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Marx Allies.png
Artwork of Marx from Kirby Star Allies
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Star Allies
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Other Game(s) Kirby Super Star Ultra
Kirby Mass Attack
Cameo Appearances Kirby Squeak Squad
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Kirby: Planet Robobot
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Marx is the final boss of Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He made his debut as the antagonist and final boss of Milky Way Wishes. He has become playable as a Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies.


While he may appear friendly on the outside, Marx was actually insane when he first appeared. He manipulated his "friend" Kirby into helping him, and turned traitor at the last second when the Galactic Nova was being summoned, stealing Kirby's wish when it appeared. As a Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies, however, Marx seems to have cleared up his act.

Physical Appearance

When Kirby and Marx first met in the intro of Milky Way Wishes, Marx appears to be a small purple head with large eyes, no arms, a bow tie, a jester hat and a jester ball of blue and red.

Marx's true form has a pair of wings made of glowing crystals, which are supported by two yellow arms. His true form has longer bow tie and much more menacing eyes. His true form is larger as boss but just as big as his smaller form as a Dream Friend.

Battle Style

Marx uses a variety of moves in battle. His main ability is teleporting, but he has many other attacks, as detailed below.

Marx's Attacks
Attack Description
Shooter Cutter Marx appears to teleport, but instead shoots out four cutter boomerangs.
This attack has since appeared on many later final bosses in Kirby series.
Seed Attack Marx flies off the screen, dropping four damaging seeds in random places in the arena.
About a second later, thorn vines spring up from locations of the seeds.
Shadow Uppercut Marx appears as a flashing circle on the ground that follows Kirby.
After a few seconds, he springs up in an attempt to ram into Kirby.
Marx Laser Marx assumes a strange expression, then attempts to fire an enormous, damaging beam out of his mouth.
Cannot be guarded at all.
Jester Ball Spit-Drop
(Ice Ball)
Marx assumes a strange expression, then drops a bomb out of his mouth.
After reaching Kirby's height, it explodes into two icy shockwaves that may freeze Kirby in the air or on the ground.
(with arrows)
Marx flashes, then releases hundreds of damaging arrows from his body.
After the arrow barrage, he swoops off the stage.
Black Hole Marx splits in half, creating a black hole. If Kirby is sucked in, he is transported to an alternate dimension in which he takes massive damage.
Cannot be guarded but can be avoided by dashing to one end of the stage. The dimension appears to be a maelstrom of energy.
Attacks names are taken from Japanese guide book and Marx's Moveset in Kirby Star Allies.

Game appearances

Kirby Super Star (Ultra)

A still from the battle with Marx

In Milky Way Wishes, Marx first appears in the beginning to alert Kirby that the Sun and the Moon were fighting, and tells Kirby to gather the power of the surrounding stars and awaken the Galactic NOVA.

After Kirby manages to awaken NOVA, Marx appears and asks it for the ability to rule Popstar. The NOVA accepts his wish and goes on its way to Popstar. Kirby then goes after the NOVA, and after successfully stopping it he goes after Marx.

As Marx is defeated by Kirby, he is sent flying into the Galactic NOVA, causing it to explode. However, in a what-if scenerio from The True Arena of Kirby Super Star Ultra, after Marx is blown up, his body begins taking in the remaining energy from the NOVA, which brings him back to life in the form of a ghost-like mutant known as Marx Soul, the final boss of The True Arena.

Main article: Marx Soul

Kirby Mass Attack

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In Kirby Mass Attack, Marx appears in the sub-game Kirby Brawlball as the fourth and final boss. He appears much bigger than he does in any other game. His Quad Cutter and Arrow Flurry attacks serve as objects that can push Kirby down. His Light Beam can freeze Kirby for a few seconds if he's caught in it. With his Black Hole attack, he will suck up random enemies, then shoot them out of his mouth. These enemies can't touch Kirby, but he can be sucked by the attack as well, which may cause the player to lose sight of him. His Vines appear as obstacles in the field. His original form also appears in the field. Kirby can defeat him for two extra Kirby balls, though this can only be done up to five times.

Kirby Star Allies

Marx fires the Team Attack laser with Kirby Piggybacking on him.

Marx appears as a Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies, added with Version 2.0.0 of the game on March 28th, 2018. His appearance here marks the first time he is playable in the Kirby series.

Marx's attack style revolves around his ability to kick jester balls at his opponents and - while flying - use several attacks from his boss form. He is able to receive elemental powers from other allies which can further boost his arsenal.


