List of Present Codes in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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Receiving Star Coins from a Japanese-exclusive Present Code.

Similar to the passwords found in the Team Kirby Clash series, Kirby and the Forgotten Land features Present Codes which can be entered to receive rewards such as Star Coins, Rare Stones, Food Items, or Stock Items. Present Codes are submitted to Delivery Waddle Dee at Waddle Dee-liveries in Waddle Dee Town in exchange for Delivery Presents.

Despite official releases listing them as "English" and "日本語" (Japanese), Present Codes are not region exclusive and can be redeemed regardless of the console's region settings. However, in order to access Japanese keyboard options, the game must be loaded onto a Switch whose language is set to Japanese. Once the Code is used, the language can be changed at the user's preference and all rewards will be kept. An unopened Delivery Present will even remain next to Kirby's House to be opened in any other language.

Players who are familiar with Latin characters are able to enter Japanese language Present Codes using the Japanese romaji input option of the Nintendo Switch keyboard (日本語 ローマ字入力). This option converts wapuro romaji into Japanese script. For the purposes of this article, romaji representing hiragana (かな) are written as blue lowercase letters and romaji representing katakana (カナ) are written as green uppercase letters.

Some Present Codes from different languages are considered equivalent by the game with only the first one used granting any rewards.

Present Codes found in Waddle Dee Town[edit]

These Codes are revealed in certain spots around Waddle Dee Town. If Elfilin is present, he will find the Present Codes and read them to Kirby, otherwise they are presented through narration. They are able to be redeemed without an internet connection, and will never expire.

Password Romanization Meaning Reward Location
FIRSTPASSWORD Star Coin×100 On the wall across from Waddle Dee-liveries
はじめてのキーワード hajimetenoKI-WA-DO The First Keyword
KIRBYSTORY Star Coin×300 In a pamphlet on the rack in the Waddle Dee Cinema
カービィストーリー KA-BYISUTO-RI- Kirby Story
KIRBYTHEGOURMET Rare Stone×1 Car-Mouth Cake×1 In the rooftop garden of the Waddle Dee Café
グルメなカービィ GURUMEnaKA-BYI Kirby the Gourmet
BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM Star Coin×500 Attack Boost×1 On top of Commentator Waddle Dee's tent
かくとうコロシアム kakutouKOROSHIAMU Brawling Colosseum
THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT Rare Stone×3 On the wall next to where Meta Knight perches on the Colosseum
ありがとうメタナイト arigatouMETANAITO Thank you, Meta Knight
THANKYOUKIRBY Star Coin×1000 Rare Stone Behind the golden Kirby statue built after rescuing all 300 Waddle Dees
ありがとうカービィ arigatouKA-BYI Thank you, Kirby

Present Codes announced online[edit]

These Codes are revealed by sources external to the game.

