Galactic Nova Nucleus

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Galactic Nova Nucleus
NOVA Nucleus 2.jpg
Image from Kirby Super Star Ultra
Debut Game Kirby Super Star
Last Game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Weakness(es) Starship
Similar to Star Dream Soul OS
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Galactic Nova Nucleus (originally called Heart of Nova) is the second-to-last boss of Milky Way Wishes in the SNES game Kirby Super Star, and its Nintendo DS remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.


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Before the short level preceding the fight, Kirby is given the Starship ability, and in this fight, he is inside the Galactic NOVA after it has granted Marx's wish. NOVA's heart is in the center of the background, and eight columns are orbiting around it, with an object in their center. When one of them orbits near his Starship, Kirby must shoot the sphere floating in a gap in the column. The spheres are of several different colors and shapes, and some of them float up and down if the gap is larger than them. When a sphere is destroyed, it will explode and make a much larger gap in the column, and after five are destroyed, the columns will reverse the direction they orbit in so that they come from behind Kirby. They increase in speed twice, once after two and once after four are destroyed, but never change their speed once they reverse. The only way to get hurt in this level is by touching one of the spheres, which does very little damage, or by being crushed between the edge of the screen and a column, which is an instant defeat. When Kirby has destroyed all the spheres, NOVA stops dead, and Kirby flies away as the player sees it explode slightly. After the fight, Kirby loses the Starship ability and must fight Marx with his regular ability. Marx is sent flying into the Galactic NOVA upon his defeat, their collision killing them both as NOVA's body explodes.