Marx's Dream Friend Moveset in Kirby Star Allies  
Skill Button Execution Skill Button Execution
Jester Ball Ride
Black Hole
Press and hold B during Radiant Flight, then release
Ball Kick
B during Jester Ball Ride
Marx Megaspin
Dash and press ↓ + B in midair
Change Kick Angle
Press and hold B + (direction) during Jester Ball Ride
Marx Flip Ultima
↓ + B in midair
Ball Kick Shot
Dash + B
Shadow Uppercut
Fly into the ground using Marx Flip Ultima
Time-Bomb Jester Ball
↓ + B
Dash + B in midair
Prank Kick
B near an enemy
Flip Ultima Combo
↓ + B during Rush
Radiant Flight
A in midair
Spin Combo
↑↓ + B during Rush
Jester Ball Spit-Drop
Press and release B during Radiant Flight

When given a certain element, many of Marx's attacks take on additional effects which are reminiscent of some of his boss moves:

  • Using Jester Ball Spit-Drop with Blizzard causes ice shockwaves to spread out after the ball is dropped, resembling his 'Ice Ball' as boss.
  • Using Jester Ball Spit-Drop with Bluster causes him to shoot out 4 cutters all around himself, resembling his 'Shooter Cutter' as a boss.
  • Using Jester Ball Spit-Drop with Splash causes spiky vines to shoot out of the ground, resembling his 'Seed Attack' as a boss.
  • Using Rush with Zap causes him to shoot numerous lightning arrows forward, resembling his arrow barrage attack as a boss.
  • Using Rush with Sizzle causes him to shoot numerous fireballs forward. This is an new move for Marx because he has never used any fire element attack before.

In addition, when Marx performs the Team Attack with his allies, it resembles the strange expression with which he fires laser in Kirby Super Star (Ultra).


  • Since Version 2.0.0, the Stone ability can transform into Marx's true form splitting in half.
  • Since Version 2.0.0, a hidden stone plate of Marx's true form can be found after activating the Pull Switch at the end of Extra Planet β.
  • Marx appears as a surprise bonus boss in the Happy Ending credits of Heroes in Another Dimension, where he'll utilize all of his moves from the original boss fight. Interestingly, he is given his laugh from Kirby Super Star Ultra while the playable Marx uses his Kirby Super Star laugh.
  • Marx appears in three Celebration Pictures: "Super Ultra Battle", "Crazy Mischief in the Stars" and "Bad Boss Brothers".

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Marx retains his role as a boss and his moveset from Kirby Super Star (except the arrow attack), but has three new attacks which can greatly weaken the fighter's shield:

  • Marx's eyes turn dark and black bouncy balls appear, which deal darkness damage.
  • Marx goes into the middle of the arena, retracts his wings and causes magenta tree branch like appendages to come out and spread across the arena, which deal fire damage.
  • Marx's eyes grow into the size of a kinball and his pupils multiply, causing him to shoot out multiple purple lasers out of his eyes, which deal electric damage.

Marx's cutters and ice balls can be inhaled or reflected. After beating Marx, he bounces on the stage sporadically while screaming before he lands on the floor with his wings separated.

In Classic Mode, the only characters to fight Marx so far are Kirby, Rosalina & Luma and Inkling.

In Adventure Mode: World of Light, Marx is one of the three bosses of Dharkon's army in The Dark Realm, first fought at the end of Mysterious Dimension. Defeating him in Mysterious Dimension rewards the Primary Spirit of Marx in his small form (★★ Advanced, Grab-type, 3 slots; Skill: none), which can be enhanced into Marx (True Form) (★★★★ Legend, Grab-type, 3 slots; Skill: Magic Attack ↑). Later, Marx and the other five bosses of Galeem's and Dharkon's armies will be fought again in a boss rush during the final battle.

Cameo Appearances


Main article: Vs. Marx

Marx's theme song is "Vs. Marx" (also titled "Meddlesome Marx"). Originally his boss battle theme in Kirby Super Star and its remake, his theme is remixed to make a surprise appearance in Kirby Star Allies.


Video Gallery

Marx's Dream Friend trailer for Kirby Star Allies


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Spoilers abound! If you do not wish to read them, skip ahead to the next heading or find a different article.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マルク
Mark. Romanized as Marx in Japan.
Traditional Chinese 魔嚕酷
mó lū kù
Transcription of Maruku
  • The character 魔, while having many meanings, here means "demon" considering Marx's characteristics. There is a "Demon" Kanji sticker in Kirby: Planet Robobot.
  • The character 酷 can mean "cruel" or "cool" in different contexts.
Simplified Chinese 魔噜酷
mó lū kù
Dutch Marx -
French Max -
German Max -
Italian Mark -
Russian Маркс
Spanish Marx -


  1. "魔法使いのマルクは、ポップスターのそばにある星々をつなげることで大彗星を呼べば解決することを教えてくれました。" (Japanese Kirby Super Star manual, pg. 26)