Password Romanization Meaning Reward Date revealed Expiration Date Source
CLEARDEMO Star Coin×300 Mar 3, 2022 Unlimited Clearing the Demo
たいけんばんクリア taikenbannKURIA Demo version cleared
NEWADVENTURE Star Coin×300 Rare Stone×1 Mar 3, 2022 Unlimited Clearing the Demo and completing all Missions in Downtown Grassland
いざだいぼうけんへ izadaiboukenhe Time for a great adventure
もっとふくらむニンテンドードリーム mottofukuramuNINTENDO-DORI-MU Fill up, Nintendo Dream Star Coin×300 Mar 19, 2022 May 19, 2022 Nintendo Dream May 2022[1]
GAMENEWS Rare Stone×1 Mar 25, 2022 Unknown Nintendo Switch News (Nintendo News)
だいぼうけんガイド daiboukennGAIDO Great Adventure Guide Rare Stone×1 Mar 25, 2022 Unknown 星のカービィ ディスカバリー 新世界大冒険ガイド (Kirby and the Forgotten Land New World Great Adventure Guide)
ADVENTUREGUIDE Rare Stone×1 Pamphlet distributed in Taiwan
KIRBYSNACKS Star Coin×250 Kirby Burger×1
1 Cup of Juice
Mar 25, 2022 May 22, 2022 Kirby and the Forgotten Land section of the "You Could Win a Nintendo Switch™ Bundle" Contest microsite
KIRBYMICROSITE Star Coin×150 Attack Boost×1 Mar 25, 2022 Jun 10, 2022 Official website after finding all 5 real world objects
カービィカフェでディスカバリー KA-BYIKAFEdeDHISUKABARI- Discovery at the Kirby Café Star Coin×500 Car-Mouth Cake×1
1 Cup of Coffee
Apr 1, 2022 Jun 30, 2022 Kirby Café stores
Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
キャラぱふぇカービィ KYARApafeKA-BYI Kirby character showcase Star Coin×300 Unknown Unknown Character Parfait
メールでディスカバリー ME-RUdeDHISUKABARI- Discovery Mail Star Coin×350 Attack Boost×1 Unknown Unknown Email from Nintendo
THIRTIETH Rare Stone×1 Car-Mouth Cake×1 Apr 27, 2022 May 27, 2022 Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png
Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
Nintendo Switch News (Nintendo News)
さんじっしゅうねん sanjisshuunenn Thirtieth anniversary
はかたでポップアップ hakatadePOPPUAPPU Pop-up in Hakata Star Coin×300
2 Loaves of French Bread
Apr 27, 2022 May 25, 2022 Kirby pop-up shop at EKIHAKO Hakata store, JR Hakata Station
Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
キデイランドでディスカバリー KIDEIRANDOdeDHISUKABARI- Discovery at Kiddy Land Star Coin×300 Kirby Burger×1 Apr 27, 2022 Jul 31, 2022 KIRBY'S PUPUPU MARKET At Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda and Harajuku stores
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BIRTHDAY Rare Stone×1 Apr 27, 2022 Unlimited Nintendo Switch News (Nintendo News, European version only)
カービィコロコロ KA-BYIKOROKORO Kirby CoroCoro Star Coin×300
2 Rice Balls
Apr 27, 2022 CoroCoro
なごやでポップアップ nagoyadePOPPUAPPU Pop-up in Nagoya Star Coin×300
2 Roast Chickens
May 13, 2022 Jun 9, 2022 Kirby pop-up shop at Nagoya Takashimaya
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Expired Present Codes[edit]

Password Romanization Meaning Reward Date revealed Expiration Date Source
MOUTHFULMODE Star Coin×100 Car-Mouth Cake×1 Mar 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022 Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png
Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
ほおばりヘンケイでだいぼうけん hoobariHENKEIdedaiboukenn A Great Mouthful Mode Adventure
KIRBYNEWSDESK Star Coin×150 Energy Drink×1 Mar 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022 Nintendo Switch News (Kirby and the Forgotten Land Channel)
KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN Star Coin×150 Maxim Tomato×1 Mar 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022 GameStop Canada employees
4 Food items (Soft-Serve Traffic Cone, Macaron, Shortcake (slice), Ice Cream Cone)
Mar 25, 2022 Apr 25, 2022 Kirby and the Forgotten Land 3D walkthrough at Universal CityWalk
カービィポップアップショップ KA-BYIPOPPUAPPUSHOPPU Kirby pop-up shop Star Coin×300
2 Cherries
Apr 14, 2022 May 4, 2022 Kirby pop-up shop at JR Ikebukuro Station
Twitter link Twitter favicon.png
ICONELEMENTS Star Coin×300 Kirby Burger×1 Apr 8, 2022 May 6, 2022 Twitter link (Japanese) Twitter favicon.png
Twitter link (English) Twitter favicon.png
ユーザーアイコンでディスカバリー YU-ZA-AIKONNdeDHISUKABARI- User icons from Discovery
かんさいでポップアップ kansaidePOPPUAPPU Pop-up in Kansai Star Coin×300
2 Orders of Takoyaki
Apr 20, 2022 May 10, 2022 Kirby pop-up shop at JR Ikebukuro Station
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プレゼントキーワード
Purezento Kīwādo
Present Keyword
Traditional Chinese 禮物關鍵詞
Lǐwù Guānjiàncí
Present Keyword
Simplified Chinese 礼物关键词
Lǐwù Guānjiàncí
Dutch cadeaucode gift code
French code cadeau present code
German Geschenkcode present code
Italian códice regalo gift code
Korean 프레젠트 키워드
Peurejenteu Kiwodeu
Present Keyword
Spanish código de regalo gift code