Beanstalk Park

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Beanstalk Park is one of the many race courses in Kirby Air Ride. Its basic appearance is that of a large, peaceful garden, sporting gigantic grassy plants, airship-like platforms, and water vast quantities of water, presumably floating high above Dream Land. Beanstalk Park possesses many levels, and possible routes, by which to complete a lap. Which option is better depends on the chosen Air Ride machine of the player, but, usually, the maximum length of track is the most desirable choice. As well, there are various, randomly placed grind rails, which sprout out of broader beams, possibly in the manner of plant tendrils; taking these abundantly provide a faster route throughout the course, and an alternate route back up to a higher length of track. The course's main outstanding feature is the oddly placed bean "Ferris-wheel", which carries the player from the existing route to an alternate section, which favors machines with a statistically high turning ability.