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Waddle Dee
Waddle Dee Kirby Portal 3D.png
Artwork of Waddle Dee from the Kirby Portal website.
First game Kirby's Dream Land
Latest game Super Kirby Clash (in various forms)
Other game(s) All
Copy Ability None
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Waddle Dees are a species of very peaceful creatures that are a common sight in Dream Land, in the wider Popstar region, and on many other planets. Named for their waddling gait, Waddle Dees are about the same size as Kirby and have a roughly spherical red-orange body, fingerless flaps for arms and two feet which are typically yellow. Their faces are tan and consist of two dark brown eyes, florid cheeks, and no mouth or nose. While most Waddle Dees are orange or red, there also are green, yellow, blue or golden Waddle Dees to be found.

Overall, Waddle Dees are depicted as peaceful denizens of Dream Land that seldom fight actively. Their name is probably derived from their behavior, since they usually just waddle around in levels and leap in the air occasionally, neither paying attention to, nor actively attacking Kirby. While they are generally considered harmless, they usually damage Kirby if they run into him or if he touches them. Many, but not all Waddle Dees seem to have affiliated themselves with King Dedede. Those Waddle Dees show a great amount of respect and loyalty towards their leader. King Dedede often employs them as servants, soldiers, and guards. The most loyal of these is Bandana Waddle Dee, named after his blue bandana, who also happens to be friends with Kirby.

Waddle Dees first appeared in the game Kirby's Dream Land, making them some of the oldest enemies to be found in the whole Kirby series. They have subsequently reappeared in one form or another in every game in the series, becoming arguably just as iconic as Kirby himself. Waddle Dees may be compared to the Goomba species from the Mario franchise as both are considered to be common, ubiquitous, basic enemies who may be found in many roles and varieties, and have individual stand-out members.


Varieties of Waddle Dee

Being arguably the most ubiquitous creatures in the Kirby series, Waddle Dees come in many varieties, and can be seen in many different roles and contexts. Some Waddle Dees can carry on more than one of these roles at a time. These are as follows:

Distinguished Waddle Dees

The following Waddle Dees are noteworthy as individuals in the series, and usually have some article of clothing to distinguish themselves from others:

Relatives of Waddle Dee

These creatures are not Waddle Dees (arguably), but are very similar in look and/or behavior (and may be biologically related):

  • Waddle Doo - A creature with a similar body shape and behavior to Waddle Dees, but has a face consisting only of a large singular eye and a couple eyelashes. They fire a beam whip from its eye, and provide the Beam ability when swallowed. Parasol-wielding variants also exist.
  • Key Dee - Similar in look to a Waddle Dee and is usually gold in color, bearing special face markings and a monkey's tail. They are usually seen carrying something of value, whether that be a Key, a Battery, or another item. Also known as Key Dee or Carry Dee.
  • Batamon - A pink creature who behaves like a Waddle Dee, but looks more like Kirby. It is debatable whether these creatures are related to Kirby or not.
  • N-Z - A dark grey creature made by Dark Matter. It looks and acts similarly to a Waddle Dee, though it has pointy ears and no arms.
  • Yarn Waddle Dee - These yarn duplicates of Waddle Dee were created by Yin-Yarn. They can be defeated easily using the yarn whip.
  • Beanbon - A seedling creature which acts similarly to Waddle Dees.
  • Horror Tramp - A ghostly creature who behaves much like a Waddle Dee. They are sometimes invisible, being seen only by looking at them through a mirror.
  • Cotta - A small clay creature created by Claycia. It can be found in a number of different roles and varieties.
  • Haltworker - An employee of the Haltmann Works Company who can be seen wielding Spark pistols, and piloting Invader Armor.
  • Labotory - Lab tech personnel for the Haltmann Works Company who wear scuba-like suits and wield flails in combat.
  • Jaharbeliever - Strange creatures which follow Jammerjab and serve Jambandra in Kirby Star Allies.

Game Appearances

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Kirby's Dream Land

Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land & Kirby's Adventure.

Waddle Dees make their first appearance in the game Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. Like in most of the games to follow this installment, they are depicted as one of the weakest types of enemies, possessing no means to attack Kirby other than to accidentally bump into him, though they do move more erratically in the Extra Game. The Parasol-wielding variant of the Waddle Dee is also first seen in this game, using its parasol as a parachute to glide down to the ground; as the game contains no Copy Abilities, however, they do not yield the Parasol ability.

