Timed Dynamite

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Item InfoBox
Timed Dynamite.jpg
A bundle of Timed Dynamite from Lollipop Land.
Use Clearing obstructions
Game(s) Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Comparable to Balloon Bomb
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Timed Dynamite is an item, first appearing in Kirby: Triple Deluxe which, once picked up, starts its timer, then explodes when the timer goes off.

Timed Dynamite bears two volatile sticks adorned with a kitchen clock on the front, which counts down time in increments of eighths. The timer does not start until Kirby or King Dedede first picks it up. While being held, the timer goes down slowly, as the needle travels in a clockwise fashion. If the bomb is dropped or thrown, it will start counting down faster unless picked up again. When it explodes, it is capable of destroying barricade blocks, but will also harm its user if they are too close.

Timed Dynamite also appears as an item in the Sub-Game Kirby Fighters. There, it starts its timer automatically, and when it explodes, the explosion lingers for longer, causing great damage to any poor Kirby it catches.

This Timed Dynamite has been set and is about to explode.