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Beanstalk Park

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Beanstalk Park
KAR Beanstalk Park Track Image.jpg
A view of the Beanstalk Park course.
Laps (default) 2
Hazard(s) Dash Panels, Rails, ramps, Ferris wheel, Jump Panels, see-saw platforms, boost rings
Enemies Balloon Bomber, Bronto Burt, Broom Hatter, Caller, Cappy, Flappy, Heat Phanphan, Pichikuri, Waddle Dee, Walky
Theme Music

Clips of the course music from Beanstalk Park

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Beanstalk Park Icon.png

Beanstalk Park is the sixth course in the Air Ride mode of Kirby Air Ride. It takes place high in the sky among giant beanstalks and other floating structures, and features many alternate paths and rails to ride on. It is one of the longer and more complex courses, and the default number of laps run on it is two.


The track display of Beanstalk Park.


Due to the large number of alternate paths, the track of Beanstalk Park is complex and tangled. Despite this, however, the course is simple enough to navigate. It runs in a largely counterclockwise motion starting on the straight horizontal path on the lower-right. The first turn takes place in a track wrapped with a hollow log, and features a Dash Panel on the left-hand side. From there, the racers leap off to access a rising slow-turning track with a long rail looping around it. The rail loop is the quickest way up this portion in most cases. At the end of the rail is a brief wide portion of the track with more Dash Panels before quickly turning downward to the left to leap off another ramp. The track then takes a quick turn to the right to reach the Ferris wheel, where the biggest fork in the course occurs. The racers can either ride the Ferris wheel to be deposited on a separate looping track, or skip it to continue riding along the stony path ahead, which also loops on itself before both paths rejoin in a decked manner.

While these two paths converge, there are opportunities to get onto the upper path from below using rails or Jump Pads, but it might be quicker to simply ride it out until the two paths meet again naturally. Once the paths merge again, the racers will move across a series of bridges and vine rails until they cross a see-saw platform. From there, turning to the right leads to the last set of rails, which stretch for a long way before depositing the racers in mid-air to fly through a series of rings that boost their speed before reaching the finish line and completing a lap. It should be noted that the two rails on the right side here are slightly faster than the ones on the left.

Setting and enemies[edit]

Beanstalk Park appropriately takes place amidst a set of giant beanstalks that stretch high into the sky. The course is dominated by plant life, which makes up the bulk of the track and decorative elements. The remainder is taken up by stony structures and platforms along with the light rails seen in various places. A number of balloon-based airships can also be seen flying around in the background. The most notable structure on this course is the Ferris wheel, which, in addition to ferrying racers, can also be used by the enemies on the course.

Of the enemies on this course, the most common that grant abilities are Flappy, Caller, and Pichikuri, with Heat Phanphan, Balloon Bomber, and Walky being rarer.

Checklist objectives[edit]

The following are all of the checklist objectives that specifically pertain to Beanstalk Park:

Objective Reward Notes
Air Ride: BEANSTALK PARK Finish 2 laps in under 01:56:00! None
Air Ride: BEANSTALK PARK Finish 2 laps in under 02:18:00! Color: Purple Kirby
BEANSTALK PARK: Race over 3 laps without riding the Ferris Wheel! None
BEANSTALK PARK: Swallow over 20 enemies and take 1st place! None
Free Run: BEANSTALK PARK Do 1 lap under 00:58:00 on Winged Star! Music: Air Ride: Beanstalk Park
Free Run: BEANSTALK PARK Finish 1 lap in under 00:58:00! None
Free Run: BEANSTALK PARK Finish 1 lap in under 01:07:00! None
Free Run: BEANSTALK PARK Race over 5,500 feet in 2 minutes! None Must be done in Time mode, rather than Laps mode.
Time Attack: BEANSTALK PARK Finish in under 02:55:00! Music: The Beginner's Room (theme) Alternative music for the course Beanstalk Park. Kirby Air Ride remix of the tutorial track from Kirby Super Star.
Time Attack: BEANSTALK PARK Finish in under 03:10:00! None
Time Attack: BEANSTALK PARK Finish in under 03:00:00 on Rocket Star! Music: Air Ride: Nebula Belt


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイルーン
French Beanstalk Park -
German Beanstalk Park -
Italian Beanstalk Park -
Spanish Beanstalk Park -


  1. Taken from in-game in the Japanese version upon starting the course