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Ability Item

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Use Obtaining/transferring abilities
Obtained When discarding an ability with a helper already present.
When using the Normal Beam on a helper.
Game(s) Kirby Super Star / Kirby Super Star Ultra
Comparable to Copy Essence, Ability Star
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An Ability Item is an item from Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra which contains the essence of a Copy Ability and will grant Kirby that ability if he swallows it. This item replaces the Ability Star used in most other Kirby games.

How to create[edit]

To create an ability item, the player can press the A button (X in Ultra), which is the same button used to call a helper. Once done, Kirby discards his ability, and tosses the created item a short distance ahead of himself. The item created will resemble the ability in question, whether it be the weapon associated with it, the discarded hat, or some other item.

In addition, ability items can be made by using the Normal Beam on a helper, which transforms the helper into the corresponding item. As before, the player can do this by pressing the A button (X in Ultra), but only when Kirby does not have an ability equipped.


An ability item acts like most other items in the game, in that it does not move and will fall if the floor underneath is destroyed. Unlike most items, however, it will not automatically activate when Kirby touches it. Instead, it must be inhaled and swallowed to activate. The ability item can also be spat out as a Star Bullet, but it cannot be recovered afterward if used in this way. Additionally, if an ability item is left behind or left alone long enough, it will disappear, unlike other items.

Much like with Copy Essences, if a helper touches an ability item, it will automatically change into the corresponding helper for that item, and have its stamina fully restored. Transforming a helper with no health left into an item and then re-summoning it can be a useful method of saving the helper before it bursts out of existence.

Types of items[edit]

Most copy abilities in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra have a corresponding ability item. These items are as follows:

  • Beam - a bronze magic wand with a crystal ball attached
  • Bomb - a round black bomb
  • Copy - Tac's bag
  • Cutter - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears
  • Fighter - a boxing glove
  • Fire - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears
  • Hammer - a wooden mallet
  • Ice - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears
  • Jet - a toy jet
  • Mirror - a golden magic wand with a crystal ball attached
  • Ninja - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears
  • Parasol - a parasol
  • Plasma - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears
  • Stone - a stone with a headband
  • Suplex - a wrestling champion's belt
  • Sword - a sword in a scabbard
  • Wheel - a wheel
  • Wing - a colorful bird which flaps its wings on occasion
  • Yo-Yo - a hat resembling the one Kirby wears

Abilities that do not have items include: Cook, Crash, Mike, Paint, Sleep, Starship, and Wheelie Rider.