Royal Road

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Royal Road
Royal Road Entry.png
Screenshot from Kirby: Triple Deluxe.
Level Nr. 6
Stages 6
EX Stages 2
Sun Stones 16
Mid-Bosses Bonkers (6-5), Gigant Edge (6-1), Gigant Edge DX (6-5, 6-7 EX), Hornhead DX (6-5, 6-7 EX), Every other DX Mid-Boss (6-5), Every Hypernova Mid-Boss (6-8 EX)
Boss All Previous Bosses, Masked Dedede, Queen Sectonia, Shadow Dedede, Dark Meta Knight
Stages with Hypernova 6-3, 6-5, 6-8 EX
Level Progression
Endless Explosions Eternal Dreamland
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Royal Road is the sixth level of Kirby: Triple Deluxe and the last of the six lands in the kingdom of Floralia. It has five regular stages, a boss stage, and two EX stages. The level is effectively one big castle complex, with an additional floating prison complex above it. There are sixteen Sun Stones to collect in this level, with one each in Stages 2, 4 and 8 EX, three each in Stages 1, 3 and 7 EX, and four in Stage 5. All the previous bosses are fought here again throughout the stages, and the primary bosses vary depending on which game-mode is being played. In Story Mode, the bosses are Masked Dedede and Queen Sectonia. In Dededetour!, they are Queen Sectonia DX, Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta Knight's Revenge.


For details on each stage individually, click the name of the stage.

Stage Unlock Req. Sun Stones Hypernova? Notes
Stage 1 N/A 3 Xmark.png
Stage 2 Complete Stage 1. 1 Xmark.png The bosses Coily Rattler and Kracko are re-fought here.
Stage 3 Complete Stage 2. 3 Yescheck.png
Stage 4 Complete Stage 3. 1 Xmark.png The bosses Paintra, Flowery Woods and Pyribbit are re-fought here.
Stage 5 Complete Stage 4. 4 Yescheck.png Flowery Woods makes one last appearance here.
Stage 6 Collect 7 Sun Stones from prior Royal Road stages and complete Stage 5. 0 Xmark.png Masked Dedede and Queen Sectonia are battled here. Completing this stage leads into Eternal Dreamland.
Stage 7 EX Collect all prior Royal Road Sun Stones. 3 Xmark.png This is an EX stage, so completing it is not required to finish the game.
Stage 8 EX Complete Stage 7 EX. 1 Yescheck.png This is an EX stage, so completing it is not required to finish the game.

In Dededetour![edit]

Once Lvl. 6 begins, King Dedede plays through all of the EX stages from previous levels and Stage 7 EX first. From there, all remaining stages of Royal Road are played in one sequence in Dededetour! except for Stage 8 EX and the sections of stages where Hypernova is used. Through this sequence, 6 Keychains can be found.

In addition, many enemies are re-sized - changing their Stamina and also possibly movement speed - and Queen Sectonia and the Mid-Bosses are changed to their DX forms.

Finally, in place of Sun Stones, Warp Holes can be found in many areas allowing King Dedede to skip parts of the stages. In Royal Road, there are 13 Warp Holes in total.

Once Queen Sectonia DX is defeated, King Dedede is pitted against two more foes, not seen in the main Story Mode. These are Shadow Dedede and Dark Meta Knight's Revenge.


  • Throughout Royal Road, numerous enemies encountered in previous levels now sport an insectoid design. These include Waddle Dees, Bronto Burts, Gordos, Lanzers, and Spynums.
    • However, Stage 7 EX features both Sectonian and normal variants of enemies that would otherwise be Sectonian only.
  • Stage 3 and Stage 8 EX are the only stages in the game from which it is impossible to obtain any Copy Abilities.
    • Additionally, Stage 8 EX is the only EX stage to feature Hypernova.
  • Stage 8 EX features the Fountain of Dreams theme from Kirby Air Ride when Kirby gains Hypernova.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Intrigue Impériale Imperial Intrigue
German Nächtliche Noblesse Nightly Noblesse