Snack Tracks

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Snack Tracks
Snack Tracks title screen.png
Title screen for Snack Tracks.
Type(s) Eating - Competitive
Levels 3
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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Quote1.png Eat as much of the food coming down the conveyor belt as you can. Tap bombs, caterpillars, and rocks to get them out of the way. Quote2.png
— Kirby Super Star Ultra manual, page 27

Snack Tracks is one of the Sub-Games in Kirby Super Star Ultra, and is available from the start of the game. As with the other Sub-Games, Kirby Snack Tracks is played from the lower screen. The Sub-Game is playable in both single player and multiplayer, where up to four players can play via a wireless connection.[1] Two players can also play from a single Game Card.[2] In single player, the player has the option to select from three difficulty levels.


Gameplay of Snack Tracks

The game pits four Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, green) in a reaction and observation-style feeding game. Each Kirby is sitting below a conveyor belt of their color. Their objective is eating as much food[3] and Maxim Tomatoes (worth twice as many points) coming down from their conveyor belts within 60 seconds (one minute). By eating food, the Kirbys receive points, and their current score is displayed on the top screen.

Kirby must avoid eating bugs (which sometimes appear in a Maxim Tomato), bombs and rocks, as they deduct points. The player can eliminate bugs by tapping them with the stylus once, or twice for rocks. Tapping a bomb does not eliminate it but instead tosses it to another belt. By tossing a bomb around too much, it eventually explodes on a Kirby's track, all of the incoming food on the Kirby's conveyor belt is eliminated. The player must be careful to not tap food, as this also eliminates them.

After the first 30 seconds passes, the competitors and their conveyor belts shuffle positions. The Kirby who ends with the most points wins.


A combo of Food and Maxim Tomatoes add a variable bonus amount.

Sprite(s) Name Points
Food SnackTracks sprite 1.png Food SnackTracks sprite 2.png Food SnackTracks sprite 3.png
Food SnackTracks sprite 4.png Food SnackTracks sprite 5.png Food SnackTracks sprite 6.png
Food SnackTracks sprite 7.png Food SnackTracks sprite 8.png Food SnackTracks sprite 9.png
Food Adds 3 points
Maxim Tomato SnackTracks KSSU sprite.png Maxim Tomato Adds 6 points
Caterpillar Sprite.png Caterpillar KSSU tomato.png Bug Subtracts 2 points
Rock SnackTracks KSSU sprite.png Rock Subtracts 2 points
Bomb SnackTracks KSSU sprite.png Bomb Subtracts 10 points

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 爆裂コンベアタッチ!
Bakuretsu Konbea Tatchi!
Blast Conveyor Touch!


  1. "Up to four people can play sub-games via a wireless connection."Kirby Super Star Ultra manual (page 28)
  2. "Child units can participate even if they do not have a Game Card."Kirby Super Star Ultra manual (page 28)
  3. "Eat as much of the food coming down the conveyor belt as you can."Kirby Super Star Ultra manual (page 27)
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