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Friend Heart

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A Friend Heart.

Friend Hearts are glowing pink heart-shaped objects present in Kirby Star Allies. Kirby and other allies can use them to Make Friends with certain enemy characters, turning them into allies which will then aid the user of the friend heart.

As a throwable object[edit]

Main article: Make Friend

Kirby and allies can toss a friend heart at any time after the very beginning of the game when the player presses the X button. Holding down the button before releasing will cause the character to hold the heart in place, not throwing it until X is released. In the meantime, the trajectory of the thrown heart can be changed while it is held. Friend hearts cannot be used on enemies which do not provide Copy Abilities, but they can be used on certain bosses after defeating them to convert them to allies, and can also be used to directly damage Void Termina's various final soul forms.

As collectable objects[edit]

Kirby finds the first Friend Heart in Dimension I.
Main article: Heroes in Another Dimension

Friend Hearts are also collectable objects in Heroes in Another Dimension, with there being 120 in total. Kirby will obtain a better ending depending on how many hearts he collected before facing down the final bosses. After being collected, they are replaced with gray replicas that are worth 10 Point Stars if collected again.

For a guide on how to find each friend heart in Heroes in Another Dimension, refer to the following pages:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Vriendenhart Friend Heart
French Cœur-ami Friend heart
German Freund-Herz Friend Heart
Italian Cuore amico Friend Heart
Portuguese Friend Heart -
Russian Дружеский сердечко
Druzhskoy serdechko
Friend heart
Spanish Corazón de amistad Heart of friendship