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Royal Road - Stage 3

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Royal Road - Stage 3
KTD Royal Road Stage 3 select.png
Stage 3 on the Royal Road level hub.
Level Royal Road
Hypernova Section? Yes
Sun Stones 3
Keychains 4
Rare Keychain Sweet Stuff Drawing
Theme music

Clip of the music that primarily plays in Royal Road - Stage 3.

Stage order
Royal Road - Stage 2 Royal Road - Stage 4
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Royal Road - Stage 3 is the third stage in Royal Road. There are three Sun Stones and 4 keychains in this stage. The rare keychain is one depicting the Sweet Stuff Drawing.


The stage begins with Kirby in a room with a portal in it. Entering the portal leads to a Fine Fields-like area where Kirby finds a Miracle Fruit. From here, it's a Hypernova romp through the field ahead.

The next portal leads to an Old Odyssey-like snowy area where some snowman heads can be escorted.

The next portal leads to a wooded area where Kirby can deal with more ball and chain puzzles.

The next portal leads to a volcanic tunnel where Kirby will need to operate some drill platforms.

The next portal leads to a toybox area where Kirby will have to contend with some Big Missiles and cannon towers.

In the last area, Kirby can uncover a Sectra Tank, then proceed to eat it to reveal the stage exit.

Sun Stone & Rare Keychain Guide[edit]

  • Sun Stone 1 - In the snowman area, Kirby will get this stone if he manages to bring the snow-mama and snow-papa heads to their bodies.
  • Sun Stone 2 - In the volcanic area, Kirby needs to bring a platform to the end of the path so he can use the feeding pipe to get this stone.
  • Sun Stone 3 - In the toybox area, a ladder can be found which leads up to a side door guarded by a cannon tower. Through the door is a minor puzzle which will yields this stone upon completion.
  • Rare Keychain - In the wooded area, Kirby has to gently knock down the first wall with the ball and chain, so that he can destroy the second wall. This will allow him to get to a different portal which will take him to a bluff area where he can inhale some Waddle Dee Trains. The left train is carrying a treasure chest which contains this keychain.

Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Abilities[edit]

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

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Abilities Special
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