Olive Ocean

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Olive Ocean
Olive Ocean Room 19.jpg
Kirby faces all of the sub-aquatic elements in Olive Ocean.
Level Nr. 6
Room count 29
Goal Game count 2
Connected level(s) Moonlight Mansion
Cabbage Cavern
Mid-Bosses Bonkers
Mr. Flosty
Boss Gobbler
Level Progression
Carrot Castle Peppermint Palace
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Olive Ocean is a water based area of the Mirror World in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Kirby must navigate the treacherous waters to obtain the Mirror Shard from Gobbler. Olive Ocean is one of the smallest areas in the Mirror World, and only has portals connecting it to Moonlight Mansion and Cabbage Cavern.

The upper portions of the map consist of a brief surface level path that ends with a portal to a Goal Game. The rest of the journey through the area takes place below the surface. The majority of which is swimming, but an underground cavern system provides more varieties to the terrain. The area steps up the difficulty with its swimming theme, as Copy Abilities are difficult to maintain throughout all of the currents forcing contact with spikes, Gordos, hordes of Blippers, and the occasional open pit.


As with each area, a map specific to the area can be found. Other treasures for the Collection Room include a Vitality Heart, which increases the life meter of Kirby. The Ocean Spray Paint, which colors Kirby blue, and a Sound File can also be found.

Enemies, Bosses, and Abilities in Olive Ocean

Regular Enemies in Olive Ocean Bosses in Olive Ocean

Mid Bosses:

Abilities in Olive Ocean


Olive Ocean Area Map
Olive Ocean - HubOlive Ocean - Room 1Olive Ocean - Room 2Olive Ocean - Room 3Olive Ocean - Room 4Olive Ocean - Room 5Olive Ocean - Room 6Olive Ocean - Room 7Olive Ocean - Room 8Olive Ocean - Room 9Olive Ocean - Room 10Olive Ocean - Room 11Olive Ocean - Room 12Olive Ocean - Room 13Olive Ocean - Room 14Olive Ocean - Room 15Olive Ocean - Room 16Olive Ocean - Room 17Olive Ocean - Room 18Olive Ocean - Room 19Olive Ocean - Room 20Olive Ocean - Room 21Olive Ocean - Room 22Olive Ocean - Room 23Olive Ocean - Chest 1Olive Ocean - Chest 2Olive Ocean - Goal 1Olive Ocean - Goal 2Moonlight MansionCabbage CavernCabbage CavernGobblerOlive Ocean Map.jpg
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Olive Ocean consists primarily of two areas, one significantly larger than the other. The smaller area to the upper left is a coastline area, while the rest of the map is mostly underwater, consisting of numerous tunnels and swimming challenges. Overall, there are 23 normal rooms, one Hub, two Chest rooms (one of which has the area map), two Goal rooms, and a Boss encounter with Gobbler.

There are few areas that connect to Olive Ocean, with only one initially accessible from the outside, that being the entrance to the upper-left from Cabbage Cavern. Aside from the Hub connection that can be made, the only other entrance is via the gate to Moonlight Mansion on the upper right, though that also needs to be opened on the Olive Ocean side.

Olive Ocean has two Goal rooms. Completing the Goal Game in each room will take Kirby and any friends with him back to the Central Circle in Rainbow Route.

For a full synopsis of what's in each room, click on any room on the map to head to the corresponding page.

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