Kirby's Adventure/Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land

Waddle Dees make another appearance in Kirby's Adventure, as well as in the remake Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, again serving as one of the weakest foes Kirby faces during his journey. When appearing as Parasol Waddle Dees, they can be inhaled to give Kirby the Parasol ability. Parasol Waddle Dees are one of the common sources for the Parasol ability, the other ones being Parasol Waddle Doo and the parasol from a Parasol Shotzo. Waddle Dees can also be found in different colors in the remake.


Waddle Dee is ubiquitous throughout the stages in these games, being absent from only a handful. Waddle Dee can be found in the following levels and stages:

Waddle Dee locations in Kirby's Adventure & Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land  
Stage Vegetable Valley Ice Cream Island Butter Building Grape Garden Yogurt Yard Orange Ocean Rainbow Resort
Stage 1 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png
Stage 2 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 3 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 4 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png
Stage 5 N/A Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 6 N/A N/A Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png

Kirby's Pinball Land

Waddle Dee appears in the bonus game of Wispy-Woods Land, as the first enemy patrolling the top of the block line. When collided into, he is defeated, and yields 5000 points.

Kirby's Dream Course

Waddle Dees appear in Kirby's Dream Course as common enemies on the courses. They always remain stationary, and yield no ability when bumped into. In this game, they function exactly the same as Kabus, Broomhatters, and Squishys.


Waddle Dee locations in Kirby's Dream Course 
1P Mode
Course Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 Course 4 Course 5 Course 6 Course 7 Course 8
Hole 1 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 2 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 3 Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Hole 4 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 5 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 6 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 7 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 8 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
2P Mode
Course Whispy Woods Course Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright Course Kracko Course Gordo Course
Hole 1 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 2 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 3 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 4 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 5 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 6 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 7 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Hole 8 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png

Kirby's Dream Land 2

In Kirby's Dream Land 2, two basic types of Waddle Dees exist, both of which walk in a straight line and turn around when reaching an obstacle. The difference between them is that one type is able to jump and walk up and down slopes, while the other is unable to do either of these things.

A less common, very fast moving type of Waddle Dee can also be found in a few locations; this form appears behind Kirby once he reaches a certain point in a level, attempting to dash into him but stopping when he faces him. Furthermore, some Waddle Dees can be seen holding Floaty the Drifters, Kirby's Dream Land 2's equivalent of Parasols, enabling them to slowly glide down from above.

Waddle Dees can be defeated instantly by hitting them with any attack or colliding with them. They award Kirby with 100 points when inhaled, and 200 points when destroyed in any other way.


Waddle Dee can be found in the following levels and stages:

Waddle Dee locations in Kirby's Dream Land 2  
Stage Grass Land Big Forest Ripple Field Iceberg Red Canyon Cloudy Park Dark Castle
Stage 1 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 2 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 3 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 4 N/A N/A N/A Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yescheck.png Xmark.png
Stage 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yescheck.png

Kirby's Avalanche

Kirby's Avalanche "Face" picture.

In Kirby's Avalanche, a Waddle Dee is the first opponent in Easy mode, never being fought in any other game mode. It is the easiest, and seems to simply place blobs at random.

Kirby's Block Ball

Waddle Dees appear as common enemies in this title. They are worth 300 points when bumped into and defeated and will drop food.

Kirby Super Star/Kirby Super Star Ultra

Artwork of Parasol Waddle Dee from Kirby Super Star

Waddle Dees reappear in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. While they retain their usual role of a common enemy, a Parasol Waddle Dee also serves as the Helper that can be created from the Parasol ability. The Helper is much more capable during battle than his enemy counterparts, being able to use the same moveset as Parasol Kirby. A Waddle Dee in a sailor garb also gets introduced as one of Meta Knight's henchmen during his conquest to take over Dream Land. Yet another Waddle Dee appears in The Arena as a joke opponent; this Waddle Dee has more health than regular ones, but does not move, instead walking in place until defeated.

