Mirror World

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Mirror World
KatAM M MirrorWorld.PNG
The Mirror World, as seen in the pause menu of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Game(s) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
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The Mirror World is a world that lies parallel to Kirby's home of Dream Land. It is a peaceful world similar to Dream Land. The two worlds are connected through a magical mirror located in the skies of the respective worlds. The Mirror World debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, which is yet the only game in the Kirby series to include it.

Though similar to Dream Land in many respects, the Mirror World has little in common geographically with the more familiar world. It has very few open plains, being instead covered primarily with forest. It has very little in the way of cloudy terrain, unlike Dream Land, and its mansion has no analogue to Dream Land. Additionally, while it shares many creatures with Dream Land, even having its own Kirby, it has no analogue to King Dedede. As such, it is not correct to assume that this world is a mirror-image of Dream Land. It instead is merely a land found through a mirror from Dream Land.

Locations of the Mirror World include these areas:

Game Appearance

The Mirror World is the setting for the game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It contains all the areas Kirby needs to visit in order to complete the game. During the game, an evil being called Dark Mind attacked the peaceful world and spread chaos. Kirby enters the realm in search of Meta Knight and ends up saving the world by collecting the eight Mirror Shards and defeating Dark Mind.

Regions in the Mirror World
Rainbow RouteMoonlight MansionCabbage CavernMustard MountainCarrot CastleOlive OceanPeppermint PalaceRadish RuinsCandy ConstellationKatAM M MirrorWorld.PNG
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