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Spring Breeze

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Spring Breeze
KSSU Spring Breeze Title Screen.png
Title screen for Spring Breeze. (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
Difficulty 1 Star
Stages 4
Final boss King Dedede
Other bosses Whispy Woods, Lololo & Lalala, Kracko
Unlock requirements Available at the start.
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All of the food in peaceful Dream Land has been stolen! This must be the work of King Dedede!
— Menu caption from Kirby Super Star Ultra

Spring Breeze is the first main game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It is essentially a simplified remake of Kirby's Dream Land, with some differences to compensate for this. It is the first main game to be playable, and is designed to introduce new players to the game.

In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the newly added main game Revenge of the King follows the layout of Spring Breeze and has increased difficulty based on the Extra Game of Kirby's Dream Land.

In the original Kirby Super Star, Spring Breeze is completely optional; everything up to and including The Arena can be unlocked without playing it. This was changed in Kirby Super Star Ultra; the first stage of Spring Breeze must be cleared in order to unlock Dyna Blade, Gourmet Race and The Great Cave Offensive, and the entire game must be cleared to unlock Milky Way Wishes and all games past it.


There's trouble in Dream Land!
King Dedede and his soldiers
have stolen ALL the food in Dream Land!
Here comes our hero, riding in on the spring breeze.
Some call him... Kirby.
Let the adventure begin!

Much like in Kirby's Dream Land, King Dedede has stolen all the food in Dream Land, prompting Kirby to set out towards Mt. Dedede to get it back (and despite still finding plenty of food along the way). As Kirby makes his way to the castle, he must fight Dedede's minions and recover the Sparkling Stars they are guarding. After eventually defeating King Dedede in his castle and retrieving the fourth and final Sparkling Star, Kirby uses the power of the Stars he has obtained to inflate into an enormous hot-air balloon, becoming bigger than the castle itself and carrying it all over Dream Land, raining the stolen food down onto the kingdom. Although Kirby eventually deflates to his normal size again, the four Sparkling Stars keep the castle in the air as a crowd of grateful citizens cheers for Kirby.


Stages in Spring Breeze
Stage Boss Mid-Boss(es) Notes
Whispy Woods Poppy Bros. Sr.
Lololo & Lalala Mr. Frosty The stage is fused with Castle Lololo from the original game.
Kracko Bonkers, Kracko Jr. Bonkers is seen only in a secret area.
King Dedede Boss re-fights omitted for this version.

Differences from Kirby's Dream Land[edit]

Although Spring Breeze is heavily based on Kirby's Dream Land, there are still a number of notable differences from the original game:

  • The graphical fidelity and sprite/background detail has been improved (including adding color), as Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra are on more powerful consoles, the SNES and DS, respectively.
  • Castle Lololo has been mostly removed, although parts of it were merged with Float Islands, such as the boss fight with Lololo and Lalala. The original boss, Kaboola, was removed entirely.
  • The events from the Castle Lololo intro cutscene were moved to that of Bubbly Clouds. Consequently, the original Bubbly Clouds cutscene, depicting a cloud raining various Kirbies after the original falls into it, is removed.
  • Various types of enemies have been removed, while others were added.
  • Kirby Super Star's gameplay mechanics are now used:
    • Kirby can now Dash, Guard, Slide, and use the Water Gun and Normal Beam.
    • Kirby can gain a Copy Ability from inhaling an enemy, and in turn, receive assistance from a Helper.
    • Kirby now possesses a life meter instead of discrete life bars; likewise, enemies possess health rather than being defeated instantly by all attacks.
  • Various stage design changes were made, mainly resulting in considerably smaller, less complex stages.
  • Mid-Boss encounters are slightly different; Lololo is no longer fought on his own, and Mr. Frosty and Bonkers are added throughout the game.
  • Mt. Dedede no longer acts as a boss-rush style stage. Instead, Kirby immediately engages in the final boss battle against King Dedede after entering a door.
  • Two players can play the game together, with player two controlling a Helper.
  • Extra Mode is absent, with the sub-game only featuring one difficulty level; Kirby Super Star Ultra would eventually reintegrate an Extra Mode of sorts in the form of Revenge of the King.


Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

  • Instruction manual bio (page 22): "Adventure through four stages as you try to recover all of the food stolen by King Dedede. This is a basic game mode with simple rules for new gamers. This is the only game mode you can play at first."


The Mario characters, as shown from the audience
  • Several characters from the Super Mario series appear in the audience during the fight against King Dedede, including Mario, Luigi, Wario, Princess Peach, Toad, and Birdo.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra, playing Spring Breeze for the first time results in bosses either having half as much health or sustaining twice as much damage from player attacks than on repeat playthroughs and all the other game modes.
  • The title of Spring Breeze is based off the Kirby's Dream Land manual, which states that "Kirby is a youth who comes with the spring breeze". This was confirmed in an interview with Masahiro Sakurai.[1] This, in turn, is a reference to the original working title for Kirby's Dream Land, "Popopo of the Spring Breeze" (はるかぜポポポ).
  • Notably, the title theme - Welcome to Dream Land - is present on the title screen in Kirby Super Star Ultra, but not in the original Kirby Super Star, which has a silent title screen instead.
  • According to Masahiro Sakurai in the "Kirby Super Star" video on his YouTube channel, he had originally wanted Copy Abilities to be unavailable in Spring Breeze, much like the original Kirby's Dream Land, but was urged to add them in by one of Nintendo's producers. To this day, he wishes he could have left them out, as he feels with the abilities in, there is little distinguishing Spring Breeze from Dyna Blade; in the same video, he recommended that players attempt Spring Breeze without using Copy Abilities as an added challenge.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はるかぜとともに
harukaze to tomo ni
Together with the Spring Breeze
French Brise de printemps Spring breeze
German Frische Brise Refreshing Breeze
Italian Brezza Leggera Light Breeze
Korean 봄바람을 타고
bombalam-eul tago
Riding the Spring Breeze
Spanish Brisa primaveral Spring Breeze


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