to move forward. This enemy is Poppy Bros. Sr., a Mid-Boss who must be defeated. His vitality is displayed above Kirby's as a series of squares next to a black face-like icon. In this case, he has three hit points, meaning he must be hit that many times to be defeated. Due to his size, he cannot be inhaled or swallowed, nor will air puffs hurt him. In order to defeat him, Kirby must swallow the bombs he throws, then spit them back at him as stars. After he explodes from the third hit, Kirby will be allowed to move to the right again. This leads to a forest, where more small enemies will appear to harass him. Eventually, he will come across a pair of grey blocks with stars on them. These are Star Blocks, and, although they are not enemies, can be inhaled and spat out, or destroyed with stars and air puffs. Kirby can thus use these as ammunition, along with the enemies he can swallow. The path continues right from there past even more enemies until it reaches a dead end. Another door can be found here, situated against a tree trunk, which Kirby will need to take to reach the next section of the level.

Section 3: The door leads to the interior of the trunk, which has been hollowed out into a chamber with many floors and platforms set therein. Kirby cannot take the doorway back out, as he isn't meant to. From here, he will need to make his way upward. To the right are some light-colored platforms that appear to be blocking the way up. However, these platforms, known formally as soft or fall-through platforms, will allow Kirby to jump through them, and then stand on top of them. He can also pass through them from above by crouching, then jumping. From there, after felling a Grizzo, Kirby will find another such platform, but he cannot reach it without puffing up and floating first. This will be true for the next couple of platforms as well. Near the top, the path continues upward past a trio of enemies. A star Block wall can be seen to the right below them, but it does not lead anywhere special. Further up, another star block wall can be seen on the left side, but this time, it is guarding another food item, the Maxim Tomato. This item, when touched, will restore all of Kirby's lost hit points, no matter how much damage he has taken. As is well known by Kirby fans, these tomatoes are the little puffball's favorite snack. One more soft platform must be passed before Kirby can reach the top. This one however is being patrolled by a Waddle Dee, so Kirby should take caution when ascending. The door to the next section can be found just above him, guarded by two more enemies.

Section 4 (Boss: Whispy Woods): The door leads back outside, where Kirby will find himself on a wooden platform with a small hole in it. The path does not scroll to the right, so he will have to head down the hole to progress. From there, another wooden platform needs to be passed in the same way, causing him to fall a long way down, until he lands in a flat grassy area with a large tree to the right. This tree has a face, and at first it may seem friendly, but it is in fact the Boss of Green Greens, the infamous Whispy Woods. This is made evident when his health bar appears above Kirby's. Unlike Poppy Sr., Whispy has six hit points. Unlike most enemies, however, touching him will not hurt Kirby directly. Instead, Whispy has two attacks, which he will deploy in an irregular pattern. He can either open his mouth and blow out puffs of air to hurt Kirby with, or he can cause apples to appear in his canopy, which then fall and hit Kirby as well. Only the apples can be swallowed, meaning that spitting them at Whispy is the only way to hurt him. Once he is defeated, he adopts a sad expression and will cease fighting. From there, a special item appears in the middle of the area. This is one of the Sparkling Stars, which Kirby needs to collect in order to finish his adventure. Collecting it causes him to split into three copies, and do a nice little dance. From there, the next level, Castle Lololo begins.

Enemies and Bosses in Green Greens

Regular Enemies in Green Greens Bosses in Green Greens


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Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra

In Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Green Greens appears as the first part of the Spring Breeze stage, which is a remake of Kirby's Dream Land. The basic layout of Green Greens remains the same, but it is much shorter and contains enemies that could not be found in the original version.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities in Green Greens

Regular Enemies in Green Greens Bosses in Green Greens


Abilities in Green Greens

Super Smash Bros. series

Green Greens, as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Green Greens appears as Kirby's main stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Whispy Woods appears at the center of the stage, and may blow either left or right at any time, blowing characters in that direction. He also occasionally drops apples, which may be used as a projectile or eaten to recover health. The level consists of two thin platforms, floating in midair above the main ground platform. There are two shorter platforms floating left and right of the main platform, and Star Blocks and bomb blocks fall into the gaps between these platforms. The stage reappears as an unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is unchanged from its appearance in Melee. The stage can be unlocked by playing 20 Vs. matches against Kirby.


Despite the stage itself only appearing in two original games, its theme song has been reused in almost every game since and is the second most recurring track in the series, being beaten out only by King Dedede's theme. It's considered the main theme of the Kirby series and has been mostly unchanged since its debut. However, since Super Smash Bros. Melee, the theme has been extended much like Dedede's, now incorporating parts of Kirby Super Star's main theme.[1]