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Reset Platform

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Reset Platform
KSA Reset Platform 01.jpg
Kirby finding a Reset Platform in Kirby Star Allies
Type Stage prop
Function Reset Kirby's ability and friends
Found Before bosses
Game(s) Kirby Star Allies
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You can use a Reset Platform to turn friends into Copy Essences and make changes to members as you see fit!
— In-game tip from Kirby Star Allies

A Reset Platform is an object which allows Kirby to transfer his currently equipped Copy Ability and his Friends into Copy Essences. Doing so allows Kirby to quickly and safely rearrange his party, as well as choose a different ability if he so wishes. Reset Platforms first appeared in Kirby Star Allies, where they are typically seen before a boss encounter.

To activate the Reset Platform, Kirby must stand on it, then the player must hold Y (which normally has Kirby drop his Copy Ability when used anywhere else). Done correctly, Kirby's ability and all of his standard friends will be removed from the field and transferred to the four Copy Essence pedestals above the platform. From there, these essences will remain intact, and the platform itself will deactivate. When activating the platform, both limited-use abilities and Dream Friends are unaffected, as the former don't have Copy Essences and the latter are not based on any particular Copy Ability in the game.

The Reset Platform is also handy if Kirby simply wishes to travel alone from that point onward, as it is a faster way of dismissing his allies than saying good-bye to each one individually.


  • The pulsing lines of light from the platform to the essence pedestals are color-coded to represent each player position.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リゼットフロア
Rizetto furoa
Reset Floor