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A round of Snack Tracks in progress.
Type(s) Eating - Competitive
Levels 3
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Super Star Ultra
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"Eat as much of the food coming down the conveyor belt as you can." - Kirby Super Star Ultra Manual, page 26

Kirby Snack Tracks is one of the Sub-Games offered in Kirby Super Star Ultra. This Sub-Game is unlocked and available immediately for even new gamefiles. The game is touch controlled and played on the lower screen of the Nintendo DS. Kirby Snack Tracks is playable in both single player and up to four players via a wireless connection.[1] The two player game can be done with even only one Game Card.[2] The one player mode offers three levels of difficulty at the start of the sub-game.


The game pits four colored Kirbys (pink, yellow, red, green) in a feeding game. The game is a speed/reaction and observation style game. The four Kirbys lie in front of a conveyor belt and for 60 seconds food, caterpillars, bombs,[3] rocks, or food with worms will approach Kirby. The objective is to eat as much food as possible[4] and tap the bugs, rocks, and bombs to send them away,[5] preferably to another competitor. The bugs are eliminated by tapping them once, but rocks need to be tapped twice.[6] If a bomb explodes on a track, all of the incoming food on-screen will be destroyed. After the first 30 seconds passes, the competitors' placement shuffles. The players compete to have the highest score.


  • Bombs subtract 10 points.
  • Caterpillars subtract 2 points.
  • Rocks subtract 2 points.
  • Food adds 3 points.
  • Maxim Tomatoes add 6 points.
  • Combos add a variable bonus amount.


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