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Wheel Mode

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Wheel Mode
KPR Robobot Wheel artwork.png
Artwork of the Wheel Mode from Kirby: Planet Robobot
Debut game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Type(s) Unlimited uses
Obtained from Wheelie
Power(s) Transforms the Robobot Armor into a racecar.
Comparable to Car Mouth, Wheel
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The legendary racer zooms down the track. 3, 2, 1... Turbo Accelerate!
— Pause caption

Wheel Mode is one of the Robobot Armor modes. It transforms Kirby's mech into a three-wheeled racecar, granting it extra speed and the ability to jump between foreground and background at will.


Wheel Mode's Moveset
Skill Button Execution Description
Turbo Accelerate
The armor sprouts two spikes in front of it and accelerates to the point of being faster than its normal version's dash.
  • This is called 'Full Turbo Accel' in the Japanese version.
Speed Burst
B + A
The armor can jump during 'Turbo Accelerate' too.
  • This is called 'Full Turbo Jump' in the Japanese version.
Burn Rubber
B repeatedly
The armor does a donut, setting the ground on fire.
  • This is called 'Accel Burst' in the Japanese version.
3D Spring Hopper
In a similar fashion to the 3D Warp Star, the armor jumps into and out of the background.

Other appearances[edit]


  • Unlike most armor modes, Wheel Mode cannot be discarded because it is required to use it in the stages the mode is found in.
  • This is the only ability or mode so far that allows Kirby to jump between foreground and background without the use of a 3D Warp Star.
  • The Wheel Mode is not capable of driving in reverse. This is confirmed by a Robobot Armor pop quiz.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Wiel-modus Wheel mode
French Mode roue Wheel mode
Polish Wheel Mode[2] -
Portuguese Modo roda Wheel Mode