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in-game screenshot of Kirby finding the Ability Scroll for Fire.
Quote1.png Use this to gain a new technique for every Copy Ability. Quote2.png
— Kirby: Squeak Squad manual

Ability Scrolls are special collectable items which may be found inside certain Treasure Chests in Kirby: Squeak Squad. These scrolls allow each of Kirby's abilities to either have a new skill or improve one of his old ones. The only abilities in the game not to have ability scrolls are Ghost and Triple Star, due to the former being unlockable in and of itself, and the latter being a Last Battle Ability only obtainable at the end of the game.

List of scrolls[edit]

The following is a table containing info on each Ability Scroll:

Ability Image Scroll location Function
Animal AnimalScroll.png Nature Notch - Stage 1 Allows Animal Kirby to use a new move while in midair that goes left, right, or down as a drill.
Beam CutterScroll.png Nature Notch - Stage 5 Changes the Beam Whip into the more powerful UFO Chain Beam version and gives it electric properties.
Bomb Sword Scroll.png Secret Sea - Stage 3 Bomb can now be merged with Ice or Spark to become Ice Bomb or Thunder Bomb, respectively.
Bubble Bubble Scroll.png Jam Jungle - Stage 1 Allows Kirby to fire a larger bubble at good distance, which can be aimed slightly.
Cupid Cupid Scroll.png Ice Island - Stage 5 Kirby can now shoot three arrows at once when charging.
Cutter CutterScroll.png Nature Notch - Stage 4 Makes the Cutter Boomerang bigger and able to pass through multiple targets. (Resembles Hyper Boomerang introduced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.)
Fighter FireScroll.png Ice Island - Stage 3 If the B Button is held so that it is fully charged, Fighter Kirby can launch an even bigger and more powerful energy blast, which can destroy Metal Blocks. If Fighter Kirby's stamina is very low, he can instantly launch the max charged blast.
Fire FireScroll.png Prism Plains - Stage 3 Allows fire breath to be angled up or down.
Hammer Hammer Scroll.png Vocal Volcano - Stage 2 If the B Button is held for a certain amount of time, the hammer will grow twice as big, and more powerful.
Hi-Jump Hi-Jump Scroll.png Cushy Cloud - Stage 4 Increases the attack hitbox of Hi-Jump. Allows Hi-Jump to destroy Metal Blocks. Does not increase the attack power of Hi-Jump, however.
Ice Bubble Scroll.png Jam Jungle - Secret Allows Kirby to angle his breath up or down.
Laser Bubble Scroll.png Jam Jungle - Stage 5 If the B button is held, the laser beam becomes bigger and more powerful, able to pass through multiple targets.
Magic Metal Scroll.png Secret Sea - Stage 4 If the B Button is held, a spinner appears, and Kirby gets whatever it lands on, losing Magic in the process. This move functions similarly to how Magic worked in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
Metal Metal Scroll.png Jam Jungle - Stage 3 Allows Kirby to turn into a metal ball, allowing him to roll down slopes, much like how Stone in other games can slide.
Ninja Ninja Scroll.png Vocal Volcano - Stage 3 If the B Button is held, Kirby gains energy. If let go on land, he uses a fiery attack. If on water, he uses an aquatic attack.
Parasol FireScroll.png Vocal Volcano - Stage 1 If the B Button is held, the Parasol Shield has an increased range but its power does not increase.
Sleep Spark Scroll.png Vocal Volcano - Secret Sleep now restores some of Kirby's stamina instead of only rendering him incapable of moving.
Spark Spark Scroll.png Cushy Cloud - Stage 1 Allows Kirby to unleash a larger discharge after having built up some static, or to fire the discharge as a projectile (This is the first time Spark has merged moves from Plasma).
Sword Sword Scroll.png Ice Island - Stage 1 Sword can be merged with Fire, Ice, or Spark to become Fire Sword, Ice Sword, or Thunder Sword, respectively.
Throw Bubble Scroll.png Secret Sea - Stage 1 Kirby throws with more power and deals more damage.
Tornado Tornado Scroll.png Cushy Cloud - Stage 5 Allows the tornado to have electric, fiery or icy traits if it goes through electric, fire or ice terrain, respectively.
UFO Ninja Scroll.png Gamble Galaxy - Stage 1 A spark surrounds Kirby, hurting any enemy in contact (Resembles U.F.O. Kirby's Star Guard attack in Kirby: Planet Robobot).
Wheel FireScroll.png Nature Notch - Stage 3 Allows the wheel to have electric, fiery, or icy traits if it goes through electric, fire or ice terrain, respectively.