Dedede's Theme (Dedede's Drum Dash)

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Dedede's Theme

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Host game Dedede's Drum Dash
Time limit 2:00
Silver score 30000
Gold score 36200
Platinum score (unclear, somewhere around 40500)
Theme music

King Dedede's Theme

Clip of the music that plays in Dedede's Theme

Stage Progression
Gourmet Go Go Distant Traveler
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This article is about the stage in Dedede's Drum Dash. For the theme song in a more general context, see King Dedede's Theme.
Quote1.png The king's own theme song. In this stage drums can break due to the fast pace! Quote2.png
— In-game caption for Dedede's Theme from Dedede's Drum Dash

Dedede's Theme is the third stage in Dedede's Drum Dash, in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is a fast-tempo stage set to a rearrangement of King Dedede's Theme which features a large amount of enemies and breakable drums.


This stage spans a total of 77 drums from beginning to end. The stage begins right away with some high-flying coins to collect and Scarfies to avoid. From here, a few clouds start to drift into play, along with Sodorys, Soarars, and Gordos that need to be dodged. After bouncing along some high coin arches over these foes, King Dedede runs into his first set of fragile drums which he will need to be careful not to linger on. Around these, double-arches of coins can be seen which Dedede will need to backtrack a bit to collect. After making a few more big leaps over the last set of Scarfies, Dedede reaches the end of the stage.


The following enemies can be found in Dedede's Theme: