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Mirror World

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Mirror World
KatAM M MirrorWorld.png
The Mirror World, as seen in the pause menu of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
Game(s) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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The Mirror World, also called Mirror Country[1] or Mirror Land[2], is a world that lies high in the skies of Kirby's home of Dream Land. It is a peaceful world similar to Dream Land. The two worlds are connected through a magical Dimension Mirror which can be found in the skies of Dream Land. The Mirror World debuted in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Though similar to Dream Land in many respects, the Mirror World has little in common geographically with the more familiar world. It has very few open plains, being instead covered primarily with forest. Despite being located in Dream Land's skies, it has very little in the way of cloudy terrain (unlike Dream Land), and its mansion has no analogue to Dream Land. However, it shares many creatures with Dream Land, even having its own counterparts to Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede (known as Shadow Kirby, Dark Meta Knight, and Shadow Dedede, respectively). The areas are linked together with the Central Circle, which also contains a Dimension Mirror.

The Mirror World is the setting for the game Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It contains all the areas Kirby needs to visit in order to complete the game. During the game, an evil being called Dark Mind attacked the peaceful world and spread chaos. Kirby enters the realm in search of Meta Knight and ends up saving the world by collecting the eight Mirror Shards of the Central Circle's Dimension Mirror and defeating Dark Mind.

The Mirror World briefly appears as the setting for the final boss battle in Dededetour! in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Queen Sectonia had obtained the Dimension Mirror as a tribute from Taranza, who stole it from the Mirror World; after defeating Queen Sectonia DX, King Dedede finds the mirror and battles Shadow Dedede. Following that, he enters the mirror and fights Dark Meta Knight — who had been sealed in the other Dimension Mirror — within the Mirror World. After winning the battle, King Dedede traps Dark Meta Knight in the Dimension Mirror and destroys it. Dark Meta Knight's battle in The True Arena is also set in the same area in the Mirror World. The Dimension Mirror's appearance in this game was chosen, in part, due to the Mirror World being in close proximity to the game's setting of Floralia, which is also located within the skies of Dream Land.[3]


Locations of the Mirror World include these areas:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かがみくに
Kagami no Kuni
Mirror World
くに kuni is usually translated literally as "country", but is understood in fictional media to mean "land" or "world" (i.e. the Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland translates "Wonderland" as ふしぎのくに fushigi no kuni).
Traditional Chinese 鏡之國
jìng zhī guó
Mirror Country
Simplified Chinese Mirror World
jìng zhī guó
French Monde Miroir Mirror World
German Spiegelwelt Mirror world
Italian Mondo degli Specchi World of Mirrors
Korean 거울 나라
geoul nala
Mirror World
나라 nala is usually translated literally as "country", but is understood in fictional media to mean "land" or "world" (i.e. the Korean version of Alice in Wonderland translates "Wonderland" as 이상한 나라 isanghan nala).
Spanish Mundo de los espejos World of mirrors


  1. "One of many statues found in Mirror Country, far up in the skies of Dream Land. Typically inert, Golems will only move to attack if Kirby draws near. Other Golems protect treasure chests, and some get shot from the mouth of the King Golem. Kirby can inhale Golems with a super inhale to copy the Stone ability." –Golem's trophy description (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
  2. "The second character is Dark Meta Knight from the Kirby & The Amazing Mirror game. Dark Meta Knight is a shadow of a powerful knight that made a great impact on a Mirror Land, located high above Dream Land." –Tatsuya Kamiyama (Nintendo Switch News Channel - Kirby Star Allies Channel #7)
  3. "The island kingdom of Floralia floats in the air above Dream Land, but nearby there's another realm that featured in a previous game in the Kirby series. You may have guessed that I'm talking about the Mirror World, from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror for Game Boy Advance. [...] The Dimension Mirror was chosen to play this important role to emphasise the proximity of the two realms, provide a fun reference to the earlier game, and help establish the story of Kirby: Triple Deluxe in the wider context of the series, among other reasons." –Shinya Kumazaki (Miiverse)
  4. Kirby Fighters 2
Regions in the Mirror World
Rainbow RouteMoonlight MansionCabbage CavernMustard MountainCarrot CastleOlive OceanPeppermint PalaceRadish RuinsCandy ConstellationKatAM M MirrorWorld.png
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