Aside from the introduction of spear-wielding Waddle Dees, another Waddle Dee character wearing a blue bandana appears in the Revenge of the King stage of Kirby Super Star Ultra mode. He first is fought as a Mid-Boss, and later can be spotted alone in the audience during Kirby's fight with Masked Dedede. After Kirby wins the fight, he can be seen accompanying a miserable King Dedede on his walk into the sunset, along with dozens of other Waddle Dees.


Waddle Dee can be found in the following places in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra:

Waddle Dee locations in Kirby Super Star & Kirby Super Star Ultra  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Green Greens Yescheck.png RoMK Chapter 4 Xmark.png
Float Islands Xmark.png RoMK Chapter 5 Xmark.png
Bubbly Clouds Yescheck.png RoMK Chapter 6 Xmark.png
Mt. Dedede Yescheck.png RoMK Chapter 7 Xmark.png
Peanut Plains Yescheck.png Floria Xmark.png
Mallow Castle Yescheck.png Aquarius Xmark.png
Cocoa Cave Yescheck.png Skyhigh Yescheck.png
Candy Mountain Yescheck.png Hotbeat Xmark.png
Trial Room 1 Yescheck.png Cavius Xmark.png
Trial Room 2 Xmark.png Mekkai Xmark.png
Sub-Tree Yescheck.png Halfmoon Xmark.png
Crystal Xmark.png ???? Xmark.png
Old Tower Yescheck.png Purple Plants Yescheck.png
Garden Xmark.png Illusion Islands Yescheck.png
RoMK Chapter 1 Xmark.png Crash Clouds Yescheck.png
RoMK Chapter 2 Xmark.png The Revenge Yescheck.png
RoMK Chapter 3 Xmark.png

Kirby's Star Stacker

Player 2 controls a Waddle Dee in the Vs. Mode of Kirby's Star Stacker.

Kirby's Dream Land 3

Artwork from Kirby's Dream Land 3

In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Waddle Dees are once more encountered as common foes throughout the game. Here, they possess two basic types of movements: they are either found pacing back and forth in a predefined area, or moving in a straight line until they run into an obstacle, jumping occasionally. As the game does not assign health meters to enemies, they, like most other adversaries, can be defeated in a single hit from any attack or by colliding with them.

Besides walking around, Waddle Dees can occasionally be found riding on Nruffs, though they are thrown off when their steed slams into a wall. Furthermore, a few Waddle Dees can be seen rowing orange paddle boats back and forth on water in certain areas; attacking these specimens destroys their boat, causing them to fall into the water and be defeated. Kirby's Dream Land 3 is notable for being one of the few games in which Waddle Dees never hold a Parasol, due to the enemy being absent from the game.

Apart from regular Waddle Dees, the game also features Wapods, ghost-like enemies that strongly resemble Waddle Dees in looks, but not in behavior. Waddle Dees can also be found riding in rafts in bodies of water.


In Kirby's Dream Land 3, Waddle Dee can be found in the following levels and stages:

Waddle Dee locations in Kirby's Dream Land 3  
Stage Grass Land Ripple Field Sand Canyon Cloudy Park Iceberg
Stage 1 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 2 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 3 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 4 Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 5 Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png
Stage 6 Xmark.png Xmark.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png* Xmark.png
*appears in drawing form

Kirby's Super Star Stacker

A Waddle Dee serves as the first opponent in the story mode series of games. Naturally, it is the easiest to defeat.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Main article: Waddle Dee (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
Artwork of Waddle Dee from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

While Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards does not feature Waddle Dees as enemies like usual - N-Z assumes the role as the weakest type of enemy - a single Waddle Dee appears as a character in that game. After he gets possessed by Dark Matter (temporarily turning him into a Waddle Doo) and defeated and released by Kirby, he gladly joins Kirby's and Ribbon's quest and becomes their ally. From that point on he sometimes appears in various levels and helps Kirby out, often by providing vehicles and opening paths. He can also be seen at the end of every level during the Bonus Game.

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble

Waddle Dees appear as common enemies in this game, and typically only walk back and forth. Apart from getting in the way, they are not particularly threatening, and can be defeated easily.

A Waddle Dee also appears in the Sub-Game Kirby's Hurdle Race as the flag waver.

