Copy Essence Deluxe

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This article is about the special type of Copy Essence found in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra's Milky Way Wishes subgame. For Copy Essence in general, see Copy Essence.

Copy Essence Deluxe

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Use Gaining permanent access to Copy Abilities.
Obtained Secret areas in Milky Way Wishes
Game(s) Kirby Super Star, Kirby Super Star Ultra
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The Copy Essence Deluxe is a trophy-like item exclusively found in the Milky Way Wishes game of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It physically resembles a Copy Pedestal but, unlike the latter, not only instantly grants Kirby a particular Copy Ability, but also enables him to assume said ability at will at any later point of the game. Copy Essence Deluxes also transform Kirby's helper into a different character if it touches one.

Finding every Copy Essence Deluxe is a requirement for 100% Completion of Milky Way Wishes.


  • Grass Planet Floria
    • Cutter - In the summer version of the area, this essence can be found inside a tree which can only be accessed from the right near the right-end of the area.
    • Fighter - In the winter version of the area, this essence can be found through a doorway buried under a frozen pond. Kirby will need to bust through the ice to get it.
    • Ice - In the winter version of the area, this essence can be found in a room all the way to the left.
  • Water Planet Aquarius
    • Beam - In the area with the branching underwater paths, Kirby must make a specific route to get to this essence; down, right, down, right, up.
    • Parasol - In the first long stretch of the stage, this essence can be found through a doorway hidden by a palm tree. Breaking a Bomb Block below reveals the doorway.
    • Sword - Deep into the path, Kirby finds a doorway guarded by a horde of Meta-Knights. Entering this door leads to a challenge involving spike pits, a bunch of Blade Knights, and an encounter with Jukid. Defeating this mid-boss yields this essence.
  • Wind Planet Skyhigh
    • Jet - Along the path in the first large area, Kirby must find a Star Block in the ceiling and move past it to reach a doorway. The room on the other side holds this essence.
    • Wheel - Further down the path in the same room, Kirby must light a fuse and hop into the Cannon up ahead to get launched to a room with this essence in it.
    • Wing - Once Kirby arrives in the first room with multiple doorways, he must take the following route to get to this essence most quickly; right, middle, left, middle.
  • Flame Planet Hotbeat
    • Fire - In the first area, Kirby must uncover a lavafall in an overhanging cave and then fly in to find a door on the other side. To avoid taking damage from the lava, he will need an Invincible Candy.
    • Suplex - In the second area with the Mine Carts, a doorway can be found by busting through a ceiling made of fragile blocks up ahead. In the proceeding room, Kirby will need to defeat Bugzzy before the essence will appear.
  • Cave Planet Cavius
    • Bomb - Traveling along the top of the main cave area, Kirby will need to defeat Poppy Bros. Sr. to make this essence appear.
    • Hammer - Following the path downward from the previous essence, Kirby will need to defeat Bonkers in another small room to make this essence appear.
    • Stone - In the second main area, Kirby will need to head up and make a waterfall pour into the chamber, opening a way to a doorway that leads to this essence.
  • Machine Planet Mekkai
    • Plasma - In the elevator room where the Mid-Bosses lay in wait, Kirby must fight and defeat Iron Mam in the upper-left chamber to obtain this essence.
    • Yo-Yo - After passing through two doorways, Kirby finds himself in a large interior area. He must venture below through a hall lined with spikes to find a large open room up above where a doorway will lead him past an elevator guarded by Gims to get this essence.
  • Eternal Planet Halfmoon
    • Mirror - From the Mine Cart tunnel in the stars, Kirby can find a star block in the floor which leads to a room containing this essence.
    • Ninja - From the upward-draft flight through the tunnels, this essence can be found through a doorway blocked off by a bomb block barrier.
  • Planet ????
    • Copy - Once this planet is located, obtaining the essence is a simple matter of getting to the end of the area.