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Runaway Parade Car

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Runaway Parade Car
KatFL Runaway Parade Cars screenshot.png
Screenshot of three types of Runaway Parade Car from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
First game Kirby and the Forgotten Land (2022)
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Runaway Parade Car is an enemy and stage hazard that appears in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, primarily in stages in Wondaria Remains. There are four different types, distinguished by shape and size: one resembles a rocket with red paint on its side, one resembles an "alien" flying saucer with eyes and antenna, one resembles a big green toy robot with a face reminiscent of Yin-Yarn's, and one resembles a steam locomotive with a robotic face. Aside from their size, each one behaves the same way, driving at various set speeds along a fixed path, often in groups. Runaway Parade Cars cannot be inhaled or harmed by most attacks, but they can be deflected by spraying them using Water-Balloon Mouth. When deflected, the cars spin out of control and can be made to break obstacles such as blue shutters and metal blocks, and will also defeat enemies they hit.

Runaway Parade Car has a figure, but lacks a description.


Runaway Parade Car can be found in the following stages:

Runaway Parade Car locations in Kirby and the Forgotten Land  
Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance? Stage Appearance?
Point of Arrival No The Tropical Terror No An Unexpected Beast King No The Beast Pack's Final Stand No
Downtown Grassland No Welcome to Wondaria Yes The Wastes Where Life Began No In the Presence of the King No
Through the Tunnel No Circuit Speedway Yes Searching the Oasis No Lab Discovera No
Rocky Rollin' Road No Invasion at the House of Horrors No Alivel Mall (Staff Side) No Forgo Plains No
A Trip to Alivel Mall No The Wondaria Dream Parade Yes Moonlight Canyon No Forgo Bay No
The Brawl at the Mall No Danger under the Big Top No Collector in the Sleepless Valley No Forgo Park Yes
Abandoned Beach No Northeast Frost Street No Enter the Fiery Forbidden Lands No Forgo Horns No
Concrete Isles No Metro on Ice No Conquer the Inferno Road No Forgo Wasteland No
Scale the Cement Summit No Windy, Freezing Seas No Burning, Churning Power Plant No Forgo Zone No
Fast-Flowing Waterworks No The Battle of Blizzard Bridge No Gathering of the Beast Council No Forgo Land No


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレイジーパレードカー
Kureijī Parēdo Kā
Crazy Parade Car
French Char de parade incontrôlable Out of control parade car
German Zorniger Paradewagen Angry Parade car
Korean 퍼레이드 카
Peoreideu Ka
크레이지 퍼레이드 카
Keureiji Peoreideu Ka
Parade Car

Crazy Parade Car
Latin American Spanish Auto carroza desbocado Out of control parade car