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Stairs Mouth

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Stairs Mouth
KatFL Stairs Mouth Screenshot.png
Screenshot of Stairs Mouth Kirby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First stage it appears in Through the Tunnel
Obtained from A set of movable scaffold stairs
Power(s) Move stairs around and crush enemies and obstacles.
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Kirby gained the mysterious Mouthful Mode ability after he flew through that vortex... Now he can stuff an entire set of scaffold stairs into his mouth! Move the stairs around to access hard-to-reach spots. You can also tip yourself over to crush enemies. Wham!
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Stairs Mouth is a Mouthful Mode that involves Kirby wrapping himself around a large set of scaffold stairs in order to take control of them, allowing him to tip over to defeat enemies, bust open obstacles, discover secrets, and move the stairs to a more favorable spot for reaching high things. While using this Mouthful Mode, Kirby cannot turn around, and must instead scoot from side to side or backwards. He also loses his ability to jump with any meaningful height. The slam attack can break metal blocks and other obstacles, and will flatten any enemy it contacts. Kirby is also immune to damage while using the slam attack. The stairs, whether they are in Kirby or not, will also extinguish lit fuses that pass underneath, so Kirby needs to be careful where he puts the stairs.


  • B (or Y) - Fall Over: Kirby tilts and falls onto one of his sides, defeating enemies and breaking obstacles, then gets back up. This can be done in any of the four cardinal directions.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かいだんほおばり
Kaidan Hōbari
Stairs Mouthful
Traditional Chinese 階梯塞滿嘴
Jiētī Sāimǎnzuí
Stairs Stuffed Mouth
Simplified Chinese 阶梯塞满嘴
Jiētī Sāimǎnzuí
Dutch Mondvol-trap Mouthful stairs
French Escalier transmorphé Transmorphed stairs
German Treppen-Stopfer Stairs-Stuffer
Korean 계단 머금기
Gyedan Megeumgi
Stairs Mouthful
Spanish Escaleras transmórficas Transmorphic stairs