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Yogurt Yard - Stage 7

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Yogurt Yard - Stage 7
KNiDL Heavy Mole battle.png
Kirby waits under a passing projectile while chasing Heavy Mole (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land).
Level Yogurt Yard
Big Switch No
Theme music

Clips of the music that plays in Yogurt Yard - Stage 7

Stage order
Yogurt Yard - Stage 6 Orange Ocean - Stage 1
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Yogurt Yard - Stage 7 is the final stage of Yogurt Yard in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. This stage pits Kirby against Heavy Mole, whom Kirby must defeat to obtain the fifth piece of the Star Rod and advance to the next level; Orange Ocean.


Main article: Heavy Mole

The stage begins in a tunnel, which dead-ends at the position of the boss Kirby must contend with, the robotic Heavy Mole. As the fight begins, Heavy Mole kicks into life and starts digging the tunnel ahead using its extendable digging arms. Heavy Mole moves slowly, but in a somewhat random way, moving up and down unpredictably and carving more of the tunnel as it moves along. Kirby has to keep up, lest he fall into a bottomless pit below or get crushed against the moving frame. On a regular basis, Heavy Mole shoots out missiles from behind. Kirby can inhale these to fire them back as ammunition, or swallow them for an ability, though he should be careful not to swallow the red ones.

Once Heavy Mole is defeated, it explodes and vanishes. After a moment, Kirby is moved to an open area where he can collect the fifth piece of the Star Rod. Once collected, Kirby dances, then moves on to the hub of Orange Ocean.