Invader Armor

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Invader Armor
Invader Armor.jpg
Invader Armor during its first appearance.
Debut game Kirby: Planet Robobot
Copy Ability Robobot Armor
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Invader Armor is a Mid-Boss that appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot. As its name implies, it is one of many mech suits deployed by the Haltmann Works Company to invade Popstar. When defeated, the pilot flies out of the suit, leaving Kirby to take it for himself, and transform it into the Robobot Armor.

The Invader Armor first appears in Stage 2 of Patched Plains, and makes a number of additional appearances in some subsequent stages throughout the game.


The Invader Armor itself resembles a larger Kirby in terms of its physique, but with more well-defined arms and legs. It also possesses numerous rivets, spikes and other doodads. Its pilot, by comparison, is a small and round creature very similar in physique to Kirby, with a black mask and white body with blue feet and purple hands.


In combat, Invader Armor uses punches, slams and jet dashes, the first two of which leave stars on impact which can be inhaled to deal damage. Its slow movement is rather predictable, however, and it can be defeated after only a few hits.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Korean 인베이드 아머
Inbeideu Ameo
Invader Armor