Floaty the Cell Core

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This article is about the water bubble foe from Kirby Star Allies, and should not be confused with Floaty the Drifter.

Floaty the Cell Core
Water Bubble Enemy.jpg
Screencap of Floaty the Cell Core from Kirby Star Allies
First game Kirby Star Allies
Copy Ability Water
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Floaty the Cell Core[Japanese title] is an enemy which first appeared in Kirby Star Allies. It is a strange critter which resides in a floating bubble of water. It attacks by shooting globs of this water toward Kirby.

Floaty the Cell Core has 52 HP, the same value of the Star Bullet damage. However, it can be one-hit KO'd by Blizzard and Zap element moves. It can also be inhaled by Kirby and swallowed for the Water ability if it's low enough for Kirby to do so.


  • This enemy was originally called アメーバ (Amoeba) in the concept art, a type of cell or organism in real life which has the ability to alter its shape. In its early designs, various common enemies in the Kirby series were originally considered to be the core of this creature.
  • This enemy's name seems to be a throwback to Floaty the Drifter, though the two enemies have very little in common.
  • Floaty the Cell Core is one of the few common enemies that appear in The Ultimate Choice.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フローティ ザ セルコア
Furōti za Serukoa
Floaty the Cell Core
Dutch Floaty de celkern Floaty the cell core
French Flotty le noyau cellulair Flotty the cell core
German Schwebli, der Zellkern Schwebli, the cell core
Italian Flutti il nucleo Flutti the core
Russian Флоати
Spanish Floti la núcleo cellular Floti the cell core