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SSU MWW Skyhigh Entry.jpg
Planet Skyhigh on the map screen in Kirby Super Star Ultra
Main game Milky Way Wishes
Mid-boss(es) Poppy Bros. Sr.
Boss Kracko
Copy Essence Deluxe(s) Jet, Wheel, Wing
Theme music

no music given

Level order
Aquarius Hotbeat
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Wind Planet Skyhigh is one of the planets which Kirby can visit in Milky Way Wishes, in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). It is a planet dominated by cloudscapes and flying enemies, with Kracko serving as its Boss. Skyhigh is home to three Copy Essence Deluxes. These are Jet, Wheel and Wing.


The stage begins with a long fly-in past cloud layers before Kirby lands on a cloud floor with the door just to the right.

The next area is a long cloud walkway which has many enemies, Star Blocks, and a Fuse Cannon along the way. The primary door forward is all the way to the right, though there are a few optional rooms to visit.

From there, Kirby finds himself in a small room with a Parasol Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo floating down. There are three doors to take, which lead to different small rooms with different enemies and items inset, and various numbers of doors of their own. The quickest way to proceed to the boss fight from the first room is to take the doors as follows: right, right, middle.

Copy Essence Deluxe guide[edit]

The following is a basic guide on how to reach each Copy Essence Deluxe on Planet Skyhigh:

  • Jet - Along the path in the first large area, Kirby must find a Star Block in the ceiling and move past it to reach a doorway. The room on the other side holds this essence.
  • Wheel - Further down the path in the first large area, Kirby must light a fuse and hop into the Cannon up ahead to get launched to a room with this essence in it.
  • Wing - Once Kirby arrives in the first room with multiple doorways, he must take the following route to get to this essence most quickly; right, middle, left, middle.

Enemies, mid-boss, and boss[edit]

Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability (using Copy) Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability (using Copy) Sprite (KSS/Ultra) Name Copy Ability (using Copy)
KSSBomber.png BomberSSU.png Bomber Crash KSSMotoShotzo.png Motoshotzo.png Moto Shotzo None KSSSirKibble.png SirkibbleSSU.png Sir Kibble Cutter
KSSBrontoBurt.png BrontoburtSSU.png Bronto Burt None KSSNoddy.png NoddySSU.png Noddy Sleep KSSTookey.png TookySSU.png Tookey None
KSSCapsuleJ.png Capsulej2SSU.png Capsule J/Capsule J2 Jet KSSParasol.png Parasol Parasol KSSTwizzy.png TwizzySSU.png Twizzy None
KSSChilly.png ChillySSU.png Chilly Ice KSSPoppyBrosJr.png PoppyjrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Jr. Cutter or none KSSWaddleDee.png DeeSSU.png Waddle Dee None
KSSGordo.png GordoSSU.png Gordo N/A Scarfy KSS sprite.png ScarfySSU.png Scarfy Crash KSSWaddleDoo.png DooSSU.png Waddle Doo Beam
KSSGrizzo.png GrizzoSSU.png Grizzo None KSSShotzo.png ShotzoSSU.png Shotzo N/A KSSWheelie.png WheelieSSU.png Wheelie Wheel
Image (KSS/SSU) Name Copy Ability (using Copy)
KSSPoppyBrosSr.png PoppysrSSU.png Poppy Bros. Sr. Bomb
Image (KSS) Name Copy Ability (using Copy)
Super Star Kracko Sprite.png Kracko Beam (from Waddle Doos)

Boss: Kracko[edit]

Kirby clashes with a familiar nimbus foe.
Main article: Kracko

Kracko is encountered at the end of the stage, in an area which looks practically identical to the one in Spring Breeze. This boss's attack pattern is exactly the same as before, conjuring Waddle Doos and shooting out beams and lightning bolts, though he has more stamina than before. Defeating Kracko completes the stage.

The Milky Way in Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
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