Kirby Air Ride

Waddle Dees appear in Air Ride mode as enemies on the race tracks, where they can be seen either on foot or riding in mine carts. The ones on foot will attempt to run out of the way when racers approach. Waddle Dees also appear as enemies in Kirby Melee.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

Waddle Dees once again take their role as enemies in the game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. These Waddle Dees do not live in Dream Land however, but in the Mirror World, and can be commonly found in every major area of it. Aside from regular Waddle Dees, a bigger version of them known as Big Waddle Dee can also be found. Aside from their size, though, they do not possess any more strength or health than the smaller Waddle Dees and can easily be defeated in one hit.

Kirby: Canvas Curse

In Kirby: Canvas Curse, regular Waddle Dees, along with two new variants appear. The first, called Fluff Waddle Dee, floats down on a fluff, similarly to Parasol Waddle Dee, with the difference being that the fluff version does not give a Copy Ability due to Parasol's absence in this game. The second variant, called Spear Waddle Dee, holds a spear, which he can throw at Kirby. Spear Waddle Dees usually appear as a type of Mid Boss. Both variants, as well as the regular version, have the same appearance when stunned. A playable Waddle Dee ball is unlocked if the game is beaten once. He has the same stats as Kirby without Copy Abilities, except for health, like every other playable character besides Kirby.

Kirby: Squeak Squad

In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Waddle Dees appear as common enemies and can be controlled by using the Ghost ability. However, the only thing they can do is jump. In addition to this, a golden variant appears, giving a treasure chest if defeated.


Waddle Dee can be found in the following levels and stages:

Waddle Dee locations in Kirby: Squeak Squad  
Stage Prism Plains Nature Notch Cushy Cloud Jam Jungle Vocal Volcano Ice Island Secret Sea Gamble Galaxy
Stage 1 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png
Stage 2 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png
Stage 3 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png
Stage 4 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage 5 Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Xmark.png N/A Xmark.png Xmark.png N/A
Stage EX Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png Yescheck.png Xmark.png N/A

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Yarn Waddle Dee artwork from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Waddle Dee re-appears in Patch Land, however according to an in-game interlude, the Waddle Dees made made of yarn are not actually Waddle Dees (servants of King Dedede), but rather creations of Yin-Yarn. Unlike Waddle Dees from other games, running into yarn Waddle Dees will not hurt Kirby. However, sometimes Waddle Dees do try to attack Kirby through the use of arrows (Bow Waddle Dee) and spears (Spear Waddle Dee). In some levels of the game, Waddle Dees appear riding dune buggies (in this appearance they are called Truck Monster) in a race between them and Kirby in his truck form. Waddle Dees also appear in numerous levels as hapless foes and bystanders, can appear asleep, or carry Parasols (Parasol Waddle Dee) and Balloons (Balloon Waddle Dee). Waddle Dees also make a small appearance in the Squashini boss fight as an audience. In addition to this, a single Waddle Dee is seen burning in the Hot Wings fight, and King Dedede's Waddle Dees can be seen in some cutscenes.

In Castle Dedede, a Big Waddle Dee can be seen guarding the throne room. This Waddle Dee is not mentioned in the Patch Plaza.

Kirby Mass Attack

In Kirby Mass Attack, Waddle Dees throw small bombs. Sometimes they throw nuts (and Fruit) from palm trees. They also throw bombs while inside paintings, or behind fake walls. There is a single Gold Waddle Dee, which runs away from the Kirbys like in Squeak Squad; unlike the golden Waddle Dees in that game, however, defeating it is necessary to clear the Checklist.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

In-game appearance of a Waddle Dee in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Waddle Dees reappear in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, exhibiting similar behavior to the Waddle Dees in other games. Waddle Dees come in different sizes, ranging from small to large ones. Larger ones need to be super inhaled in order for Kirby to inhale them, and resemble Big Waddle Dees from previous games. Waddle Dees often come in Puppet Waddle Dees, a large Waddle-Dee shaped container with three Waddle Dees in it. Waddle Dees can also be sometimes seen riding Nruffs.

There is a similar enemy in Halcandra who boasts a gray color scheme and wears a hood. These are called Halcandle Dees and can also come in large, Parasol-wielding and armor varieties.

Bandana Waddle Dee appears as a playable character in this game.

Kirby's Dream Collection

Waddle Dees, along with the rare Golden Waddle Dee, appear in the New Challenge Stages Sub-Game as enemies to be plowed through.

