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Kirby PR Level InfoBox
Overload Ocean.jpg
Screenshot from Kirby: Planet Robobot.
Level Nr. 3
Stages 6
EX Stages 1
Code Cubes 18
Mid-Bosses Blocky (3-1), Bonkers (3-5), King Doo 2.0 (3-EX)
Boss Susie
Stages with Robobot Armor All but Boss stage and Stage 5
Level Progression
<-- Resolution Road Gigabyte Grounds -->
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Overload Ocean (known in Japan as Octarn Ocean) is the third level of Kirby: Planet Robobot. It has five regular stages, a boss stage, and an EX stage. The level consists mainly of locations both above and below water, contains a dessert factory, and also features a laboratory like the stages before it. There are eighteen Code Cubes to collect in this level, with three in every stage except the Boss one. The boss is Susie.


Note that the following synopsis focuses on Kirby's playthrough in the main Story Mode. In Meta Knightmare Returns, some sections are not played at all, and the remaining sections are played in one long continuous run.

Stage 1


Section 1: The stage begins on a metal dock, overlooking a body of water. A Knuckle Joe appears right in front of Kirby, just asking to be swallowed or pummeled. Further right is a swim past several aquatic enemies, cargo boats and other obstructions. An underwater bomb block barrier yields the way forward from here, which leads to an assault by the MechFlotzo, large octopuses that harass Kirby with their ink. The door to the next section can be found on a boat at the right end of the area.

Section 2: The door leads to another boat, with the water continuing to the right. Here, however, the water is bottomless, so Kirby should take care not to swim too deep. Under a wall of crates, two Copy Pedestals containing the Poison and Sword abilities can be found, along with Bandana Waddle Dee on a boat. Further right, Kirby must contend with the Mid-Boss Blocky on a dock. Defeating and swallowing him yields the Stone ability. From there, a couple of Cannons will take Kirby to the next section.

Section 3: Kirby lands on a series of sloped catwalks leading downward. The Stone ability will allow him to slide down effortlessly, smacking any enemies that get in the way. Along the path, another slope can be accessed off the side that leads to a Code Cube. From there, the catwalks dump into the water, where the door to the next section can be found to the left on the underwater floor.

Section 4: The door leads to a pool, which leads out to a path made of docks and crates. Here, the Robobot Armor can be accessed, and used to reveal a Fuse Cannon. Using the armor, Kirby can carry this cannon, and place it in an area with a fuse so that it can be used. Doing this successfully will allow Kirby to bypass some enemies on ladders and gain a 1Up. Further right, a 3D Warp Star will take Kirby to the background, where another Fuse Cannon can be found. To obtain the Code Cube here, the cannon must be moved to the other base, or else Kirby will just get a face-ful of Gordo. The door to the next section can be found up a ladder from that area.

Section 5: The door leads to a walkway leading right past more MechFlotzo. Granted Kirby still has the armor, he can use it to take these pesky cephalopods out, and get some tasty calamari for his trouble. Along the way, a Code Cube can be seen in the background underwater. To reach it, Kirby will need to clear a path, then ditch the armor to fit through the narrow passages. To the right from there, the stage exit can be found, obscured by breakable boxes.

(there is a secret room in this stage which contains the Smash Bros. ability, and some other goodies)

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes

Stage 2

Kirby rides along in his Wheel Armor in Stage 2.

Section 1: The stage begins in the docks region, with a Wheelie available right at the start, who will run over Kirby immediately if he is not swallowed. From there, Kirby can use Wheel to ride on the water to the other end, and find some Robobot Armor in front of the doorway.

Section 2: Another Wheelie appears from a hatch, which the armor can scan to retrieve the Wheel Mode for the first time. This mode allows Kirby to hop between the foreground and background at will, and cannot be discarded until the stage is complete. The path ahead will require utilizing this trick and a Code Cube can be gotten along the way.

Section 3: Along this path, a Switch will need to be pressed to unlock an optional doorway that leads to another Code Cube, but Kirby will need to be quick to get in there before the gate closes.

Section 4: This path involves a lot of hopping back and forth. The last Code Cube can be found here after a series of jumps. The unique Sticker can also be found here, in a Treasure Chest off the beaten path. At the end, Kirby uses a machine that relies on the Wheel Armor's revving power to carve the stage exit out of a rock using a laser.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • None.

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes

Stage 3

Kirby contends with some lasers in a scrolling section in Stage 3.

Prelude: Like most labs, this one starts off outside, as Kirby must make his way up the path to the door. This lab is partially submerged in the water.

Section 1: The first section of the lab is an auto-scrolling area with a small detour.

