Air Glider

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Air Glider
Air Glider Title.jpg
Title card for Air Glider.
Type(s) Flying (distance)
Levels 1
Players 1-4
Appears in Kirby Air Ride
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Air Glider is a Stadium mode in Kirby Air Ride, having a chance to appear at the end of City Trial on default settings. It tasks the racers to fly as far as possible before hitting the ground.


Air Glider begins on a runway, with some Dash Panels at the end right before a ramp. From there, the rest of the course is a long path over a wide glass floor. Once contestants leave the ramp, their flight distance will start to be measured (in feet or meters depending on version). Once contestants hit the glass floor below, their flight is over, and their distance will be recorded. The racer with the largest distance is the winner.

Naturally, Air Ride Machines with good flight capabilities (such as the Winged Star or the Dragoon) are preferred for this mode, but speed is also an important factor. More important still is how the machine was patched before entering the stadium.


  • An exploit exists which allows the player to get an essentially infinite distance in this stadium given enough time and patience. Using the Bulk Star, if the player repeatedly hits the A button to charge with the right timing, the star's glide will reset, allowing it to stay aloft indefinitely. Given the nature of this star, it is a very ironic candidate for a glitch like this.
  • Although the stadium stretches further, the distance meter will roll over once it hits 9999 feet or meters. If this happens, the final score will still be tallied as 9999.
The infinite gliding trick being performed.