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KatFL Sillydillo Boss Title Screenshot.jpg
Title card for Sillydillo from Kirby and the Forgotten Land
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
Similar to Phantom Sillydillo
Theme music

Music for the battle with Sillydillo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Sillydillo is an incredible long as the dance involves spinning. It's a nocturnal critter, so it can see quite well in the dark. It seems to have orders from its boss to find something important, but all it brings home is junk! What was it supposed to find again? Something...small? And floaty? Hmm...
— Figure description from Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Sillydillo, titled Armor-Plated Prancer, is a boss in the Kirby series, appearing in Kirby and the Forgotten Land as a member of the Beast Pack's executive council, fought at the end of Originull Wasteland in the stage Collector in the Sleepless Valley. It is a large armadillo with cartoonish features on its face, thin arms, and large claws on its paws. Plated markings made from street signs can be seen attached to its outer shell on its back, and it attacks by curling up and rolling towards Kirby in combat. As evidenced by the hoard of objects in its lair, Sillydillo likes to collect things from around the new world. It has a habit of creating puppets, including three puppets resembling Kirby, which are suspended above its battle arena, and is also the one responsible for making all of the wanted posters of Kirby and Elfilin seen throughout the game.

Its name is a combination of 'silly' (referring to its unintelligent disposition) and 'armadillo'.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Sillydillo serves as one of the bosses of the game, being primarily fought in the stage Collector in the Sleepless Valley at the end of Level 5: Originull Wasteland. It lures Kirby into a trap by setting up a fake Elfilin in a cage and then tries to capture him in one to rattle him around. When this fails, Sillydillo then tries using its charge attack and throwing its handmade "dance partners" at him, but it is ultimately defeated and forced to fall back, relinquishing the Waddle Dees it had captured.

Later on, Sillydillo is fought again in the stage Gathering of the Beast Council, where only its later phase is used. In the post-game, Sillydillo can also be fought in The Ultimate Cup in the Colosseum, and has an Extra Mode variant called Phantom Sillydillo.


Sillydillo has 1,800 HP in Collector in the Sleepless Valley, 684 HP in Gathering of the Beast Council and 1,260 HP in the Colosseum. In Originull Wasteland and the Colosseum, it transitions to phase 2 once its health is less than 80% and transitions to phase 3 once its health is less than 40%. It takes 0.2X damage during phase transitions.[1]

The following lists all of Sillydillo's attacks (attack names are from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Perfect Support Guide).

Sillydillo's attacks in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Attack Description
Gotcha Dillo
Sillydillo approaches Kirby and tries to capture him with an unguardable cage, using a lateral swing close to the ground. If caught, Kirby will be trapped in the cage, and shaken about for heavy damage until he escapes (done by the player mashing the control stick). The swing leaves a Dropped Star behind upon finishing. If the player fails to make Kirby escape the cage, Sillydillo will end the attack by slamming the cage on the ground, defeating Kirby no matter how much health he has left. This makes Sillydillo and its Forgo Dreams phantom some of the few foes in the entire Kirby series to have the ability to instantly defeat the player regardless of how much health they currently have.
Second and third phase only  
Rolling Dillo
Sillydillo rolls up into a ball and starts revving up. It then charges at Kirby in a straight line at high speed, prompting Kirby to dodge to avoid the attack. Sillydillo performs three of these charges in quick succession, each one leaving a few Dropped Stars in its wake. At the end of the third charge, Sillydillo is left helpless on its back for a moment as more Dropped Stars appear around it.
Third phase only  
Grand Pas de Deux
Sillydillo pulls out one of its "dance partners" and starts twirling around with it, bouncing off the walls of the arena and leaving Dropped Stars on occasion.
Pas de Deux
Sillydillo pulls out its "dance partners" and tosses two of them towards Kirby. These weakly home in on him and leave Dropped Stars as they pass. This move is usually performed right after "Grand Pas de Deux".
  • A pas de deux is a ballet duet performed by two dancers, typically a man and a woman.



Video playthrough of Kirby battling Sillydillo in the Colosseum.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 踊転甲獣ようてんこうじゅう アルマパラパ
Yōten Kōjū Arumaparapa
Prancing Armored Beast, Armaparapa
Portmanteau of "armadillo" and「パッパラパー」(papparapā, silly); may involve「パラパラ」(para-para, onomatopoeia for something crumbling or paper flipping), in reference to all the junk it collects, or "Para Para"
Traditional Chinese 舞轉甲獸 犰魔亂舞
Wǔzhuàn Jiǎshòu Qiúmóluànwǔ
Prancing Armored Beast, Armadance

Play on「群魔亂舞/群魔乱舞」(qúnmóluànwǔ, a Chinese idiom that literally means "evil spirits of kinds dance in riotous revelry") and「犰狳」(qiúyú, armadillo)

Simplified Chinese 舞转甲兽 犰魔乱舞
Wǔzhuàn Jiǎshòu Qiúmóluànwǔ
Dutch Gepantserde danser, Dolledillo Armored dancer, Dolledillo
Portmanteau of "armadillo" and "dolle" (crazy)
French Danseur blindé, Tatoufou Armored dancer, Toutoufou
Combination of "tatou" (armadillo) and "fou" (fool)
German Tanz-Panzerbestie, Gürteltor Dance-Shell beast, Gürteltor
Portmanteau of "Gürteltier" (armadillo) and "Tor" (fool)
Italian Ballerino corazzato, Rappadillo Armored dancer, Rappadillo
Korean 춤추는 등껍질 짐승 아르마파라파
Chumchuneun Deungkkeopjil Jimseung Areumaparapa
Dancing Back-Shelled Beast, Armaparapa
Latin American Spanish Bailarín acorazado, Armadiloco Armored dancer, Armadiloco
Portmanteau of "armadillo" and "loco" (crazy)
European Spanish Bizarro acorazado, Armadiloco Armored weirdo, Armadiloco
Portmanteau of "armadillo" and "loco" (crazy)