Additionally, Bandana Waddle Dee, along with other normal Waddle Dees are present in the game's intro movie.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Waddle Dee appears again as a common enemy in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. They also appear as woodcutters who cut down trees in the background, operate roving tanks, and there are large and woolly, ghostly and insectoid variants.

Additionally, Bandana Waddle Dee appears at many points to give Kirby or King Dedede an Assist Star that they can hold onto and use when necessary.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Waddle Dees appear in a number of different roles in this game. There are two main enemy types; the first being a ground-based Waddle Dee who wears a hard hat and holds a cannon over his head, and another who takes the shape of a submarine (but is still just called 'Waddle Dee') and chases Kirby down in underwater areas. Three different shades of Bandana Waddle Dee also appear to help Kirby out.

Kirby: Planet Robobot

Waddle Dees returned as per usual in Kirby: Planet Robobot. In addition to the standard ones seen thus far, the following new and notable varieties are seen:

Aesthetically, Waddle Dees can also be seen with hard hats, or cyborg eyepieces. They can also be seen carry spiked bars and doing other things that are generally annoying to Kirby.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

While no standard Waddle Dees appear in this game, Bandana Waddle Dee and Sailor Waddle Dee appear as characters. Additionally, Team Kirby has to fight a Colossal Waddle Dee on several occasions.

Kirby's Blowout Blast

Waddle Dees are among the enemies that Kirby will need to eat in this spin-off title. Some can be seen wielding spears, and will try to toss them at Kirby. Others will appear, then immediately run toward Kirby.

Kirby Battle Royale

Bandana Waddle Dee appears in this title, helping Kirby out in the story mode of the game - Dedede's Cake Royale. Other Waddle Dees can be seen at the arena, including soldiers, spectators, servants, and the Channel PPP Crew.

In multiplayer modes, the player can play as a Parasol Waddle Dee.

Kirby Star Allies

Waddle Dees return as standard enemies in this title. They can appear in various sizes, and may also be found in Puppet Dee formation, or packed up into giant boulders. Additionally, Parasol Waddle Dee and Bandana Waddle Dee also appear, and can become part of Kirby's Star Allies team.

Super Kirby Clash

Much like its predecessor, no standard Waddle Dees appear in this game, but Bandana Waddle Dee and Colossal Spear Waddle Dee make an appearance. Waddle Dee stickers are also usable.

Super Smash Bros. Series

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, a Waddle Dee only appears as a trophy.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, King Dedede enters the stage on a palanquin carried by four Waddle Dees, and he is accompanied by a Waddle Dee in one of his victory poses. He can toss Waddle Dees at opponents as his side special move (Waddle Dee Toss), as well as his Final Smash (Waddle Dee Army).

In the Subspace Emissary, a lone Waddle Dee acting as King Dedede's bait can be seen in a cutscene with Luigi who cowers in fear of him, and several Dedede's Waddle Dees ambush Wario in another cutscene.

There are two stickers featuring Waddle Dee. The first is the Waddle Dee from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, who grants 32 bonus damage for head-based attacks for any fighter. The other is the playable Waddle Dee Ball from Kirby: Canvas Curse, who grants 5 bonus damage for arm attacks for any fighter.

Waddle Dee also has a trophy in the game.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Waddle Dees no longer appear in King Dedede's moveset, but one of his new alternative costume features a Waddle Dee pattern. They still appear in his entrance animation and a victory pose.

Waddle Dees and Parasol Waddle Dees appear as enemies in the Smash Run mode.

Interestingly, while no standard Waddle Dee trophy appears in either game, a Parasol Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo trophy can be found.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Waddle Dees still appear in King Dedede's entrance animation, a victory pose, and an alternative costume.


