Treasure Shot

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Treasure Shot

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Type(s) Arcade shooting game
Levels 3
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Squeak Squad
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Quote1.png Try to hit items! Quote2.png
— in-game description

Treasure Shot is one of the sub-games in Kirby: Squeak Squad, and is among the three available from the start. Here, there are three treasure chests that open randomly. Kirby is facing Doc, and must shoot orbs to get the sweets found in treasure chests[1]. In order to shoot the orbs, Kirby must slide the stylus in the direction he wants to hit at[2]. The direction leading to each treasure chest is conveniently shown on the bottom screen. Usually the sweets only require one hit to be received. However, the bigger sweets require several hits. In addition to this, bombs may appear in the place of the sweets when the treasure chests open. These bombs require two hits in order to be received, and will temporarily stun the unlucky hitter, displaying a big red x. When the game ends, whoever had accumulated the most points will win.

Sweets found[edit]

  • Cherry-1 point
  • Sundae-2 points
  • Cupcake-3 points
  • Big sweet-5 points


  1. "Get lots of sweets"-in-game instructions
  2. "Slide to shoot!"