Kirby Fighters

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Kirby Fighters
Type(s) Fighting
Levels 7
Players 1 - 4
Appears in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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Kirby Fighters is a Sub-Game in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It was later released as a standalone title with additional content, known as Kirby Fighters Deluxe.


The mechanics of Kirby Fighters are highly similar in nature to many traditional fighting games. The goal of each round is to deplete the health bars of all other Kirbys by attacking them and using certain items, while conversely blocking attacks and using healing items to avoid the same fate.

Rounds take place on a variety of stages based on various locations throughout the Kirby series, and fighters can select from a limited amount of copy abilities to use. Two primary modes exist - a single-player mode with seven rounds against a variety of computer-controlled opponents, and a multiplayer mode where players using different 3DSes can play individual rounds against each other. the player can also play a single round without any other players in Training Mode.

Copy Abilities


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Game Modes

Single Player

Kirby fights against many CPU-controlled opponents. It is a time attack mode, with four difficulty levels.

Kirby's opponents go as follows. Note that with the exeption of Shadow Kirby, the copy abilities are random.

  1. One Kirby
  2. One Kirby
  3. Two Kirbys with the same ability
  4. Two Kirbys with different abilities
  5. Three Kirbys with the same ability
  6. Three Kirbys with different abilities
  7. Shadow Kirby (always has the same ability as Kirby)

Items and hazards are enabled in this mode, but Ghost Kirby is not.


In this mode, the player can battle against nearby players who have 3DS systems. Extra copies of the game are not required, as Download Play allows anyone to join (albeit also limiting gameplay options when used).

Spots not filled by human players can be filled by CPU players, whose abilities and difficulty levels can be set. Furthermore, each player can set the color of their Kirby and their handicap, which changes their damage dealt and taken, among other effects. Items, hazards, and Ghost Kirby can also be disabled in the More Settings menu.

Each player or CPU's number of rounds won is displayed on the bottom of the screen.


Like Multiplayer, but the player is the only human in the match, and all opponents are CPUs.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Korean 커비 파이터즈
Keobi Paiteojeu
Kirby Fighters