Waddle Dee (artwork from Kirby Super Star Ultra) appears as a Primary Spirit (★★ Advanced, Neutral-type, 3 support slots, level one stats: 922 attack, 507 defense, level 99 stats: 3,691 attack, 2,031 defense), which can be enhanced into Bandana Waddle Dee (★★★ Advanced, Neutral-type, 3 slots, trait: Battering Items ↑, level 1 stats: 1,808 attack, 1,230 defense, level 99 stats: 5,424 attack, 3,692 defense). This spirit can be obtained by battling it in the Spirit Board or in World of Light, where it possesses four orange Kirbys. The spirit battle takes place on the Dream Land GB stage. It can also be obtained by purchasing it from the Shop or by scanning the Waddle Dee amiibo.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Main article: Waddle Dee (anime)
Artwork of a spear-wielding Waddle Dee from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

In the anime series, Waddle Dees are portrayed as indistinct servants of Castle Dedede, and are charged with tending to any/all of the needs of the King and his court. Unlike in the game series, Waddle Dees in the anime do not speak, although they do seem to communicate silently to each-other; a notion that is implied by Captain Waddle Doo in the episode Pink-Collar Blues when the Waddle Dees are forced en-mass out of the castle. It is also during this episode that Dedede and the rest of the court realize just how many Waddle Dees have taken up residence in the castle, as their procession out creates a line miles long.

Castle Dedede's Waddle Dee servants are presumed to have been living in the castle since long before King Dedede himself took ownership of it. They work as servants without pay in exchange for the food and lodgings which the castle provides. They are also for unstated reasons obligated to do whatever King Dedede says, even if that means being put up for sale in vending machines; as is done in the episode Waddle While You Work.

At the end of Pink-Collar Blues, when the Waddle Dees return, they perform the first instance of the Kirby Dance in the show, which is something that Kirby himself had not yet been doing. Once Kirby joins them, the implication is that the Waddle Dees had taught him this dance.


Flavor text

Image Game Flavor text
Kirby Canvas Curse box art.png Kirby: Canvas Curse Touch to charge. Bounce!

Super Smash Bros. Melee trophy

Image Description Found in
Waddle Dee Trophy Melee.png Many delicate creatures like this one inhabit Dream Land. They generally live carefree lives and have never considered themselves to be followers of King Dedede. Waddle Dees are innocent and generally harmless to man and beast. While they have virtually no offensive or defensive power, they'll sometimes try to wield a parasol. Kirby's Dream Land - 8/92

Super Smash Bros. Brawl trophy

Image Description Found in
Waddle Dee - Brawl Trophy.png A carefree creature that wanders the hills and dales of Dream Land. Basically harmless to creatures great and small, Waddle Dees sometimes use parasols to float down through the skies. If Kirby swallows a parasol, he'll get one he can use to float or ward off enemy attacks. On the other hand, Kirby can't copy anything by swallowing Waddle Dees themselves. Kirby's Dream Land
Kirby Squeak Squad (American English), Kirby Mouse Attack (British English)

Kirby's Epic Yarn / Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn

Patch Plaza descriptions of Waddle Dee varieties in Kirby's Epic Yarn  
Name No. Image Description
Waddle Dee 10
Yin-Yarn made these
impostors! They look
just like the real ones!
Spear Waddle Dee 12
KEY Spear Waddle Dee.jpg
This fake Waddle Dee
recklessly twirls around
a spear. Look out!
Parasol Waddle Dee 19
KEY Parasol Waddle Dee.png
This yarn Waddle Dee's
parasol keeps him safe
from rain, sun, or foes!
Bow Waddle Dee 23
Bow Waddle Dee.jpg
This fake Waddle Dee
has a bow and some
odd aiming skills.
Balloon Waddle Dee 24
Balloon Waddle Dee.jpg
This yarn Waddle Dee
has lots of balloons.
He wants to fly high!
Truck Monster 35
Truck Monster.jpg
Don't let this crazy hot
rod win! Show him who's
the king of the road!

Play Nintendo

Dream Land is filled with these little fellows, strolling from place to place.
Generally peaceful, their slow pace can be a problem when Kirby’s in a hurry. Waddle Dees take on all kinds of jobs around the kingdom, from guard to lumberjack. Talk about talented!

Kirby Portal bio

  • Waddle Dees are the most common inhabitants of Dream Land. While mostly harmless, some Waddle Dees have been known to loyally serve King Dedede.