Section 2: This is an area with a screen showing Kirby the preferred way through the area. Taking this path as instructed leads to the first Code Cube. This is done via 3-D Warp Stars in another auto-scrolling section.

Section 3: The Robobot Armor is obtained in this area. The unique Sticker can be collected in one of the background areas. The second Code Cube can be found in a treasure chest in the foreground. Kirby will then need to abandon the armor to continue.

Section 4: This section is another auto scroller. Kirby can take a nap here if he is brave. The last Code Cube can be obtained by pressing an extra Switch along the route. The stage exit is at the end of this path, guarded by laser turrets.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • None.

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes

Stage 4

Kirby skates up the popsicle slope in Stage 4.

Section 1: This stage takes place in a huge ice cream factory. Unfortunately for Kirby, the ice cream will not be very much fun if it falls on him. The door forward can be found past several tumbling cones.

Section 2: This area is a duo of popsicle slopes, which are fun to skate on.

Section 3: In this area, Kirby gets an Invincibility Candy, can use it to run amok in the place, and obtain a Code Cube being guarded by a bunch of Glunks at the end of the room.

Section 4: This room consists of several smaller chambers. Along the way, an optional doorway can be found under some fire blocks, which yields a Code Cube (and maybe a unique Sticker too).

Section 5: The Robobot Armor is found in this room, and the Ice Mode makes its debut here. In this room, Kirby is tasked with returning the heads of three ice-cream statues to their bodies. Done successfully, this will yield the last Code Cube right before the stage exit.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

  • None.

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes

Stage 5

Kirby swims with the sharks in Stage 5.

Section 1: This stage takes place in a deep underwater zone, and Kirby will be spending most of his time wearing his trusty goggles. The first thing Kirby must do is swim to the bottom of a trench.

Section 2: Here, Kirby must make his way across pillars of rock, while dodging the mechanized Acros which vie to get in his way. A side-chamber can be found here, which yields a Code Cube.

Section 3: Kirby can take a brief gulp of air here, inside a submarine, and also fight Bonkers. Wasn't there a wooden peg earlier in the room?

Section 4: This room is a labyrinthine area underwater, with more MechAcros. Kirby is gifted a unique Sticker if he came in here a certain way. Along the way, another Code Cube can be collected, but a pesky peg will need to be dealt with first.

Section 5: In this room, Kirby will need to race down the path to grab a Battery before it falls into the place of no returning. If successful, Kirby can use this battery to get the last Code Cube up ahead. The stage exit lies just beyond.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes

  • None.

Stage 6 (Boss: Susie)

Kirby and Susie prepare to fight.

At least six Code Cubes are required to unlock this stage.

Kirby starts out in the water, and must swim upward. Once above water, Bandana Waddle Dee gives Kirby an item, then the Fighter, Poison and Circus abilities are available above on Copy Pedestals. Higher still, the door to the boss chamber can be found.

The room itself is a domed chamber underwater. Here, Kirby runs into Susie for the very first time. She introduces herself to him, and explains why the Haltmann Works Company is here on Pop Star. She then declares Kirby an obstacle to her plans, and jumps into a large mech suit, prompting the fight to begin.

The fight itself takes place in three phases, with the first being on a flat arena, and the next two being a circular loop. Susie attacks by slamming Kirby with her mech, and firing drones at him. Once she is defeated, she escapes using a helicopter device, leaving Kirby to do his dance, destroy the third leg of the UFO, and proceed to the next level, Gigabyte Grounds.

Stage 7 EX

It was... too much... sugar...

All 15 of the Code Cubes from the previous stages are required to unlock this one.

Section 1: The first room takes place in the lab, and involves the use of various Cannons to progress.

Section 2: This area takes place out in the docks, where a series of Tilt Gondolas can be ridden. Kirby will need to ferry a Battery across one in order to unlock a side-chamber containing a Code Cube. A unique Sticker can be found in the water.

Section 3: This area takes place in the ice cream factory, and makes use of the Robobot Armor. A Code Cube can be collected here with a little ingenuity.

Section 4: Kirby will need to leave the armor behind, and climb up a long chute full of dangerous dessert.

Section 5: This area takes place deep underwater, and involves a lot of tight passages with MechAcros.

Section 6: Returning to the docks, Kirby does battle with King Doo 2.0. while a MechFlotzo harasses him from the background. From there, the last Code Cube can be collected, and the stage completed.

Enemies, Mid-bosses, and Abilities

Regular Enemies Mid-Boss

Abilities Robobot Armor Modes


A portion of the Overload Ocean Stage Select area.