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The Theater is a menu available in Kirby titles, starting with Kirby Air Ride which allows the player to re-watch cinematic cut-scenes and other special videos from the game that they've unlocked. The menu itself is usually unlocked once a cut-scene is watched in the main game for the first time.

Often times, special cut-scenes that do not appear in the main game can also be viewed in the Theater, once certain requirements are met. The most prominent examples of this are the Kirby Master videos, which can only be unlocked once 100% Completion is met for the games they appear in.

List of cut-scenes available in Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

Most of the cutscenes are unlocked after viewing them in-game for the first time. Some cutscenes are only available through special conditions: "Grand Opening" is available from the start, "Fly! Meta Knight" is unlocked after clearing Meta Knightmare Ultra (and can occasionally play on the title screen in place of "Grand Opening" afterwards), "Special-Edition Blooper Reel" is unlocked after clearing The True Arena, and "Original Kirby Movies" is unlocked after clearing Helper to Hero with every helper.

nr Name
00 Original Kirby Movies
01 Grand Opening
02 Spring Breeze
03 Tomorrow's Wind
04 Dyna Blade
05 Live Healthy
06 Gourmet Race
07 Great Cave Offensive
08 Great Escape-Hero Up High
09 Revenge of Meta Knight
10 Halberd Scenes 1-3
11 Halberd Scenes 4-6
12 Halberd Scenes 7-8
13 Friends and Sun
14 Milky Way Wishes
15 Marx's Mad Plan
16 To the Battlefield
17 Kirby's Triumphant Return
18 Staff Credits
19 Revenge of the King
20 Flying Fortress Kabula
21 The King and the Sun
22 The Arena
23 Helper to Hero
24 Meta Knightmare Ultra
25 Knight's Story Scenes 1-3
26 Knight's Story Scenes 4-6
27 Knight's Story Scenes 7-8
28 Galactic Knight
29 Knight's Triumphant Return
30 Hidden Staff Credits
31 Fly! Meta Knight
32 The TRUE Arena
33 Marx Soul Appears
34 Special-Edition Blooper Reel

List of cutscenes in Kirby Star Allies[edit]

  • Credits
  • Let's Be Friends♡
  • Starfall: A Rude Awakening
  • A Friend Heart Appears
  • Star Allies: Return from Afar
  • Kirby's Curtain Call
  • Friends' Curtain Call
  • The Happiest Curtain Call
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