Main article: Waddle Dee/gallery


Quotes from Waddle Dee in the Kirby series  
  • "Umm, can't we just walk together? The forest scares me..."
  • "Uh... Heheheh!"
  • "You're here to battle in Dedede's Cake Royale too? Good luck!"
  • "Many battler have come here, but only you two flew in on a star!"
  • "That guard up ahead scares me. I think I'll stay right here."
  • "Right away!"
  • "Phew! Heavy."
  • "So many Kirbys to talk to!"
  • "I want to see every kind of battle. Each one has different rules!"
  • "What I wouldn't give to get through those doors!"
  • "You'll face tough rivals with spears in your Qualifier Battle!"
  • "Enemies are red... Enemies are red... Huh? Oh, nothing. Just something I say before battle."
  • "This is your first Qualifier Battle, right? No matter how many time you get KO'd, get up and keep fighting!"
  • "Of course, Your Majesty. Right away, Your Majesty!"
  • "You can drive speedy vehicles in one of the battles. Sounds fun!"
  • "When I get nervous before a crowd, I count everyone there. It helps!"
  • "Want to take on battles from previous leagues? You might want to do that for any you didn't finish before."
  • "You can play League Battles from previous leagues here."
  • "Oh, they're filming! Maybe they'll point it this way"
  • "I hope more spectators come after seeing that report."
  • "The big news is really that all these Kirbys have shown up to compete!"
  • "You know that chute in Apple Scramble? If you fall into it, you should eat all those apples down there."
  • "I got dizzy watching riders do all those loops!"
  • "This tournament is so fun. The king's done a great job!"
  • "I wish I was in the Qualifier Battles. I'd love to be interviewed!"
  • "Sorry, but I'm cheering for that blue Kirby. He'll be a burly brawler!"
  • "Hey, they should interview you too, pink Kirby!"
  • "Good luck, pink Kirby! Your battles are the best!"
  • "I'm cheering for the blue Kirby. Sorry, I can't back both of you!"
  • "I'd watch the Qualifier Battles, but I don't know if there are any seats!"
  • "Y-yes, Your Majesty!"
  • "The Coin Clash audience is full of ghosts! Just thinking about that sends a shiver down my spine."
  • "Must be hard when you have to do a series of battles in one go! One round is tricky enough, but winning a whole run? Whew!"
  • "When I can't win no matter what, I like to relax with a snack."
  • "I saw a huge robot. Is that for one of the battles?"
  • "I think I got caught on camera a little bit. I'm so excited!"
  • "King Dedede is looking for me! If only I could turn into a Kirby right about now!"
  • "I guess this guy here put hot sauce on one of King Dedede's snacks."
  • "I'm kind of shy, so I don't know why they picked me for this!"
  • "Who else? The one-and-only orange Kirby!"
  • "The ghosts in Coin Clash will haunt my dreams for a long time!"
  • "So, I went to see Slam Hockey! And I saw something fly into the sky at incredible speed!"
  • "Ah! I try to watch all of your battles, pink Kirby! Keep at it! I'm cheering for you!"
  • "Looks like that orange Kirby just keeps on winning."
  • "There was a battle I wanted to see, but I fell asleep and missed it!"
  • "The explosion when you attack a rocket in Rocket Rumble... The sound of that would blast me out of a deep sleep!"
  • "Whatever team I cheer for always ends up losing!"
  • "You two are a great team! You'll have no problem in the battles."
  • "Hey, ready for your Qualifier Battles? Sure you are!"
  • "Qualifier Battles are team battles. And you two are quite a team!"
  • "Meta Knight is my hero!"
  • "You’re the best, pink Kirby. Absolutely ruthless!"
  • "There's a battle in a mine full of shiny rocks! I LOVE SHINY ROCKS!"
  • "You make carrying a parasol look tough AND cute, Kirby!"
  • "I’d never lose a battle if I had one of those parasols."
  • "Are all of you Kirbys fighting over the same cake? Just slice it up!"
  • "You’re thinking about your next Gold League Battle, aren’t you?"
  • "You’re totally famous now, aren't you, pink Kirby?"
  • "I wonder if they’ll interview Meta Knight too. I hope so."
  • "I’m cheering for you...so leave me a bite of cake if you win!"
  • "You've got more twinkle in your eyes than any of the other Kirbys!"
  • "I saw Meta Knight's battle. He was INCREDIBLE!"
  • "King Dedede started planning this tournament a long time ago. I heard he spent his entire fortune on it. Pretty brazen if you ask me!"
  • "This tourney is great. But is what the guy next to me said true?"
  • "Yes, yes, yes—right away, King Dedede!"
  • "I'm gonna be a soldier when I grow up, so I wanna master the spear."
  • "The breeze when Tornado Kirby is nearby sure feels nice."
  • "The way Meta Knight's attendant used an axe was SUPERCOOL!"
  • "I love the fast action of Slam Hockey!"
  • "I heard the coins and apples from battle end up in the king's pocket. I understand the coins, but does he fit all those apples in his pocket?"
  • "Finally, a showdown between Meta Knight and you, pink Kirby!"
  • "You’ve got to beat Meta Knight! Please, I'm cheering for you!"
  • "That reporter is looking for a scoop!"
  • "Once you hit the Gold League, the coverage becomes extensive."
  • "I'm REALLY looking forward to the next Qualifier Battle!"
  • "Axe Knight is forming a team with Meta Knight, isn't he?"
  • "So Meta Knight wants to eat cake after all?"
  • "He's left the room! Break time!"
  • "Uh, what? OK then... There you go!"
  • "Maybe I can get on camera if I sneak around behind the reporter!"
  • "Meta Knight always looks cool. But you do too, pink Kirby!"
  • "You know what you proved? That Kirby's gotta be pink."
  • "You did it! Congrats on making it to the Platinum League."
  • "I can't believe it! I saw Meta Knight up close!"
  • "Platinum League battles are all tough, aren't they?"
  • "Who'd want to miss watching those three-in-one battles?!"
  • "I always enjoy watching you battle, pink Kirby!"
  • "Are those soldiers actually doing any work?"
  • "That guy in the blue bandana really seems to be on your side!"
  • "That one with the hammer looks pretty intimidating, but... I think he looks twice as tough when he's actually in battle!"
  • "That battler there just keeps on spinning and spinning! But if he goes into battle, he might spin others all over the place!"
  • "I'm going to stay glued to your battles, pink Kirby!"
  • "I've been cheering for you since the very start, Kirby!"
  • "I wish I had your combo of power and cuteness!"
  • "I bet the Whip ability is handy for enemies that are out of reach.
  • "And there's another one..."
  • "and one more!"
  • "Phew! Hmm... The king's been gone a long time now. That can't be good."
  • "King Dedede is obsessed with making Robo Bonkers stronger! He must like robots a lot."
  • "So cold... So very cold..."
  • "Everyone's got their eyes on you, pink Kirby!"
  • "I have a pretty good guess who's going to win this whole thing. But I might be wrong. One of the rivals is totally huge, I hear!"
  • "I think you're the one who's going to the top, pink Kirby!"
  • "I've got a headache. Probably should ask this guy for help."
  • "The king plays rough. I wouldn't be surprised if the stadium falls in!"
  • "Heading straight into battle? I'll go cheer you on wherever you go!"
  • "It's a showdown between King Dedede and you, pink Kirby!"
  • "What a surprise! And right before the championship match! King Dedede knows what the crowds want to see!"
  • "I know one thing for sure! Only the real Kirby could finish off a super-deluxe cake!"
  • "Did you know you can pick earlier League Battles at the desk? I'm sure that you'll win every battle, Kirby!"
  • "Just...one...more..."

*Quotes from a fake yarn Waddle Dee created by Yin-Yarn.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワドルディ
Waddle Dee
Traditional Chinese 瓦豆魯迪
wǎ dòu lǔ dí
Transliteration of Waddle Dee
Simplified Chinese 瓦豆鲁迪
华多鲁Dee (Super Mario Odyssey)
wǎ dòu lǔ dí
Huá duō lǔ Dee (Super Mario Odyssey)
Dutch Waddle Dee -
French Waddle Dee -
German Waddle Dee -
Italian Waddle Dee -
Russian Вэдл Ди
Vedl di
Transcription of Waddle Dee
Spanish Waddle Dee -


  • In most games, Waddle Dees are the first enemies to be seen by Kirby when traversing the first stages. If this distinction belongs to another enemy, then their appearance or function is similar to a Waddle Dee.
  • On April 1 2018, Kirby's Japanese official website released a special page called "Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary" as the April Fool's Joke. (WiKirby article: Waddle Dee 25th Anniversary. Official website: https://www.kirby.jp/waddledee/)